Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


25. The Honeymoon ;) *Sexual Scene, mauture*

I woke up and I was clinging to my husbands arm. The plane was landing and I squeezed Justin's arm as the plane set the wheels on the ground.

Justin(mumbling): You're safe baby..

Becca: I know...

He wrapped his arms around me and was basically laying on top of me.

Becca: Just?

Justin: What baby?

Becca: the plane is landing..

Justin: Okay... i'm waking up..

Becca: No, you don't have to, I'm just telling you.

Justin: No, I don't like when you're awake and i'm not...

Becca: Fine, i'm going back to sleep.

I waited until I could hear Justin snoring until I stood up. I walked out to the mini fridge and a flight attendent aproached me.

FA: Um.. the plane has landed...

Becca: Oh, i'm sorry he's aslee, is it okay if we stay?

FA: Yes, this is his jet.

He walked away and I got out a water.

Justin: You think you can get away from me?

I looked back and he ran over to me and spun me around from behind.

Justin started attacking my neck with kisses.

Becca: Justin!

He nibbled on my ear and set me down.

Becca: Why did you to that?

I smiled at him.

Justin: Cause you lied to me.

Becca: fine, I guess you want a divorce.

Justin: Absolutely.

I bit my lip and he smiled at me. I stared at him.

Justin: Kiss me already!

He pulled his lips to my and grabbed my butt.

Becca: Woah tiger...

Justin: What you're my wife, there are no limits...

I grinned at him and pressed my lips against his roughly. I could feel him getting hard. He lifted me up and took me to the bed. He laid me on it and crawled over me.

Justin: You're already half naked, so you made my life a lot easier.

He connected his lips with mine and I smiled. As he started pulling at my panties, I stopped him.

Becca: No limits, and that means I can stop you.

Justin: You're kidding right?

Becca: No, not here, not now.

I winked at him and he gave me an evil glare. I batted my eye lashed over at him and he broke the glare.

Justin: I hate that you are my weakness.

Becca: So you would do anything for me?

Jusitn: Anything...

Becca: Anything for you too..

Jusitn: Well, right now I want you.

Becca: I would, It's just the flight attendants are here, and we have to get off and have to check in.

Justin: Awwww...

He got off of me and lifted me up. and kissed me.

Justin: Let's get dressed, so nobody will notice.. jerry.

I smiled and stood on my tiptoes and gave him a kiss.

Justin: You arent helping him...

Becca: Sowwy... no more kisses then.

Justin: I never said that...

I walked away and searched through my bag Dakota packed me. I saw lingere and lots of short clothes. until I finally found underwear and a bra. I looked back and Justin was staring at me. I unhooked my bra and I slid off my panties. My fresh undergarments were behind me so I had to turn around. When I turned around I saw him staring at me.

Justin: You're definitely not helping this situation. I smiled and walke over to him.

Becca: What do you mean babe?

I wrapped my arms around his neck and I could feel him tense up.

Justin: Becca... in about five seconds, i'm not going to be able to hold back, and I will not be able to be accountable for my actions.

I smiled at him and winked.

Becca: Fine, i'll let go.

Justin: Past five seconds.

I ran away from him and over to my clothes.

Justin: I need somebody to hold me back... Becca... I can't hold it.. i'm going to come after you.

I slid on my bra and panties and slid on some shorts and he ran over to me.

Becca: I'm dressed though!

Justin: Not fully.

Becca: But i'm not naked.

He looked me in the eyes and I gave him the puppy dog face.

Justin: Fine... But it IS our honeymoon.. which means...

Becca: I know, how could I forget?

Justin: Cause sometimes you're silly like that.

He kissed my nose and walked away. I slipped on my 'Jusitn Bieber Believe' Shirt. We stepped off the plane and there was a house. One floor, huge, glass walls. Everything was glass.

Becca: Won't people see us?

Justin: The next couple of miles on the island are rented.. nobody else is allowed on or they'll get arrested.

I smiled at him and he kissed my head.

After we stepped of hte jet it took of and left. Just me, Justin, our lugage, and a house... He took my hand and we ran to the house. It was bigger than I imagined.It was one floor, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a huge living room. It was obviously on the beach and trees covered the back of the beach.

Justin: Welcome, to our suite.

I smiled at him and brought my stuff to the bedroom. I set my lugage down and started to put it away.

Justin: What's this?

I looked back and he was holding up my lingere.

becca: Nothing, get out of my stuff!

Justin: We're married, what's yours is mine, and what's mine is yours.

Becca: Mmm perks of being married to the most protective guy in the world.

Justin: Just watching out for my baby... and I'm pretty sure I'll get that later..

Becca: If you're patient, then maybe you will..

Justin: What if i'm not patient..

Becca: Then you'll get more anxious...

Justin: Fine, then I guess i'll wait if you insist..

Becca: Night Time, is when you enjoy it more, cause then I fall asleep on you.

Justin: True... I just like that you fall asleep on me..

I smiled at him and I went to the bathroom, even though Justin could still see me, I changed into my black bathing suit and walked over to him.

Justin: You're so petite...

Becca: I'm not short.. fun sized..

Justin: I love small girls, I feel like I can prtect them.

Becca: Hey, Five three isnt that short.

Justin: You're adorable anyways.

Becca: Good, cause you're stuck with me.

Justin: I'm happy with that.

I smiled at him and he ran and got changed. I ran outside and I looked back and he was chasing me. I ran to the edge of the water and he ran over to me and twirled me aroud. I smiled at him and he set me down.

Becca: Guess what Justin?

Justin: What princess?

Becca: I'm your wife.

Justin: My absolutely amazing, perfect, beautiful, honest, attractive, lovely, cute, delightful, pleasent, perfect wife.

I smiled at him and pulled him into a kiss. He put his hands on my waist and picked me up as we kissed. He staretd walking into the water and I started getting antsy.

Becca: Don't you dare.

Justin: What's the matter babe? You don't like water?

Becca: No.. don't get me wet.

Justin grinned at me.


Jusitn: Sowwy. Can I get a kiss?

I nodded and brought my lips to his. Then I was being set down in the water.

Becca: Justin!

I stormed away on to the shore and laid down on my towel.

Justin: baby?

I ignored him and kept my eyes closed.

Justin: Baaaaabbyyy?

I ignored him again.

Justin: I'm sorrryyyyyyy!

Justin: BECCCA! I'll cry.

Dang, he knows i'll give in.

He kneeled and put his knees on each side of me. He got in the way of the sun.

Justin: Baby? Please answer me? I love you.

Becca(mumbling): I love you too.

Justin: What's that baby?

Becca: I love you too.

I opened my eyes and he was sitting on my stomach and looking at me and looked sad.

Justin: Really?

Becca: Yes, I love you, more than anything stupid.

I put my hands on his cheeks and pulled his face to mine.

Justin: I love you more than anything too.

Becca: Will you lay down with me?

Justin nodded and he laid down on top of me and laid his head on my chest. I ran my hand hrough his hair and Justin started snoring.

Becca: Just?

He groaned.

Becca: let's go to bed, you can nap.

Justin sat up and looked at me.

Becca: Come on, please?

He stood up and picked me up and walked us over to the bed and laid down and cuddled with me. After five minutes, I got up and walked outside and watched the waves crash. After about an hour of relaxing I felt a pair of arms around me. Strong Muscular arms. I looked back and Jusitn was half asleep, but wanted me back in bed with him.

Justin: I can't sleep without you.

I smiled at him and stood up as he tried to pull me up.

I walked to the bedroom with him and laid down. He laid his head on my chest and nuzzled his head in my breasts. I chuckled to myself. He was so cute. I really couldn't move because of where his head was. In between my breasts. I decided to just sleep while I could.

~ ~ ~

I woke up to groaning.

Becca: What's the matter?

Justin lifted his head from my chest and then took a double take of where his head just was.

Justin: I slept well.

He grinned at me and I smiled.

Becca: I bet you did.

It was about 6.

Justin: I want to make you dinner.

becca: you don't have to Justin.

Justin: I really want to, please?

BeccA: Fine, i'll actually get clothes on and you can start.

Justin: What do you want?

Becca: I don't mind.

Justin: Steak and potatoes?

Becca: Sounds amazing.

He bent in and kissed me. He stuck his tongue down my throat and moved on top of me.

Justin: Dinner..

Becca: Yes, dinner.

He smiled and kissed me again, but just a peck.

I put my lingere on underneath my sweat pants and t-shirt. I walked out and Justin smiled at me.

Justin: Aren't you hot?

Becca: Nope, comfy.

He smiled ant pulled me closer by the waist.

Justin: I love you.

Becca: I love you more.

Justin: Nuh-uh..

Becca: Yuh hu!

Justin: No!

Becca: Yes!

Justin: Liar.

Becca: You, Justin Drew Bieber, have no clue how much I love you, and how much you've changed my life. You've made me the happiest person in the world...

Justin: You've made me the happiest man alive. You have flipped my world.. I went from being depressed, to this. I love you more than life itself.

Becca: More than anything. Everything.

I kissed him and he held the small of my back and held me close.

Justin: Food's ready babe.

I smiled at him and kissed his cheek.

We walked outside and sat down. We ate and I tossed some mashed potatoes at the end of dinner at his face. He threw some back, and well, we started a food fight.

Justin: let me get it...

He held on to me back and kissed above my lip and got the mshed potatoes off, but it didn't stop there. He stuck his tongue down my throat and I made my tongue fight with his. After my ongue started to take over, he decided he wanted me to know he was in charge so he lifted me up and forecefully pushed me against a wall. I grinned, knowing the pleasure i was giving him.

Becca: We *kiss* should *kiss* take *kiss* this *kiss* to *kiss* the *kiss* bedroom *kiss*

He listened to what i said and carried me to the bathroom and laid me on the bed. I started moaning and he was geting pleasure out of me moaning his name.

Becca: Mm, Justin.

He sucked on my neck and I moaned even louder.

He started pulling at my sweatshirt and at me sweatpants.

I helped him out a little and lifted the sweatshirt over my head. He pulled at my pants and stripped them off of me. He looked at my body and the lingere I was wearing.

Justin: Woah.. I honestly have so many different things I want to do to you.

Becca: Go for it..

He crashed his lips to mine and I could feel him growing, bigger, bigger, and bigger. He kept extending. I couldn't take it, i wanted him, I needed him. I started pulling at his boxers showing that i wanted him.

Justin: Impatient?

Becca: I.. just.. need you...

Justin: You got me baby.

The pulled off my lingere and stared at me for a few seconds until I pulled his face back to mine. I started pulling on his boxers again.

Becca: Justin, I want them off, now.

He looked me in the eyes and nodded. He slipped them off and kept eye contact with me. I whispered the words 'you're mine' into his ear and he got really excited. As he entered me I started clawing at his back.

Becca: Justin... oh god Justin....

He kept thrusting in and out of me with full force. I started goingcrazy. The things this boy does to me.

Becca: JUSTIN.

I was now screaming his name and I could tell he was enjoying it. He got harder, and faster as I screamed his name louder.

Becca: JUSTIN It feels so good..

I was digging my nails into his back, I was pretty sure his back was going to be bleeding and he was going to be hurting. I wasnt getting tired of Justin, infact i just wanted more of him.

Becca: More Justin...

Justin: WHat's the magic word baby?

Becca: Please baby?

Justin: Anything.

He started thrusting harder and faster. I knew how hard he could go, and this was way more than usual.

Becca: Justin..

He kept going and going. I kept clawing, and clawing.

Justin: Three..

He thrusted.

Justin: Two..

He thrusted once more.

Justin: Three..

He thrusted one last time and collapsed on top of me.

I could hear him breathing heavily.

Justin: Happy Honeymoon...

He flipped us so I was laying on top of him. I could hear his heartbeat.

Becca: I can hear... your heart beat...

Justin: It beats for you baby.

I held on to him.

Becca: i'm sorry..

Justin: Wait? What?

Becca: About, your uh.. back..

Justin: Baby, those are my battle wounds now.

I giggled.

Justin: You're so adorable.

I looked up at his face and his hair was a mess and his eyes were on me.

Becca: you're adorable..

Justin: I love you sweetie.

Becca: I love you to baby.

I heard his heart beating and I wanted to freeze time and stay like this forever.

Justin: You can go to sleep, I'm not leaving..

It's like he could read my mind.

Becca: Promise me something?

Justin: Whats that baby?

Becca: Never leave?

Justin: I will never leave you, you're stuck with me for the rest of your life.

Becca: It's not being stuck with you if I want you to be there.

Justin pulled the covers over our bodies and he kisse my head.

Becca (mumbling): Forever and Always.

Justin: Always and Forever baby, Always and Forever..






*AN Ooo... lala.. trust me not  the only one of the honeymoon... Hmm seems prefect right? Unless a little miss with the name Selena rented the land next to Justin and Becca... even though they're miles apart, nothing can go wrong.. right? Maybe maybe not... im going to go to bed now Boos! Sorry I didnt update before, my friend was writing a story.. not about Justin V.V It's called 'Virtual Love' if you guys wanna read it, it's by 'Taylor_Bieber' So yea... What's going to happen next? Find out soon <3 Love you girls. MWAHHHHHHHHHH And I love when you guys make long comments they're realy nice <3*

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