Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


35. That Voice.

I curled up and Justin walked back over to me and pulled my face to his.

Justin: He isn't laying a finger on either of you...

Dakota: Either of you? What's going on, you're acting weird...

Becca: Should we.... tell her?

Justin: She can't tell anybody like ANYBODY NOT EVEN COREY, HE'LL KILL ME!

Becca: Promise?

Dakota: I promise... Nobody.

Justin gave me another hug and I looked back at Dakota.

Becca: I'm having a baby,with the help of Justin of coarse...

At first I wasn't sure about her expression then I saw he face turn to joy. SHe squealed and gave me a hug.

Dakota: So there's like a baby.. in there.

She laid her hand on my stomach and squealed again.

Justin: Calm down. She's my wife and that's my baby, get your own.

He pulled me closer to him and kissed my shoulder.

Dakota: That's why you've been so protective... god, calm down.

Justin: Hey, this is my family we're talking about, not just some girl...

Dakota: Blah blah.. I'm going to have a niece or nephew...

Justin: My son or daughter.

Becca: Oh my goshh, guys calm down. Justin, it's your baby.... I know you love it...

Justin stuck his tongue out at Dakota. He put his hands on my stomach.

Becca: BUT! Dakota,it's your neice or nephew... and JUstin she's going to want to spend time with him or her too.

Justin: Only when I let her.

Becca: Justin! She will love him or her too.. BUT I will get most of the time with him or her, so you guys can suck it.

I stuck my tongue out at both of them and laughed.

Justin: No! I do!

Becca: Who has to feed it? Who is having it in their stomach? Who is going to NOT be on tour...

Justin: I can feed it.

Dakota: UH, Justin hate to break it to you, but honey, you don't have tits.

Justin: Welll... she can put it in a bottle.... but Im PERFECTLY fine with being with her while she breast feeds him or her....

I laughed at him and he smiled at me.

Dakota: You just want to see her tits.

Justin smirked and I rolled my eyes.

Becca: That's my Justin.

Justin: And there is no way in hell her is touching our baby or you.

Becca: There's no way he'll get near me... I'm scared... but I trust you, and the security..

Justin: I promise he won't lay a finger on you.... and.. I won't be on tour when they're born. I want to be right next to you when you give birth...

Becca: Yes you are... I'll make you.

Justin: I won't listen...

Becca: Oh mi goshhh! I don't want you to let beliebers ddown.

Justin: But I want to be with my baby when our baby is born.

Dakota: Becca, he's your husband and that baby's father, he shouldn't be on tour.

Justin: Finally! Thank you!

I looked at himm and stuck my tongue out at him.

Justin: See, you HAAVE to listen to me now...

Becca: Whatever you butt.

Dakota: Dibs on seeing the baby first.

Justin: Uh nooo! This baby would not be here without me... and Becca.... and the bed... but mostly me...

Becca: Uhh, I was a big part in this.

Justin: Blah blah.

Becca: blah blah yourself.

Dakota: Oh Mi GOshhhhhhh Can we just fucking sleep?

Becca: Mooovieee!

Justin: Hmm... lets watch 'Mama'

Becca: Justiiiinn!

Justin: What baby?

Becca: This is A girls movie night.

Justin: Well what if the baby is a boy? Then he can't be here.

Becca: Well, if its a he, then 'he's' an acception..

Justin: pleaseeeeeee? Babyyyyy!

Dakota: Oh my goshh, fine he can stay, just don't ignore me. And Justin, i'm sleeping on this bed too, so scootch.

Justin pulled me on top of him. Dakota scooted over and I flipped my body so my back was against his chest.. The door flew open and I jumped a little and Justin's grip tightened. Melissa and Austin ran in and flipped on the bed.

Becca: Holy shit, that's okay, just give the pregnant woman a heart attack!

Melissa: WHAT?

Justin gave me the death glare.

Becca: I said, holy shit, that's okay give the princess a heart attack!

Melissa: Oh, I thought you said something else.

Dakota: SOOOOOOOOOOOOO We're watching Mama!

Melissa:Urgh finee!

Dakota ordered the movie and Justin wrapped his arms back around me.

This movie was freaking scary.

~ ~ ~

Justin: Shh,  don't wake the girls.

Austin: Ha, I won't they are so cute.

Justin: Ah, my own little angel.

AUstin;Wait, so she's pregnant?

Damnit Justin!

Justin: You got it.... but I didn't tell you kay?

Austin: Kay, want to get them?

Justin: How?

Austin: Mustaches... sharpie mustaches...

Justin: Haha Yes! I'll draw one on Becca's stomach too!

I heard them shuffle around and then I could feel Justin getting closer to me. I opened my eyes.

Justin: Shit!

Becca: I can't believe you...

Justin: Whattt?

Becca: Mustaches? And then you told Austin?

Justin: Uh-erm-uh-umm- uhh....

Becca: Fine, I just won't talk to you today.

I stood up and walked to the bathroom and locked the door.

Justin: You let me in or i'll break the door.

Becca: I don't think the hotel would like that.

Justin: Then open the door.

I looked around and found my outfit. I slid on my skinny jeans and Justin's jersey... I liked baggy clothes now, then I slid on my toms and pulled my hair up to a bun and walked out.

Becca: Going for a walk catch you later.

I looked back and Justin was staring at me. I faced forward again and I heard Justin running around. I looked back and he was hoping into jeans and pulling a shirt over his head and sliding on his shoes. I walked out the hotel door and as I got to the end of the hall I heard a door slam shut and footsteps runnning in my direction.

Justin: Wait up babbyyyyy!!!!!!!!

I looked back and he was now jogging.

Becca: Oh, hey cutie...

Justin: Hello beautiful.

He put his hands on my hips and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He pressed his lips against mine lightly and I smiled as he pulled away.

Justin: Let's walk beautiful.

He pulled a hoodie around me and I looked up at him.

Becca: What's that for?

Justin: I don't want you getting too cold...

Becca: Oh god, ever since we got married you've been so protective, oh wait, that's been since FOREVER.

Justin: Just want the best for you baby..

Becca: I know... I love you.

Justin: I love you too.

I turned my head sideways and our lips connected. We basically walked on a path in a field. Just grass. My body froze I heard 'that voice' not again...

Jesse: Hey, babe, why didn't you answer my call.

Justin's arms wrapped around me and tightened.

Justin: DOn't you fucking touch her.

Jesse: Justin, nice to see you again... husband of Rebecca, father of your soon to be child...

Justin: How the hell do you know that?

Jesse: I know things.

He stepped closer to me and Justin tensed up. Jesse's face was inches away from mine and I turned my head so it was hidden in the crook of Justin's neck.

Justin: Stay the hell away from her.

Jesse: Becca walk with me.

Becca: No.

Jesse: Now or your little husband gets hurt.

I didn't think twice. I let go of Justin and walked over to Jesse. Justin took a step forward.

Jesse: Back it up pretty boy, don't move.

I saw Justin clenching his jaw.

Justin: What the helldo you want? Money? I'll give you all of it, just give me back my wife.

Jesse: You see Justin, she's what I want... I want you to know what it feels like to lose the woman you love.

Justin: I'll give you anything except her. Anything. I'll fucking do anything... just don't... touch her...

Jesse: like I said before she's all I want, and you're getting in my way.

I looked over at Jesse and he lifted a gun in Justin's direction.

Becca: NO. I'll- I'll be with you, just don't hurt him.

Jesse: Ah, there we go baby.

Justin: No, if you're going to do something, fucking shoot me don't touch her... just kill me, let her go.

Becca: NO.

Jesse looked at me.

Jesse: Prove it.

I looked at him paniced. I didn't know what to do. I looked at him and pulled his lips to mine. I was absolutely disgusted.

Justin: STOP.

I looked back at Justin and he was basically freaking.

Justin: No, no, just shoot me, don't-don't kiss her, kill me.

Becca: Jesse, I promise, if you leave Justin alone, i'll stay with you.


Jesse: Well, this baby might want to die...

Jesse pointed the gun at my stomach. Justin went into full panic mode.


Becca: Don't listen to him... promise me though Jesse, If I come with you, you'll leave Justin alone.

Jesse: It's a deal babe.

Becca: Just, let me have the baby, i'll give it to Justin and I'll come with you.

Jesse: No, I want the baby.

Becca: No.

Jesse raised his eyebrow.

Becca: I mean, we could have our own... so you have your own kids.

Just the thought of Jesse in bed made me want to bend over and puke.

Jesse: Good idea babe, I knew you wanted me... If you tell anybody, all of you die..

I nodded and looked back at Justin. He had tears streaming down his face.

Jesse: I'll be waiting for you. I'm leaving first, you leave an hour later and make it loook casual.

I nodded and as soon as Jesse walked the other way I ran over to Justin and He held me in his arms. We sat on the ground and I cried into his shirt and I felt his tears cover my head.

Justin: I'm not letting you do that. I'll die, you're not suffering for me.

Becca: No, you will take care of our child, you have everything for you, you have your beliebers, you'll have our baby.

Justin: It won't matter, I won't have you. I'd give Jesse the fame and the bling and all my money, all I want is you. We're supposed to have at least three kids..

He kissed my head.

Becca: I'm going to do this for our family, Justin, I can only do the best for you. You've always wanted kids..

Justin: I'm not letting him touch you, you aren't allowed to have his kids..

Becca: Justin, i'm going to do this for you, for our family.

I looked up at him and tears were still flowing.

Justin: I won't stop fighting for us. He isn't getting you. I promise you and our child that. I will never stop fighting.









*AN Sorry it took forever.... since its like the end of the school year i have finals and lots of homework and shit... and its just Sooooo stressful, I still have to do my math... unless you guys would like to do that for me? Blahh, I hate this. Schools out the 12th, im most likely skipping the last day... then i'll write a bit more, but on the 18th im flying into Disney, i'll be busy until the twenty-fourth, i'll try to write at night then though.. I'm pretty sure my cousin from Arkansas is flying in for awhile, I don't know when though, i'm not sure when I'm going on vacation, but I'll try to keep updating... Thanks for being patient with me, I know I should've done it sooner. I really and truely am sorry Xx, Oh and what do you think about the situation? ;) Ooooo*

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