Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


37. Telling Corey

I walked over to the bed and laid down and looked at the ceiling. My phone buzzed.

*New Text*

From: Justin<3


I clicked on it. 'Never Let You Go' started playing and I would feel the hot tears roll down my cheek.

To: Justin<3


From: Justin<3

You can't just wave us goodbye... I think becoming famous was my greatest mistake... I get rumors spread around about me that aren't even close to true... I didn't even see Selena since I was with you... Please, I need to see you.

I ignored him and closed my eyes.

~ ~ ~

I felt like shit. It was so uncomfortable without Justin. I looked at my phone. 13 new messages. God, Justin relax.

I stood up and ran my hand through my hair. Now to find a way to get out without Justin realising. I put my hair up and put on my converse. I unlocked the door slowly and poked my head out. It was clear. I stepped out and closed the door behind me. I heard a conversation from the room next to me.

Pattie: Why would you do that?

Justin: I DIDN'T! I wouldn't do that with anybody except Becca. I swear mom.

Pattie: Justi-

Justin: Great now my mom doesn't even believe me.

Pattie: I never said th-

Justin: Whatever, i'm going for a walk.

I heard footsteps and I struggled, but I got back inside my room. I heard him lean against my door.

Justin: I love you baby...

He whispered it to the door and I wanted to open it and just hug him. I couldn't do that though. I heard his footsteps fade down the hallway. I opened my door and I saw him turning the corner. I closed it behind me slowly. I followed Justin down stairs, but kept a distance between us. I saw him walking toward a lake. He had a hoodie on and sweatpants. That meant he wasn't feeling to well. I decided, why not follow him. He walked over to the lake and sat on a bench. I watched him for awhile. I saw him put his face in his hands. I walked closer. I could now hear him say stuff. I walked over and sat next to him.

Justin: WHy me? Why does the dumb ass paparazzi have to start this shit? Why doesn't believe me? Why does she have to hate me? WHy doesn't she love me?

I put my hand on his shoulder.

Becca: She probably doesn't hate you. I'm sure she loves you.

His face was still in his palms.

Justin: No, she hates me, I screwed up and she probably doesn't love me anymore...

I put my arms around him.

Becca: But I don love you.

At first he was shocked, he didn't know it was me. After he looked up my face he wrapped his arms around me and held me against him and he didn't seem to loosen his grip. He buried his face in the crook of my neck. His tears pressed against my neck and that made me cry myself. He held me on his lap for awhile until I pulled his face away from my neck. I looked him in the eyes and he pressed his lips against mine.

Justin: I-I L-love you, s-s-so much.

Becca: I love you too.

He looked me in the eyes and just pulled my body closer to his and didn't let me go. I kept my arms around him and just curled up to him. He kissed my cheek and kept his hands on my face.

Becca: I promise, i'm here..

Justin: And You're not allowed to leave.

Becca: I won't, unless you give me a reason to.

Justin: Deal.

He tookmy hand and kissed me again.

Justin: Please, can I come back to our room? I need you, and mom would probably like it if I left her room.

Becca: Of coarse.

I looked at him and he was just staring at me.

Justin: You're absolutely stunning.

Becca: I'm in sweats with my hair up, I wouldn't call that stunning.

Justin: It is to me, and our baby thinks you're absolutely stunning too.

I smiled at him and Justin pulled me closer.

Becca: Would you like to go to the room considering it's about 11?

Justin: I don't know, will I have to let you go?

Becca: Maybe, but you'll get me back.

Justin gave me a tight hug and then let me go. I stood up and he followed me. I saw a flash in the corner of my eye and I brought my lips to Justin's lips. Another flash. I didn't care. I'm fine with everybody knowing we're together.

Justin and I walked back up to the hotel and he pulled me into the room.

Justin: I love you Rebecca Bieber.

Becca: And I Love you Justin Bieber.

I brought my lips to his and there was a knock on the door.

Becca: Who?

I stood up and walked to the door. Justin's eyes were glues on me. I looked out the peep hole and I opened the door immediately. I gave Pattie a hug and told her to come in.

Pattie: Becca, Justin is flipping out an-

She looked behind me and I looked back too. Justin had an eyebrow raised and I giggled.

Justin: I need my girl back over here with me and Mother, I thought you said you wouldn't tell her that?

I laughed and walked over to Justin. He wrapped his arms around me and I smiled at him and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

Pattie: Well i'm telling her the truth... You were flipping..

Justin: LALALA Becca, you don't hear this.

I smiled and Justin pulled me on to his lap. His hands rested on my stomach.

Pattie: Oh gosh Becca, you've gained some pounds...

Becca: Blame the baby.

Justin: Yea... sure...

Becca: Shut ittt!

Justin: Well, hopefully it's safe..

Pattie: He/she seems healthy.

Becca: Good.

He smiled at me and kissed my hand. Then he smiled at me.

PAttie: Well, i'm glad to see everything'd okay. But, I want to talk to you tomorrow Becca.

Justin: Ooooo somebody's in trouble...

Pattie: Yea... YOU!

I looked at Justin and stuck my tongue out at him.

Pattie: You guys act like you're little kids that are in a relationship...

Becca: Cause we are...

~ 1 Month Later cause I'm that lazy lmao~

My stomach was getting bigger... We went to the doctor's and they said that our baby is healthy. I've been on tour with Justin for the past week. Before Pattie has been staying with me while Justin wasn't. He would always call me. We were packing today to move to California. The house was on the beach. I was going to miss Florida.. but atleast we still have the house..

Pattie: Justin's going to be so happy to see you.

Becca: Really? When's his next day off?

Pattie: He took off the week so you'll get to spend time with him.

Becca: Yay! Hear that baby?

I put my hand on my stomach and smiled at Pattie.

Pattie: I think Justin's very excited to see you two.

Becca: We're very excited to see him, isn't that right?

I looked at my stomach again. It was now a habit to talk to the baby.

Pattie: When are you guys telling everybody?

Becca: I don't know... probably soon... we still have to tell Corey..

Pattie: Well, you're stomach is expanding, he might already know.

Becca: We might need body guards for Justin when Corey finds out ...

Pattie laughed and I laughed along.

Corey: When Corey finds out what?

I looked back and smiled at him.

Pattie: Nothing..
COrey: COme on, tell me.

Becca: When we see Justin, you'll find out.

Dakota ran in.

Dakota: Ready!

She squealed and we carried the last of our boxes downstairs. I put them in the truck and we got in the car and headed for Cali.

Dakota: You excited?

Becca: Yes!

~ ~ ~
Becca: Holy shit, huge house.

Dakota: I know! Amazing right?

I nodded.

Becca: Where's my room corey?

Corey: Up the stairs to the right.

The stairs were curled and I walked into the bedroom and the walls were purple and my bed was in the corner. King sized of coarse. I took a double take. I looked back at the bed.

Becca: JUSTIN!

I ran over to him. He sat up and put his arms out for me. I jumped on him and landed in his lap. I gave him a kiss and he held me close and kissed my head.

Justin: Hello beautiful.

I smiled and kissed him again.

Corey: Oh hey look, I got my sister her husband...

I smiled at Corey. He walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.

Corey: Closets right there, obviously TV's here. Drawers there.

I smiled.

Becca: Bathroom?

Corey: Oh, you guys have your own.. Over there.

Becca: Thanks Corey...

Corey: Dinner will be done in about an hour or two, i'll let you two relax, and ONLY relax, until then.

Becca: Thanks, bye!

He stood up and left the bedroom and closed the door behind him.

Justin: Are we going to tell him?

Becca: Sure... when though?

Justin: Well, everybody's going to be here tonight... how about dinner?

Becca: Okay, but be prepared to get killed...

Justin: I can handle it... then we can tell the world... that night?

Becca: Okay.. I just don't want to get murdered by beliebers.

Justin: They won't lay a finger on you.

I smiled and gave Justin a kiss.

Becca: And we have billboard in two days... Justin people are going to kill me!

Justin: It'll be okay.. don't stress baby, I've got everything under control. I promise, all you've got to do is be you and stay with me forever.

i smiled and he kissed my nose.

Becca: I'm going to sleep.. Its been a long couple of days...

Justin: Sleep baby...

~ ~ ~

Justin: Wake up sweet heart..

I felt lips on my temple and I opened my eyes and pulled his face to mine.

Justin: Hello beautiful.

He brushed my hair behind my face and I smiled and rolled on to my back.

Justin: Dinner's ready...

Becca: Okay.. i'm coming..

I sat up and Justin smiled and kissed my cheek.

We walked downstairs and dinner was on teh table waiting for us. We talked and joked all night. Justin nudged my leg with his. I nodded.

Justin: Uh.. Corey?

Corey: Yea man?

Justin: I have something to tell you.

I looked at Dakota and she smiled.

Corey: And what's that?

Pattie: smiled at me.

Justin: Becca's Pregnant.










*AN there you go boos, I TOOK MY LAST TESTS OF THE YEAR TODAY... NOw I just have my pressentation in front of my whole grade.. great... THEN I CAN WRITE MORE :D Tell me what you think...*

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