Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


9. Soft Sweet Kiss Goodnight

Justin: Becca, please. I know, you're in there...

I unlocked the door and opened it. He put his arms out and pulled my body up to his. I held on to him tightly and he didn't say anything but he picked me up and carried me to the bed and sat me down. I looked in his eyes and he pulled my face to his and passionately kissed me.

Justin: Becca?

I didn't even want to look up, just thinking about what the beliebers said... Justin lifted my chin so I was looking at him. He brought his lips to mine again but slowly kissed me. I felt so bad for what I had said to Justin about not having children.. He's always wanted children, so it's not fair to him.

Becca: I love you.

Justin: I love you too baby, and I never want you to be that far away again, and I dont ever want to fight.. and I don't ever want to not know where my baby is.

Becca: I would never leave the stadium, I wasn't leaving you, and Justin, about what I said earlier about not having kids...

Justin: I understand if you dont want to have any kids...

Becca: No, Justin, I really want kids, and I know you do too, I was just .. being weird...

Justin: Really?

Becca: Really, I would love to have kids... I would never do that to you.

Justin: It would be okay if you didnt want kids...

Becca: Stop lying, I know you want kids. Don't try to lie to me Mr.Bieber I know you better than any person.

Justin: And you Mrs. Bieber, know me best, and you aren't allowed to leave me ever again.

He pulled my face to his and his and didnt let me body seperate from his. He pulled me closer and held my by the small of my back. I heard soft clapping and I pulled my head away and Pattie and Scooter were standing in the doorway.

Pattie: Told you everything would be okay.

Justin: What?

Pattie: Becca came to me crying because you and her had a fight...

Justin looked at me and I didn't make eye contact.

Justin: You were crying?

I ignored what he questioned.

Becca: Where's our next stop?

Scooter: Ireland.

Becca: I guess that means plane ride?

Justin was still holding on to me and not letting go.

Justin: Yea, so you need to get some sleep, we'll meet you guys at the airport in the morning.

Pattie walked over and tried to give me a hug, but Justin wouldn't let go of me.

Justin: Mommy, I just got her back..

Pattie hugged me anyways, it was kind of awkward though 'cause Justin's arms were still wrapped around my waist. When Pattie and Scooter left I changed into one of Justin's shirts since I didnt feel like putting pants on. I could feel his eyes follow me as I made my way to the bed. He followed me and laid down and I laid my head on his chest.

Justin: You cried?

I nodded slowly. He kissed my head and held me tightly.

Justin: I hate when you cry, and I hate it even more when i'm the reason.

Becca: Justin, it's my fault. I shouldn't have argued with you...

Justin: I still hate when you cry..

I looked up at him and kissed his lightly.

Becca: It's okay now, I have my Justin back.

Justin: You could have had your Justin back awhile ago.

He kissed me again.

Becca: Well, I thought you we're mad at me...

Justin: No, I was surprised... then you disappeared and I wanted to find you, but I couldn't...

Becca: I was in the bathroom.. sleeping

Justin: You slept in the bathroom?

Becca: What was I supposed to do!?

Justin: Come sleep in here! Or come to me and I would have stopped and we could've cuddle.

Becca: Well, I thought you were mad at me....

Justin: Well I wasn't.

I smiled at him and he kissed my nose gently.

Justin: Now go to sleep, you'll need your energy.

I closed my eyes and he pressed his lips to the side of my head.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Justin: No, i'll carry her, i'm not waking her up.

Becca: I'm already up, whats going on?

Justin: Great, she woke up..

Scooter: We need to get you guys on a plane. Beliebers are multiplying, and the plane leaves with or without you.

Justin: We're coming.

I got up and Justin took my hand.

Jusstin: No time to change, the shirt's long enough.

He took my hand and led me out of the bus. Beliebers were going crazy. One of them started pulling on my shirt and Justin had to unattach them from me. Justin held me close to him and when we got into the limo, he sat me on his lap. Scooter started texting people and Justin kissed my cheek.

Justin: I can't wait til nap time, I get you to myself...

I hugged him and wrapped my legs around his waist. I touched my forehead with his and kissed him and as we pulled away he pulled on my bottom lip. I pecked his lips and he pulled my face back for more. I gave him a long passionate kiss. Then I only seperate our lips a little so our foreheads were still touching. He puckered his lips and I smiled at him and gave him a kiss. He smiled at me and the limo stopped.

Scooter:Hurry, more beliebers are showing up.

Justin didn't even let me get up, He stood up and kept my legs wrapped around his waist. He held me up by holding up my bum. They beliebers started to scream as they saw me and Justin. Justin smiled at some of them, and occasionaly he would remove one hand out from me and waved, but he always kept me up.

Justin: You okay?

He looked at me and smiled.

Becca: Perfect.

I smiled back and kissed him on his nose.

Justin: How about one on my lips?

I pressed my lips against his and he pressed back harder. I held on to the hair on the back of his neck. He continues walking as we kissed. I smiled as I heard the girls' screams.

Justin: I like your kisses.

Becca: I like your everything.

I smiled at him and he smirked at me.

Justin: Everything?

Becca: I didnt mean it like that! Dirty minded..

Justin: Well what do you expect? You are like seducing me...

Becca: How?

Justin: That outfit..

Becca: Only because you didn't let me change...

Justin: Shut up.

Becca: See im right.

Justin: blah blah.

He smiled and kissed me. I laughed and planted a soft sweet kiss on his lips. He stepped on to the plane and sat me on the couch and laid his head on my lap.

Justin: I just wanna cuddle.

I smiled down at him and he closed his eyes. After all Justin has done so far, he deserved a nap.. I ran my hands through his hair and he buried his head into my stomach. He mumbled something, but I ignored it.

Pattie: Just-








*AN sorry its late, and short, and horrible. LMAO I wrote like 5 different versions, they all sucked, and then it deleted this one and I like gave up for 2 hours... then watched JB videos... and now im watching Jackass 3.5 and Karlee is asleep Smh... so bored... But ima go now... i'll update soon ;) BYE GIRLS!!! OHhhh, did any of you guys come up with fan names or? lmao okay BYEE :* :*     *

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