Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


36. Slept With Who?

We stayed on the ground for about an hour then we walked up to the hotel. Paparazzi was everywhere.

Pap: JUSTIN! JUSTIN! Is it true you slept with Selena.

Justin: Hell no, now move.

He pushed past them and locked our room door behind us. I laid on the bed and Justin wrapped his arms around me and I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep.

~ ~ ~
Justin: Yes, black hair, tall, Thank you. You have no clue how relieved I am.

I felt Justin run his hand through my hair then kiss my cheek.

Justin: Thanks again, goodbye.

I rolled over and I landed on top of Justin.

Justin: Aw, look its a sleepy Becca.

Becca: It's my husband Justin.

I opened my eyes and smiled at him. He kissed me and I smiled at him as he pulled away.

Becca: You're happier than before...

Justin: That's because, I called the cops and told them about his threats, and they are having him arrested.

I froze. This did not just happen. I was so happy. I squealed and brought my lips to Justin's again and kept them there this time.

Justin: That would've been my reaction, but you were asleep.

I smiled at him and I squealed again and he held my body close to his.

Justin: Okay baaby, calm down, we don't want to have you getting too excited with the baby.

Becca: Well he/she is excited too!!!

I put my hand on my stomach and Justin laid his hands over mine.

Becca: I love you Justin.

Justin: I love you two more baby..

Becca: Nuh uh, there's two of us, thats DOUBLE the love.

Justin: I still love you guys more.

Becca: Nuh uh!

Justin: Yes m'am.

Becca: No sir.

Justin: Yes!

Becca: Baby, don't you think we love him more?

I looked at my stomach and smiled at Justin.

Becca: she/he agrees.

Justin: Well both of you are WRONG!

Becca: No I think you are!

Justin: Nooo...

Becca:  Yess!!!

I laughed and Justin pulled me closer to him. i giggled and we pressed our lips together.

Justin: Now that we're safe, do you want to go to getsomething to eat?

I nodded and Justin lifted me up and I smiled at him. He set me down and I slid my shoes on. He took my hand and we walked past the paps and Justin pulled me closer when they tried to get closer to us.

Justin: Back the fuck up.

He held on to my waist.

Becca: I'm fine, I promise Justin.

He kept walking until we got into a car. He let me in first and he kissed my hand. As we were walking into the resturaunt I got my arm pulled at.

Becca: What?

Pap: Did you know that Justin slept with Selena?

Becca: No,and I don't believe it.

Justin: come on baby.

I started walking.

Pap: Selena confirmed this, she said in Florida you were gone and they slept together.

Becca: Bull.

Justin: WHat's he saying?

Becca:; That you slept with Selena.

Justin: That's a lie.

He was getting pretty worked up about something that he knew wasn't true.

Pap: Selena confirmed it.

Justin: Well-

Becca: Well what??

Justin: It's-

Becca: You're kidding right?

Justin: I-I didn't.

I looked him in the eyes and he looked hurt.

Becca: Oh, so you fucking sleep with Selena then come and try to fix everything with me and hoping that everything would be fucking daisies and roses? Well Justin you fucked up.

Justin: NO! I didn-

Becca: Forget it.

I released his hand and started walking back to the hotel. I double locked the door. As I walked away I heard Justin scream 'Are you fucking happy'. I didn't cry in front of the paps. But as soon as I was behind closed doors I lost it. I sat on the bed and just cried. Knowing your husband, your fucking husband, cheated on you with the one person you hated, it sucked, I wanted to  curl up and die. To be honest, if I didn't have that baby in my stomach, I probably would have. I looked at the bathroom and dashed. I knelt near the toilet and puked.

Justin: Shit.

He had opened the room door but the second lock was on.

Justin: Becca!?

I could't talk right now.

Justin: Rebecca fucking Bieber answer me.

He was silent.

Justin: Shit, you're a fucker from letting her think that...

I stopped and my body relaxed. I stood up and flushed the toilet. I brushed my teeth.

I heard a farmiliar voice from Dakota's room, which had a connecter between our rooms.

Justin: Just lemme see her.

Dakota:: Door's right there.. what did you do?

Justin: NOTHING!

I ranto the connecter and locked the door. I heard the handle shake and I felt relieved.

Justin: Becca, I did NOT sleep with her.

All I could think of was the song 'mistake' by Demi Lovato.









*SOrry its short I have to read A LOT tonight :( I'm sorry, i'll try to update tonight... OOOO Dumb fuck Justin -.-*

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