Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


13. Sel.

Becca: Oh....

I looked at the ground. I wasn't going to cry in front of Justin. His hand lifted my chin and brought his eyes to mine.

Justin: There's no way i'm doing it... I'm engaged to you, i'm not going to fake break that off for publicity.

He didn't wait a second after saying that sentance to pull my lips to his. I put my arms around his neck and held on the the haiir on the back of his neck. A few seconds later Scooter came out.

Scooter: Justin, you dont have a choice.

Justin was getting tense, I could tell.

Justin: Yes I do, my life my choice, i'm 19, you can't choose for me.

I just stood in Justin's arms while he argued with Scooter.

Scooter: You'll get paid.

Justin: Scooter, I dont care about the money,Listen to the words of As Long As You Love Me, we could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be BROKE. Now it all makes sense, you only care about the money. Not me anymore.

Scooter: Justin, not true.

Justin: Then why do you want  me to do this. Give me one good reason and I'll do it.

What if he gave him a reason.. what if Justin did it...

Scooter: Some beliebers love Jelena, and they'll come back.

Becca: If they're beliebers they would have never left.

Scooter looked at me.

Scooter: Bec-

Justin: Don't even bring her into this.

Scooter: Well, Becca, what do you want Justin to do? If he did Jelena, his beliebers would be happy.

Damnit. Scooter knew I loved the beliebers.

Justin: No scooter, They like Jecca better. Becca, don't even answer.

Becca: I want MY Justin to be with me...

Justin: Scooter, i'm done talking about this, i'm not doing it.

He took my hand and pulled me to his dressing room. He brought my lips to his and inserted his tongue into my mouth. I pulled on the hair on the back of his neck. He put his hands underneath my thighs and lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He leaned me up against a wall as he lifted his shirt over his head. As soon as he got it off his lips reconnceted with mine.

Scooter: Justin, hate me or not, you have to do the sound check.

Justin removed his lips from mine and looked me in the eyes.

Justin: I swear, he's trying to ruin my life. I'm not done with you though... You, Me, tonight.

He winked at me and I couldnt help but laugh. He set me down and I gave him a kiss.

Scooter: JUSTIN.

Justin: IM COMING.

Becca: I'll be sleeping if you need me..

Justin: Uh, no. You're coming..

Becca: Nooo. I'm tired.

Justin: Booooo!

He got down on his knees and gave me the puppy dog face.

Justin: Pwease boo?

I laughed and nodded. He smiled and brought his face up to mine. He kissed me gently and smiled. He threw on a grey muscle shirt.

Becca: Hey Just?

Justin: Yea Boo?

Beccca: I love you, Kay?

Justin: I love you too booboo.

He smiled at me and kissed my cheek.

Justin: No more running away.

Becca: if I run away I have a reason...

Justin: Still not allowed to.

Becca: Whatever pretty boy.

He winked at me and took my hand. He walked me on stage.

Becca: Justin, you know I hate being up here.

Justin: C'mon this is my second home baby.

Beliebers screamed and Justin smiled at them. Music started playing in the background. Justin moved his hand out of mine and walked to the other side of the stage as the beckground music played.

Justin: YOu see my baby, up and hit the road...

He shot his glare at me.

Becca: Oh god.

He dramatically walked over to me and put his hands on my hips and danced around me, mostly behind me and held my body close to his. I smiled as he snaked his arms around my waist and kissed my cheek.

When he finished the song he lifted his shirt over his head and grinned at me.

Justin: How are my boos?

Some beliebers screamed and others just cried. Justin ket his arms around my waist from behind and pulled me closer every second.

Becca: I'm not going to be able to breathe.

Justin: Well... I kinda gotta hide Jer, he is kinda awake.

We were whispering so, nobody could hear us. I whisper laughed.

Becca: I don't think the beliebers will mind.

Justin: Only you get to see that. I laughed at him and Justin made me walk closer to the beliebers.

Justin:Soooo, guyss... Is it okay if my baby here wants to go sit with you guys?

They all screamed and Justin walked me to the end of the stage.

Justin: You guys have to promise not to attack her, and you have to take care of her, she'd my baby.

They screamed and I sat on the edge of the stage and hopped off of it. Justin hung his feet off the edge and stared at me.

OneOfTheBeliebers: Justinn, she's okay, we'll protect her for you.

Becca: See they got me.

Justin: My baby...

He streched his arm out to reach me and I took a step closer to him. He leaned his head over to mine to kiss me. I stood on my toes to kiss him and he pressed his lips against mine.

Justin: Ehh.

Becca: they'll take care of me.

Justin slowly stood up but kept his eyes on me. I walked out into the beliebers and all of them basically attacked me.  Chlostraphobia kicking in... I could hear Justin over the microphone.

Justin: Woahh, Woaah, She's chlastraphobic...

My vision started fading out. I felt arms around me and I saw Justin's face.

Justin: KENNY.

Becca: I-i'm okay...

Justin looked at me worried. Beliebers were pulled at Justin but he just sat there with me laying in his arms. My vision went and all I heard as I went out was ' I'll never let you go'.

~ ~ ~


I sat up to see Justin holding me.

Justin: I'm sorry baby... I didn't mean to yell and wake you up... lay back down...

Becca: Justy, can I have a kiss?

Justin looked at me and leaned down and kissed my forehead.

Becca: Just.. on my lips...

Justin hesitately kissed me. I held his lips to mine and didn't let him move his face.

Kenny: You feeling better?

Becca: Yea. Just too many people coming at me at once..

Justin: Which is why i'm keeping you with me from now on.

I rolled my eyes and flipped on my stomach. His legs were spead apart and around my body and I laid in the middle of his legs. He pulled my waist up so my head was closer to his. I laid my head on his chest and listened to his heart beat.

Justin: Baby?

Becca: Yea?

Justin: I have the concert in an hour, I delayed it an hour, i needed to see you. Mum's staying in here with you, you guys can relax.

Becca: But Justinn!

Justin: No arguing baby.

Scooter walked in. Great. What great news now?

Justin: Scooter, out.

Scooter: Just telling you you're having another  opening act.

Justin: Who?

Scooter: Sel.







*AN Sorry it's shorter... I had dance and everything... More DRAMAAA Chlastraphobia :| I actually ahve that, and I actually have a history of passing out lmao. Tomorrow Is FRIDAYY! yay. Lmao Brother's birthday is Sunday, but that's not that special so I can Most likely update then :) Love you babes :*   *

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