Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


59. Seeing

It's been about a month since I talked to Justin. I didn't go to Starbucks this weekend. I was to afraid to see Justin hurt like that again. Drew's birthday is coming up soon. I'm afraid though. Drew was born four months early. I'm scared the same might happen for this baby. I haven't talked to Corey and Dakota in forever. Justin's been a mess. everything around me is crumbling. Drew isn't even going to have his father for  his first birthday.

Why did I have to have a kid at 18?

I mean.. I know I had him on purpse... but why?

I should've known this was going to happen.

I should've known something was gonna go wrong.

Everything always does.

Today, Drew was going to be with his babysitter. She was very nice. She was older than me, just trying to make some money for college. I decided, I'm gonna try and go to starbucks.

I walked to my car. I sat in the seat for awhile before I actually drove. I pulled up to Starbucks. Justin wasn't there yet.

I walked inside and ordered an iced coffee and sat down. I closed my eyes and went through Justin's past with me.


Pap3: Do you think you guys will last?
Justin: Yes, I wont allow her to get out of my arms.
Pap3: One Last Question. Do you love her?
Justin: Absolutely, More than anything and everything.
I pulled my head away from his chest.
All of the paparazzi started going crazy. Justin hugged me and all of the paparazzi got pictures of it.
Justin: Now leave me alone, please?
All the paparazzi didnt stop. Justin pulled us inside and he started walking out the front door. corey was following behind us. Justin got in his car and we drove to the tip of Florida.
Becca: Uh, I dont have my bathing suit.
Justin: Looks like your gunna be thrown in.
Justin Picked me up and took me to the water. I wrapped my legs around his waist and held on to his neck for dear life.
Justin:You ready?
Becca: Justin Dont please.
Before i knew it we were in freezing ocean water. I screamed at Justin. Corey jumped in the water right next to us. The paparazzi showed up again. Right as Justin and I kissed.


I opened my eyes and looked around. Stillno Justin. I put my head in my hands and just sat there. I lifted my head and stood up. I walked outside and Justin was sitting on the bench. He looked over at me and I dropped my drink. He stood up and walked over to me. Tears started filling my eyes. I hated Justin so much right now, but all I wanted to do was kiss him. He didn't say anything to me. He just wrapped his arms around my and pulled me into a hug. I pressed my face to his chest and cried. He held me close the whole time. I knew people were taking pictures, but I didn't care.

Justin: Please don't let this be a dream...

Becca: It's not..

I removed my face from his shirt.

Justin: My life, for the past two months has been a living hell.

His hand was on the back of my head and he kept running his hand over my hair. His eyes were filled with tears. I kissed his cheek and pulled myself away from him. His eyes were now filled with fear.

Justin: You can't leave again.

Becca: We're not together Justin.

Justin: We need to be though.

Becca: You slept with somebody else... you're doing drugs.

I was now sobbing. I loved Justin so much, but I couldn't stay with him.


Becca: you had your pants on backwards.

Justin: Yes, but that's because Twist fucking made me do drugs, then I lost track of time and everything else. Then he tried to hook me up with somebody and the girl just kept climbing on me, then I remembered You, and Drew.

I looked at him. He had to be lying. A high Justin wouldn't stop himself from having sex.

I shook my head and started walking to my car. I felt arms spin me around. His lips connected with mine. The feeling I haven't felt in two months. two fucking horrid months, was finally back. He pulled my body against his. I finally pulled away and looked at him. He kept me close and I stared at him.

Becca: I can't...

I pulled away again but he held on to my hand.

Justin: We have a family that needs to stay together.

He rested his hand on my stomach.

Becca: They don't need a father who does drugs.

Justin: I promise... I won't ever.. I just need you in my life. It's not worth anything without you.

Becca: You have your beliebers, you have your music.

Justin: But I don't have you...

I just stared at him. Tears flowing down his cheek. His face was so close to mine. I pressed my lips against his an his hands held the small of my back. I pulled away from him. He knew exactly what I was gonna do.

I'm sorry..

I was gonna regret this.
















*AN I know this is short.. Maybe they'll be together.. Soon ... SOON AS IN HOW FUCKING LONG IT TOOK JUSTIN TO RELEASE HEARTBREAKER AND NOW HE'S HAVING 'BUS PROBLEMS' HE'S FUCKING WITH MY HEART LIKE ASDFGHJKL; urghh... anyways.. What do you think? :o*

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