Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


22. Pre-Party

I felt his legs wrap around mine and I opened my eyes and his head was buried in my neck. I smiled and kissed his head.

Justin: Mine..

He was asleep, but saying mine?

Justin: No... no.. don't go..

What the hell.

Justin: No... stop... you can't...

He started getting worked up.

Becca: Justin, Wake up.

He started crying and squeezing me tighter.

Becca: Justin, wake up.

I shook him and he held on to me tighter.

Justin: NO. I love you...


His head flew up and his eyes started wandering the room desperately. One he looked at me he relaxed.

Becca: What's the matter baby?

i ran my hand through his hair and looked him in the eyes.

Justin: I was having a nightmare.. and you, you,left me...

Becca: Well i'm right here...

He held on to me and pressed his face to my neck.

Justin: Good. You're not allowed to leave either...

Becca: I won't

I kissed his head and he lifted his head so I could kiss him. I laid my lips on his and he pressed back.

*knock knock*

Becca: Yea?

Pattie; Are you guys awake?

I looked at Justin and he shook his head no and buried his face back into my neck.

Becca: I am, but your son isnt

She pushed open the door and you could tell paps were outside.

Pattie: Sorry, I just wanted to know when we are leaving to go back to Florida?

Becca:I have no clue..

Pattie: Well, we might want to leave soon, long flight, and your bachelor/ bachelorette parties are tonight.. and tomorrow you two are getting married!

Becca: I completely forgot...

Pattie: Dakota called and said your dress came it.

Becca: Well, we should wake Justin up then.

I could feel him tighten his grip on me.

Becca: Just, wake up.

He groaned and Pattie rolled her eyes.

Pattie: Typical Justin.

I looked at him and pressed my lips against his. His eyes flew open and he pressed back.

Becca: Got him.

Justin: Whaat?

Becca: We gotta leave if we want ot make it to our bachelor/ bachelorette parties..

Justin: I don't like the idea of a male stripped for you...

Becca: How do you think I feel about your female stripper? C'mon, you know you'll have fun..

Justin: Nah, I'd rather have you be my stripper.

Pattie: Oh gosh..

Becca: It's your last night as a free man.. enjoy it.. cause then I'm tying you down..

Justin: You can tie me down anyday.

Becca: YOu  make everything perverted!!

Justin: That's my job baby.

Pattie: So, since today is your guys last day as 'free' people, would you like private jets?

Justin: Nah, I'll take mine with a Becca on it....

Becca: I'll take mine with a Justin on it...

Pattie: Fine, i'll tell Scooter....

Justin: So we have to pack up and leave?

Pattie: Yes, c'mon hurry, Dakota and Corey's orders...

Justin: Blahh... fine...

I stood up and got dressed. I didnt mind if Pattie saw me.. and it's nothing Justin hasn't seen.

I pulled a t-shirt and some shorts on. Justin just pulled on some shorts over his boxers and pulled on a muscle shirt. He took my hand and Pattie, Justin, and I walked out to all the paparazzi. We pushed past them. A couple of them tried to grab my arm but I pushed them off.

Justin: God, people thesse days..

We got to the airport and hurried on to the jet before paps and beliebers could attack us.

Justin: They better not lay a finger on you..

Becca: I'm fine.

Pattie: Justin, you cant be so over-protective...

Justin: Yes I can. She's my fiance..

I smiled and wrapped my arms around him and he held my body close to his and kissed my head.

Pattie: He's a sucker for your love Becca.

Becca: And I'm a sucker for his love.

I held on to him.

Justin: Let's sit.

He pulled me on to a chair and started brushing my hair out of my face. A few minutes later Scooter got on the plane, along with Alfredo and Kenny.

Justin: Welcome to air Bieber...

He smiled at me and kissed my cheek.

Scooter: We need to talk about tour after the wedding.

Justin: We're going on a honeymoon...

Scooter: Wait, how long?

Justin: A week or two..

Becca: Oooo, where are you going, we didnt plan this...

Justin: I planned it.. and that is a secret...

Becca: Justttiin!

Justin: You'll love it...

Scooter: How long are you taking off? We only have a month left then tour is over...

Justin: Well, it will wait.

Scooter:Justin, I know you're in love and all that jazz, but you've been screwing up the scheldule so much lately and the label isn't going to like it..

Justin: Then fire me, you'll lose money and somebody else will be happy to sign me.

Scooter: Justin, I just want you to focus on the music.

Justin: I need to focus my wife.

Kenny: So... how bout them penguins...

Alfredo: Guys don't fight... we're stuck on a plane together fot like six hours... I don't want to hear you bicker.

Pattie: Scooter, he is going to be married soon, and Justin, he only want the best for you.

Justin looked at me and squeezed me under his grip.

Justin: Becca is the best for me..

Scooter: Justin-

Becca: I'm going to go lay down...

I stood up and got out of Justin's grip. He looked at me like he was sad.  I walked to where the bed was and laid down and buried my head in the pillows. I could hear Justin screaming.


Pattie: Justin, calm down...

Justin: No you people need to learn to fucking respect her.

I heard footsteps and Justin flopped down next to me and wrapped his arms around me...

Justin: Boo?

Becca: What baby?

Justin: Are you okay?

Becca: Yes, i'm fine.

Justin: Can I cuddle?

I lifted my head from the pillow and Justin pulled me on top of him. I buried my head in his chest and he kissed me and wrapped his arms around my back.

Justin: You can sleep baby..

Becca: You can too.

Justin: Only after you do..

I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

~ ~ ~

Justin: No, stop with the fucking flash... You're going to wake her up.

I opened my eyes and Justin was carrying me bridal style. I pressed my head to his chest.

Justin: I got you baby...

I held my arms around his neck. Once we got into a car, I suspect, I removed my head from his chest.

Justin: I'm sorry, i'm going to kill them..

Becca: It's okay love.

I kissed him and I sat up straight but he held on to me. After a few minutes of driving we pulled up to my house and I ran inside. I flopped on my bed and closed my eyes. Justin ran in and Jumped and landed on me.

Becca: Justeennn!

Justin started laughing. A minute later Dakota, Karlee, Melissa, Ellie, Taylor, , Makenzee, Milanah, Kendal, and a bunch of other girls ran in.

Dakota: JUSTIINNN! Leaveee! We gotta get her ready...

Justin: I can watch.. it's not like I haven't seen it before...

He winked at me and I winked back.

Becca: Yea, he's seen it all.

Justin: Every.. single.. .Part...


Justin: And.. if you guys don't mind... i'd like to see it all right now.. so...

Dakota: Justin!

Ilaughed and covered my face.

Justin: Fine, fine, i can wait til the honeymoon...

I removed the pillow away from my face and nuzzled my head into his neck...


Becca: We aren't anywhere close to having sex..

Justin: Uhh.. we would be wearing nothing.. and she'd be screaming, moaning, and clawing my back.


I laughed and gave him a kiss.

Taylor: Ewww.... Justin! LEAVE.

I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed.

Becca: He's my Justin.

A few seconds later, Corey, Chaz, Ryan, Cody, Usher, Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry, and a lot more of his friends ran in.

Justin: Greeaattt.......

Corey: Come on dude!

Chaz: We got your stripper and hooker ready...

I looked at Justin and he looked at me and let his lips seperate a little. I raised my eyebrow.

Becca: Mhmm... I see how it is, get a hooker.. so you can have sex with another woman...

Justin: No-

Chaz: YES!

Dakota: Don't worry we got your hooker hooked up too.

Justin: Woah, nobody is allowed to see that much of her... and not allowed to enter her...

I started laughing.

Becca: Well nobody is allowed to see that much of you..or.. you arent allowed anybody but me...

Justin: Then I want you tonight...

Becca: You can't baby....

Chaz: But I can....

Justin: CHAZ!

Chaz: Come on dude.. We gotta take you to the hotel..

Justin: I don't want a hooker... god..

chaz: Fine, then I'll take her.

Justin: Good.


Justin was being pulled off of me and I frowned at him.

Justin: GUYS! Just give me 5 minutes with her okay? It's our last minutes together as not a married couple.

Everybody left the room and Justin held on to me.

Justin: I want you to know, that I love you, and I'm not gettting a hooker, you're the ONLY girl I want to love.

I connected my lips with his and he moved on top of me. His lips moved in sync with his moves. He started grinding on me and I could feel him getting hard. I didn't stop him. Didn't hold back. I felt like I wanted him, I needed him.


Justin: fuck...

I looked in his eyes and he softly kissed me.

Justin: I love you.

Becca: I love you too.

Justin got up and held my hand and walked to the door.

Justin: If you're going to take me away... get it over with...

They pulled Justin away from me and I blew him a kiss.

Dakota: Tonight, we're going to be wild..







* AN THERE YOU GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I probably wont be able to update tomorrow.. sorry, im going to KENNYWOOD! If you have a keek and want to see some of my adventures my Keek is RebeccaLoveMahone .... OOHHHH ITS GETTING FREKAYYY... Next chapter... or the next.... is the...... WEDDINNGGGGGGGGGGGGG! Be excited... I am...*

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