Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


7. Pinned Down *Read Authors Note*


I moaned and Justin Jumped on top of me.

Becca: Stop, god, i'm trying to sleep.

Justin: NO!

I rolled on to my stomach.

Becca: I'm calling the wedding off.

The room was silent for a second.

Justin: Are you serious?

He rolled me on to my back so I was facing the ceiling.

Justin:Becca, i'll stop singing, I'll dye my hair black, cut it, get colored contacts, change my name, and we can move to a different state and, and we can raise our kids there, Nobody will bother us, you can't do this though.

I opened my eyes and pulled his face to mine and pressed my lips against his. He held my face and deepened the kiss.

Becca: Justin, I was joking, i'm not breaking of the wedding.

Justin: I can't wait for us to get married, you'll be mine, and only mine. And our honeymoon.

He grinned at me and kissed me.

Becca: Only bad thing is, that if I want out of the marriage, you have to sign the paper too.

Justin: Oh, so you might want out?

Becca: No, Just because of like the beliebers, you know sometimes they get mean..

Justin: You can't run away from your fears.. and they wouldn't dare mess with my wife, cause i'll say something to them if they do.

Becca: Yes I can.

Justin: Not if I pin you down.

Becca: Is that a challenge?

Justin: Yes, and if I win?


Justin: I get you, tonight, after the show, I own you.

Becca: If I win, then I get whatever I want.

Justin: And what might that be?

Becca: You.

I whispered it seductivly in his ear as I got up and slippped one of his shirts over my head. I looked back at him and he was growing a bulge. I smiled, happy with myself for making his aroused.

Justin: You know, if I pin you down, you're mine.

I nodded and ran through the door and behind Pattie.

Justin: Where is she?

His eyes locked with mine and he grinned at me. I ran behind Cody and Cody kept Justin away. I stuck my tongue out at Justin and he pushed ppast Cody and I ran behind scootoer.


Scooter: Justin, leave the girl alone.

Justin: No, she's not a girl, she's MY girl.

Becca: Not if I break up with you.

Everybody looked at me in shock.

Becca: WHICH im NOT going to do.. i was just saying.

They all calmed down and Justin ran over to me and picked me u by my waist from behind.

Becca: Justiiin!!

Justin: Nope.

Scooter: What are you doing?

Justin: Oh nothing, just chilling

Pattie laughed and shook her head.

Pattie: Put the poor girl down.

Justin: If she gives me my prize and admits that I won.

Pattie: Why, whats the prize?

Justin looked at me and laughed.

Becca: I have to do anything he wants...

Pattie: Doesn't seem so bad.

Becca: Justin, you can have your prize, and you won.

Justin set me down and turned me so I was facing him. He put his hands on my hips and pressed his lips gently against mine. He pulled me closer to him as we kissed.

Justin: That my friends, if how you make Justin happy.

Becca: So whenever he's sad, you guys just need to get up and give him a kiss.

Justin: Noooo, if i'm sad, you guys need to call this girl, and make her kiss me.

Pattie: Or you can call his mom up and she can make him smile too.

Justin: That too..

I smiled at him and he kissed me again.

Cody: Since she's such a good kisser, you should lemme try those lips.

Justin: No.

Cody: C'mon, sharing is caring...

Justin: I only share things with Becca.

Pattie: What about momma?

Justin: And Mom. But only 'cause they are the best people in my life, oh and beliebers.

Scooter: I feel offended.

Afredo: Me too...

Justin: Okay, I share with all of you, but I don't share Becca with anybody.

Becca: I share justing with people...

Pattie: What?

Justin: What? You don't want me to yourself?

Becca: No no, I do, But the beliebers take you away sometimes.

Justin: Well, I always come back, cause I belong to you.

Becca: You belong to the beliebers too...

Justin: Becca, you're going to be my wife, we're going to start a family, you guys are going to be my number one priority.

Scooter: Woaaahhh, start a family?

Justin: Uh, yea, We're going to have kids...

Scooter: At this age?

Justin: Yea, possibly.

Scooter: No way. The beliebers can't have you gone like that when you're only nineteen!

Justin: I'm not going anywhere! I'd just take off for a year or two to make sure i'm there for my child.

Scooter: You're not even able to legally drink!

Justin: So!?

Scooter: You can't have kids, you're too young.

Justin:Scooter, even if I don't have kids, i'll be taking a break. IM GOING TO HAVE A WIFE TO TAKE CARE OF.

I could feel Justin getting tense. I hooked arms with him and kissed him gently.

Pattie: Guys, calm down.

Becca: Justin, calm down, it's okay, he can't determine our future.

I looked down at me with fury in his eyes. It kind of scared me, but I wasnt going to walk away. He looked in my eyes and his eyes went back to their calm essence. He lowered his face to mine and kissed me passionately.

Scooter: Well then you shouldn't get married...

Justin looked at me and looked at Scooter.

Justin: You are so fucking lucky she calmed me down.

Pattie: JUSTIN!

Justin: It's true! If she wasn't here, I would have killed him.

Scooter: If she wasnt here, we wouldnt have this issue!

Justin: So now you don't want her here?

Scooter: I never said that! YOu fall too easy Justin.

Justin: I've known her forever. You've always known how much I loved her! I ALWAYS told you, and now that she's finally mine, you least support me.

Scooter: I stillsupport you. Just not leaving the fans for some girl.

Justin: You've got two things wrong, they both insult me. They are BELIEBERS, and she isn't some girl! She is the love of my life! I have ALWAYS loved her! Remeber when we first met? I showed you her and TOLD you I TOLD YOU, that I loved her and I would never give up on her!

Scooter: You also said you wouldnt give up on Selena, Becca was just a replacement for her.

Justin took a step closer to Scooter. He looked like he wanted to kill him.

Becca: Justin c'mon, it's not worth it.

Justin: He's saying I dont love you! I'm not letting it go!

Becca: Please?

He ripped his arm from my grip and I fell backwards on to the floor. Cody pushed Justin back so he wasn't close to Scooter. Justin looked back and he looked like he was going to cry.


Cody: Here.

Cody put out his hand and helped me up. Justin walked over to me. He wouldnt make eye contact with me. I pulled Justin into the bedroom.
Becca: Why won't you look at me?

Justin: I hurt you...

Becca: Justin, i'm fine. Look.

Justin: No, I pushed you off of me when I needed you closer...

Becca: Justin, Please, I need you to look at me.

He looked me in the eyes and I walked closer to him and placed my hands on his face.

Becca: I love you.

Justin: I love you too.

I pulled his face to mine. I felt his body relax as I pressed my lips against his harder.

Justin: I'm sorry, I was just really pissed he said that about Selena.

Becca: I know it's not true. But you and Scooter need to work things out BEFORE tonights concert, you need to talk to him.

Justin: Fine... But it doesn't mean I forgive him about what he said about us.

I smiled and kissed him again.

Becca: So, when you met Scooter, you told him you weren't going to give up on me.

Justin: Ohh.. uhh.. you weren't supposed to hear that....

I smiled and kissed his cheek.

Becca: It's adorable!

Justin: It's embarrassing.

Becca: Justin, you shouldn't be embarrassed in front of me, I've known you forever, and now we are engaged... I know everything about you....

Justin: That's true...

Becca: Exactly, but I know some embarrassing stories about you, that i'll have to tell at the wedding...

Justin: I'll have to tell them about our first kiss, when you were three and I was four...

I laughed, it was true, when we were little we kissed, but we swore neverr to tell anybody.

Becca: Oh, that was pretty intense.

Justin: I know, I was your superman even then.

Becca: No, I was stupid and you looked really good in that superman outfit...

Justin: And you looked really good in your princess costume.

I laughed as he pulled me closer. He tucked a piece of hair behind my ear as he leaned down and kissed me softly.

Justin: Is that what it felt like?

Becca: I don't know... maybe you should keep kissing me until we find the one it felt like.

Justin grinned at me.

Justin: Good Idea..

He kissed me again, and again, and again, and again, until there was a knock at the door.

Justin We still have to find that kiss.

He winked at me and I giggled and nodded.

Justin: WHO IS IT?

Scooter: Scooter.

Justin: Sorry, i'm busy spending time with the girl I dont love.

Scooter: Please? Can we talk?

Justin looked at me and I rolled his eyes.

Justin: Fine.

He opened the door and Scooter walked in and Justin walked back over to me and laid next to me. I sat up and Justin looked at me weird.

Becca: Justin, sit up.

He sat up and Scooter came and sat next to us.

Scooter: Justin, I'm sorry. I was just mad because I dont want you to stop living your dreams, because of a kid..

Justin: I understand, but man, I've always wanted a kid, and I want it to be with Becca, Everybody deserves a family...

Scooter: We are your family.

Justin: But I want to have little kids, my very own kids. I want to wake up, every morning for nine months to Becca, with a baby belly, Then I want to be woken up by baby cries, then a year or two later, I want to be woken up on Christmas by my kids Jumping up and down on the bed trying to wake me and my sleeping wife up...

Justin put his hand on my thigh.

Scooter: If Becca was pregnant, she wouldn't be able to handle the tour life.

Justin: My Becca's strong, she would be able to handle it.

Scooter: She'd wake up every morning puking. Crying, Is that what you want?

Justin: Not for her to feel the pain, but for her to be pregnant and have her on tour with me, yes.

Justin moved his hand to my stomach.

Justin: I want to be able to feel little baby feet against her stomach, I want to be able to kiss her stomach at premires and award shows, and show off my wife...

Scooter:Justin, it's your choice, I know you love her, and I didn't mean what I said before, I know you love her more than anything. I just wanted to apologize.

Justin: It's alright man.

The shook hands.

Becca: Oh c'mon, you guys can hug..

They gave each other a hug and I smiled.

Justin: See Scooter, she brings us closer...

Scooter laughed and shook his head. Justin wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer and I wraped my legs around his waist as we sat down. I moved my face closer to his and pecked his nose. He smiled and I pecked his lips.

Scooter: Justin, we're almost there.

Becca: Where are we going?

Justin: Philly.

Becca: These are going to be some rough beliebers..

Justin: Well, they'll have to deal with me...

I smiled and he kissed my forehead.

Scooter: We'll get some body guards..

Becca: No, no, I'll dress up as a belieber, if I get noticed, i'll run.

Scooter: I dont know if thats safe...

Justin: Okay, fine, you can.. but when you're pregnant, you'll have body guards..

Becca: When i'm pregnant, I won't be moving...

Justin Laughed. Scooter smiled.

Justin: Can we nap until we get there?

Scooter: Yea, i'll be out there if you need anything.

Scooter walked out and I laid back and Justin curled up with me.

Justin: I'm glad he's going to finally accept the fact that I want a family.

I kissed him and he kept my body close to his and I laid my head on his chest and closed my eyes. I drifted asleep to the beautiful voice of my fiance. Nothing sounded better.







*AN Okay, I was going to make it longer butttt... I have something that I seriously have an issue with. I was informed that somebody copied 'Brother's Best Friend' Same title, same sequence of events, different names. Now, That is illegal, I didnt want to report them, but I worked too hard to not do anything about it. I know they copied because 1. They are a fan of me. 2. They copied basically everything. 3. She favorited the story. Like Wtf. I dont hate the person. I'm just kinda mad that somebody would do that. I even offered to help people with story ideas!.... It has been reported by me for Plagerism. Im sorry to whoever wrote it.... BUT ANYWAYS, thank you Justins_shawty for notifying me about it :) Everybody if you haven't already you should go follow @JeccaForever on twitter, some readers made it up, there are a bunch of pictures of me and Justin on there. and YES changed the cover, so dont be confused... OHH SHOUTOUT to my best friend on twitter.. She's also my little skype buddie her Twitter is @Biebers_galXX  Maybe I'll update tonight?? I mean.. if you want me too....*

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