Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


2. One Less Lonely Girl

I watched as a bunch of people walked past us. I held on to his arm and laid my head on his shoulder. He kissed my head again and smiled at me.

Becca: How many beliebers do you think are going to try to kill me tonight?

Justin: Well since im having a body guard follow you, none, and if they lay a finger on you, i'll jump off stage and take them off of you personally.

Becca: No, you'd continue, i'd make you.

Justin: Yea... as you're getting attacked...

Becca: Shut up.

Justin: Only if you kiss me.

I looked up at him and gave him a kiss as he smiled.

Justin: I can't wait to perform tonight.

Becca: Why? Cause now you have a fiance?

Justin: I'll get to see how beliebrs act.

Becca: I robably shouldn't go into the crowd today...

Justin: I just want you to be safe.

Becca: I'll go out WITHOUT body guards and I will be in disguise as a belieber okay?

He looked hesitate. Now that we were engaged, he was going to be more protective.

Justin: Becca...

Becca: I promise, i'll be safe.

Justin: Ehhhh.....

Becca: Pwease Justy

I winked at him.

Justin: Not this again....

Becca: Just say yes..

I looked him in the eyes and he looked back at me.

Justin: Promise you wont get hurt.

Becca: Cant promise that, but I wont try to get hurt.

JUstin: Fine, but for OLLG you have to come up.

Becca: Deal. Can I take pictures with Beliebers?

Justin: Becca!

Becca: I just love them so much!

Justin: Ughhhhhhhhh fine. But you better be safe.

Becca: I will.

I kissed his cheek and he looked at me expressionless.

Justin: I think I deserve a bigger kiss than that.

I looked at him and smiled. Then I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a big kiss. When we pulled apart he smiled at me and hugged me tightly.

Justin: I can't wait for the wedding...

Becca: When are we having it?

Justin: I want to have it soon. Really soon.

Becca: Like when soon?

Justin: Whens the earliest you would have it?

Becca: Anytime.

Justin: Like April?

Becca: In like a month?

Justin: Too soon?

Becca: It's perfect, anything you want.

Justin: Dont worry about the dress, It will be ready by then.

Becca: Justin? Can I call up Some friends to help me with the wedding dress?

Justin: Of coarse.

I kissed him and he smiled at me.

Justin: Bachelor party..

Becca: Bachelorette Party...

Justin: YOu know... you should be the stripper for my party...

Becca: You would like that wouldnt you?

Justin: Oh yes.

He moved his hands to my ass and grinned at me.

Becca: Too bad.

I let go of him and started running down the street. I looked back and Justin was catching up.

Justin: Im going to get you!

I turned down the street and ran through the cars that were at a stop light. Justin followed me. When he got hold of me he picked me up from behind and spun me around. When he sat me down he kissed me and didnt let me go.

Justin: I'm out of breath now.

I smiled at him and kissed him again.

Becca: Now you know how I feel.

He smiled at me. We touched our foreheads.

Justin: When I look into your eyes, its like looking at the night sky, or a beautiful sunrise....

Becca: I wont give up on us, even if the skies get rough...

Justin: Im giving you all my love, im still looking up...

Becca: And when you're need ing you're space...

Justin: To do some navigating...

Becca: I'll be  here, patiently waiting, to see what you find...

Justin: Cause even the stars they burn..

Becca: Some even fall to earth, but we've got a lot to learn...

Justin:  god knows we're worth it..

Becca: No, I wont give up...

Justin and I connected our hands as we starred into each others eyes.

Justin&Becca: I wont give up on us...

We connected our lips gently. When we pulled apart he smiled at me.

Becca: What?

Justin: Our wedding song... thats it...

I smiled back at him.

Becca: It's perfect.

I smiled at him then kissed him.

Justin: SHit, lets run, we need to get to the room so We can grab our clothes for the concert.

Becca: Thats only me,you haveyour clothes there. Go, i'll meet you there.

Justin: How about? No.. Im staying.

Becca: Well then lets run.

He took my hand and we ran back to the hotel and I got some skinny jeans, Justin Bieber t-shirt, Justin bieber hat, Purple converse and a jacket, well Justin's jacket.

Justin: C'mon wifey.

Becca: Coming hubby.

I ran over to him and we ran outside and hopped in the car which was waiting for us. When we got to the arena Scooter was worried.

Scooter: Finally!

Justin: Sorry, Becca and I lost time,and beliebers go-

Scooter: It's alright man, just hurry NOW

Justin ran on stage and started testing thee microphone.


I laughed at him and he smiled at me. Then he started singing.

Justin: You're body is a wonderland...

Becca: JUSTIN! Inappropriate.

He got of stage and pranced over to me.

Justin: your body is a wonderland.

I covered my face with my hands.

Chaz: I BET IT IS.

I looked back and the whole crew was coming towards us. Jaden, Usher, Ryan, Chaz, Cody, and Corey walked in.

Justin: Yes it is..

I pushed him playfully and he pulled me with him.

Chaz: So babe, where are we going for our honeymoon?

Justin: You arent going anywhere with her.


Justin ran to the stage and started singing. We all walked up to the front seats and sat down. Chaz put his arm around me.

Justin: Hands off my Fiance.

Chaz put his hands up in surrender.

Justin: There you go.

Cody: So, are you guys excited?

Becca: I am, it's in a month, Justin's orders.

Corey: He moved the date back?

Becca: What?

Corey: It was supposed to be March 31st.

Becca: Oh, thats not what he told me.

I looked down at my phone and texted three of my friends.

To: Dakota; Karlee; Melissa

Need help picking out a wedding dress ;D Help? A het's going to pick us all up and we're going to go dress shopping. Tomorrow. Sorry for such short notice; Thank you :*


Justin: One less lonely girl?

I looked up.

Becca: Oh, sorry.

I stood up and Justin helped me up the stage.

Justin: Blah blah blah, now kissing part.

He grabbed my face and pressed his lips against mine.

Scooter: Justin! She's going backstage so you can practice that one part.

Justin: OHH Shoo shoo boo boo.

I stood up and concentrated my eyes on him. He grinned and I walked backstage and changed into my outfit that I brought. Since it was the end of his practice time, it was time to let the beliebers fill the arena. Justin ran back and sat on top of me as I laid on the couch. He leaned down and kissed me. I pressed my lips against his. After a few minutes he stood up and started changing.

*Knock knock*

I opened the door a little bit and I saw the two angel faces belonging to Jazmyn and Jaxon. I opened the door fully.

Justin: Getting dressed!

Beccca: It's your little brother and sister, they're fine.

They gave me a hug and held on to me tightly. As Justin pulled his shirt over his head Jeremy walked in.

Jeremy: Congrats! They wantedd to see you Becca.

Becca: Well Hello Cuties!

They both hugged me and Jazmyn smiled at me.

Jazmyn: Daddy says that you and Juju are going to be together forever.

I smiled down and he and brushed my hand through her hair.

Becca: Your daddy's right.

Justin came up behind me and higged me.

Justin: Firever and ever.

Jazmyn and Jaxon gave him a hug too.

Jeremy: We'll be front row, see you out there, i'm proud of you.

They walked out and Justin kissed my cheek.

Justin: They are too cute.

Becca: Adorable..

Justin: Bec?

Becca: Mhmm?

Justin: I want to have kids, a boy and a girl to start off with.

Becca: A perfect little family.

Justin: Just like their mother.

I laughed and he kissed my forehead.

Becca: Becca is out, going to interract with the beliebers.

Justin: Wait! Gimme a kiss.

I kissed him and he held on to me.

Justin: See you out there in 15 minutes.

Becca: See you baby.

I walked out the door and put my Justin Bieber hat on my head so I wasnt that noticable.

Belieber: OMB I wonder where Becca is...?

Belieber: I dont know! I want to see her.

I smiled and "accidentally" bumped into them.

Becca: I'm so sorry, I should be more careful..

Belieber: Oh My God. You're BECCA! JUSTIN'S FUTURE WIFE!

I smiled and nodded.

Becca: Yup, thats me!

Belieber: Can I get a picture?

Becca: Of coarse!

I smiled as she took a picture with me. We talked until the lights flashed.

Becca: You guys close to the stage?

Girls: No, back.

Becca: C'mon I think I can sneak you up.

I took them up to the front row, next to me, Jaxon, and Jazmyn.

Beliebers: Oh My fucking god. I love you so much.

I gave them a hug as Justin came out on stage with his wings. He started ALAYLM.

Justin: Now, you all know about Becca? And our future plans... Right?

The beliebers next to me screamed and hugged me.

Justin: Well, she has seemed to disappear.

The crowd gasped.

Justin: So now I need to find, my Runaway Love...

I smiled and the beliebers screamed.

Justin: You see my baby up and hit the road.. where she'd going thats what nobody knows...

Everybody started singing and clapping. Once he ended the song he sang a few more and then he came to one less lonely girl.

Justin: Since, we are engaged, I need my one less lonely girl.

Justin took my hand and pulled me on stage. The beliebers screamed. He led me over to a lift thing, it was heart shaped and you could sit in it. (Like from Never Say Never) He sat in it and pulled me on his lap. He knew I was scared of heights, so I had no clue why he would do that. As we lifted up higher and higher off the ground I held on to Justin tighter and tighter.

Justin: If you let me inside your world, there's going to be one less lonely girl.

He pressed his lips to mine and held me tight. When the song ended the arena went black, and the screen in the back lit up. I looked back and it was the video clip of the flash mob, and Justin proposing to me. I looked at him and started crying. Happy tears obviously. I hugged him and held on to the hair on the back of his neck.

Becca: I love you so much.

Justin: I love you too Becca.

When we got down I hugged him and ran back to my seat. When The show ended Justin thanked all the beliebers for coming out and walked backstage. I met him back there and he spun me around.

Becca: I cant believe you did that, I love you so much.

Justin: Only the best for you.

Becca: You're the best for me.

Justin kissed me and he changed bak into his regular clothes before we headed back to the hotel. I changed into my pajamas and crawled into bed with Justin and played with his hair.

Justin: We get two days to travel, but I know you're friends are flying in right now, and you have to dress shop, but I still want to see you tomorrow.

Becca: You will, I promise.

I closed my eyes and once again, fell asleep with my fiance. I had a dream, aout us that night, and how our life would turn out together.

I woke up and realized, today, I was going to shop for my wedding dress.






*AN Sorry its bad, and late, but I fell asleep and kinda... forgot, but here you go lovies <3 Hope you enjoyed<3 I love talking to you guys, twitter, kik, skyoe, you guys are the best 'fans' (I guess you could say) EVER<3 LOVE YOU GUYYSSS <3*

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