Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


60. Notthing's Changed?

He pulled me closer to him.

Justin: Please...

I thought about what would be the best for my family in the long run.

Taking a chance with Justin being in their life, or be safe and keep Justin away from them.

I pressed my lips against his and kept him as close to me as possible.

~ ~ ~

Justin and I went back to the house I was staying at. It was a friends house..

We got out of the car and Justin walked over to me. His lips pressed against mine. I held my arms around his neck and pulled him closer, if it was even possible.

When we did pull away, he just stared at me for awhile. I observed him. His arms were weaker, his eyes looked more droopy than usual. He was very scrawny.

Justin: Hellooo? Earth to Becca? Are you there?

Becca: Oh, um yea...

Justin: What's the matter?

I looked him in the eyes. He looked so much happier than he did at Starbucks. I shook my head.

Becca: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I smiled at him and pecked his lips.

As we walked inside, Justin kept me close. Like, really close. He kept his arm around my waist. When Drew saw us he toddled as fast as he could over to us. I picked him up and held him on my hip. He kissed my cheek and hugged me tightly. He tapped my stomach and looked up at me.

Becca: It' still in there.

Drew smiled and giggled.

Justin: He knew?

Becca: He was the first person I told.

Justin: Why wasn't it me?

Becca: I didn't wanna stress you out... with your new music and all.

Justin: How would that stress me out? It's my child, I would've like thrown a party.

Becca: Because now you'd have another person to take care of.

Justin:Baby, I could stop working now, and we'd be set for life.

Becca: Still-

Drew: Daddy.

He reached across me for Justin. Justin took him in his arms and hugged him.

Justin: Can we go back home?

Becca: Home?

Justin: You know, the place we lived before you came here.. where I lost yo-

Becca: Yea, I think Drew would like that...

Justin: I would like to have you back...

~ ~ ~

When we got back to the house, I noticed everything was the same. Nothing had changed.

Becca: I think it's bed time...

I carried the half asleep Drew up to his crib. As soon as I laid him down in there he fell asleep.

Justin: I missed you. So much.

I turned around and walked over to where Juatin was leaning against the door frame. I walked over and gave him a hug. He kissed my head.

Justin: Wanna go lay down?

I smiled up and him and took his hand and walked into our bedroom. My side of the bed was all messed up from when I scrambled out of bed two months ago.

Becca: Justin... you didn't change anything...

I looked back at him and he was just staring at me.

Justin: It's how you left it... It was all I had left of you, I didn't want to lose you too.

I looked at him and walked over to him. I took his face and pressed our lips together.

My husband, missed me so much, that he didn't change anything in this house, because it was all he had left of me and he didn't want to lose that. I felt tears start to form in my eyes.

Justin: What's the matter? Did I do something?

Becca: No, I did. I hurt you so much that you wouldn't even make the bed because it's all you had left of me... You probably left the food the way I left it too. You seem so weak. You look like you haven't slept, and you looked like you barely ate...

Justin: You mean everything to me... what else was I supposed to do? You've been my best friend, since forever, and now that you were my wife, it hurt even more. Becca, without you I have nobody to protect.. so why even be strong if there's nobody to be strong for... I have eaten... like once a day.. but, sleep was the hardest... I would sleep, but every five minutes I would wake up, searching for you, but you would never be there, then I couldn't go back to sleep.

I just stared at him and pulled his face to mine.

Becca: I'm so so sorry.

Justin: No... I shouldn't have did that to you...

Becca: Done what?

Justin: Done drugs... and almost have sex with somebody else... I only want to love you...

I weakly smiled at him and pulled his lips to mine.

Becca: I love you. So much.

Justin: i love you so so much baby.

I pressed my forehed agaisnt his chest.


We got in bed and He pulled me close to himself. He pressed his lips against my forehead. I fell asleep and kept myself closest to Justin as possible.

I woke up though.

I looked up at Justin.

Becca: Why aren't you sleeping?

Justin: I'm pretty sure this is a dream...and if I go to sleep, I'll actually wake up...













*AN WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?!?!? :OOOOO Lol so.... GUESS WHERE I'M GOINGGG? MEXICO! WHERE JUSTIN AND BECCA WENT ON VACATION ;D !!! NO JOKE. I'm soooooo exciteddd girls!!! YAAYYYY <3 Now all I need is Justin with me.. ;) if you're catching what im putting out... ;;) Im sorry about its shortness... but a Dream? :O *

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