Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


50. Not her

I walked into Drew's room and he started screaming. He saw me and screamed louder. He reached in my direction  and continued screaming. I walked over and picked him up. He calmed down a little but still continued crying.

Becca: Shh, i'm here, you're okay honey.

I held his face against my neck and bounced him. He sniffled and stuck his thumb in his mouth. I laid he back in his crib and his eyes opened and looked up at me. I saw his eyes start to get tears in them. He removed his thumb from his mouth and his lip started to quiver. As I reached down to pick him up he started screaming.

Becca: Baby, you're fine.

I rocked him and sat down on the rocking chair in the corner of his room. He rested his head against my chest and started snoring. I kissed his head and he opened his eyes and looked at me.

Becca: You're okay, you can sleep.

His eyes were droopy, but he moved his face closer to me and gave me a kiss. It was the cutest thing ever. Then he moved his face back to my chest and snored again.

I was thinking about putting him back in his crib, but he would just cry again.

I heard footsteps and I looked at the door. Justin walked in. Half dressed, as usual.

Justin: Come back to bed baby.

Becca: Drew won't sleep.

At the sound of his name Drew opened his eyes and looked back at Justin. Justin walked over to us.

Becca: I'll just sit here with him.

Drew reached out and Justin took him from my arms. Justin kissed his head and Drew looked up at Justin, then looked at me.

Becca: Wanna take this shift?

Justin: Sure.

I stood up and Drew's eyes followed me. As I walked out the door I heard Drew start to whine.

Justin: You wanna cuddle with Daddy and Mommy? Okay, Let's go.

I walked into the bedroom and a second later Justin and Drew were getting in bed next to me. I was laying on my side and facing Justin. Drew saw me and rubbed his eyes. Justin laid Drew in the middle of us. Drew grabbed on to my shirt and Justin kissed both of us.

~ ~ ~

I heard giggling and JUstin coming from another room. I stood up and walked down to the kitchen. I peeked in and saw Drew in a Height chair and Justin standing up and talking to him.

Jusitn: What do you think mommy wants for breakfast.

Drew just smiled and Justin laughed.

Justin: Mommy is a crazy girl, just crazy.

Drew giggled and hit his hands on the counter.

Justin: You're a silly boy... can daddy get a kiss?

Justin bent closer to drew and Drew kissed him.

Justin: Thank you.

I walked out and Drew smiled and screamed happily.

Justin: Look, it's mommy.

Justin walked over to me and wrapped his arm around my waist and pressed his lips against mine. He pulled me closer and Drew screamed.

Becca: There's my boy!

I ran over to Drew and kissed his nose. He raised his arms and I lifted him out of his chair.

Justin: I need a kiss again.

I held Drew on my hip and pressed my lips against Justin's. In the middle on the kiss Justin said 'Ow'

Becca: What's the matter?

Justin: I think your son, thinks you're his.

I looked at Drew and he was giggling.

Becca: Well, he's my boy.

Justin: I thought I was your boy.

Becca: You're my man.

I smiled at Justin. I felt a head lean against my chest and I looked down at my baby boy sleeping. I walked up to his bedroom and laid him in his crib. He opened his eyes.

Becca: I'll be back, I promise..

He clsoed his eyes and cuddled up with his blue teddy bear.

I walked back downstairs and Justin pulled me into a kiss.

Justin: Mmm, just like old times.

Becca: Just like old times..

I looked him in the eyes and smiled at him.

Becca': Why are you looking at me like that?

Justin: Like what?

He gazed into my eyes again.

Becca: Like thatt!

Justin: Because you're absolutely stunning.

I smiled at him and covered my face with my hands.

Justin: Nooo, I wanna see your face.

He made me move my hands. I looked him back in the eyes and his lips connected with mine. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and started walking upstairs.  Before I knew what was happening we were in the bedroom and he was closing the door. He laid me on the bed and well... you know what happens next...

~ ~ ~

I woke up cuddling up to Justin. I hadn't gotten to cuddle with him like this in awhile. I closed my eyes again and just laid there, skin to skin with my husband. He kissed my head and I didn't move.

Justin: I love you.

Becca: I love you.

~ ~ ~

Now I had one of Justin's shirts on and I was alone. It wasn't like Justin to leave me.

Justin: Shh, don't wake mom-

He walked in the room with Drew in hand. Drew had tears running down his face.

Justin: I just left and you're already awake... I think you can't sleep without me..

Becca: I don't think I can.

Drew started whining. Justin came back over and set Drew next to me. Drew curled up next to me and Justin came from behind me and cuddled with me.

~ ~ ~

I heard Corey and Justin's voices from downstairs. There was also a female voice.

I picked up Drew and put him in footie pajamas. We walked downstairs and I saw the Belieber from before, the one who I gave my number too. She had a friend with her.

Justin: baby.

He walked over to me and gave me a kiss. Drew laid his head on my chest and sucked on his thumb.

Becca: Hi, I haven't seen you!

(I honestly forgot what her name was lol so now it'll be kaitlyn)

Kaitlyn: Hi!

Becca: Sorry if I can't give you a hug, Drew...

Kaitlyn: I understand.. Justin answered your phone and said I could come over.. This is Lyssa.

Lyssa: Im a bog belieber... like huge!

Becca: Well it's nice to meet you!

Lyssa: Oh gosh, Drew is adorable, can I hold him?

Becca: Of coarse..

I handed Drew over to her and she held him and rocked him.

Lyssa: I'll go put him in his crib.

Becca: Okay, thank you.

She walked upstairs.

Becca: I'm going to use the bathroom.

I walked upstairs and in order to get to the bathroom I had to pass Drew's room. I heard her talking to Drew.

Lyssa: I'm mommy. I'm your mommy, not her.

What. The. Fuck.















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