Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


6. My Angel

Justin: Shit.

He ran his hands through his hair.

Fredo: We better call scooter, we need a new tire, and that could take hours to put on, bus is too heavy.

I looked around, we were in the middle of nowhere and nobody else was on the road. I walked over to Justin and he looked at me. Then he pulled me closer by my waist and gently kissed me.

Justin: Atleast you're with me.

I smiled at him and wraped my arms around him in an embrace.

Justin: Time to call scooter.

Alfredo picked up the phone and Scooter immediately answered when he called.

Fredo: Calm down, the bus broke down, Okay, OKAY here he is.

He handed the phone to Justin and Justin rolled his eyes.

Justin: Yes? Yea, cause I purposely did this. Scooter, just come pick us up and get this fixed. BYE.

He hung up the phone. He turned back to me and hugged me again.

Becca: I feel like we're in one of those movies where a killer is going to jump out and kill us..

Justin: I wouldn't let anybody lay a finger on my baby.

I smiled at him and kissed him again.

Fredo: Well, just to make sure that doesnt happen, lets go back inside.

We walked in and Justin pulled me on to his lap as he sat down.

Alfredo: Guys, please don't make-out in front of me.. cause i'm not leaving and I'll stop you

Justin: No you won't.

Fredo: Yes I will.

Becca: You wont have to, cause we arent going to make-out.

Justin: You dont know that.

Justin looked at me like I had four eyes.

Becca: Don't look at me like that.

Justin: I'll look at you however I want to.

Becca: Not if I dont let you.

Justin: You can't stop me.

I pulled a blanket over myself.

Alfredo: And you guys can't fight either, cause then Justin will be the pshyco murderer here..

Becca: Let's do a challenge.

Justin: I'll win. Im in.

Becca: You didnt hear it.. are you sure?

Justin: YES. I'm always up for a challenge.

Becca: No backing out after you promise.

Justin: Fine, I promise I wont back out.

Becca: Okay, ready for the challenge?

Justin: Yes I am.

Becca: Me and you, don't talk, dont text, dont even acknowledge each other, first one to acknowlede the other person looses.

Justin lost all expression in his face.

Justin: No, absolutely not.

Becca: You said you wouldnt back out, and that you liked a challenge...

Justin: Becca, you might as well stab me in the heart with a knife ..

Becca: Too Late... it starts NOW.

Alfredo: Becca, Justin is going to go crazy, because he will refuse to loose a challenge, and he loves you too much.

Justin: Oops I loose.

He pulled my lips to his and he held them there.

Becca: I thought you said he will refuse too loose a challenge.

Alfredo: He loves you too much

I looked at Justin again and he was giving me the puppy dog eyes. His bottom lip was popped out and he was blinking rapidly at me.

Becca: What?

Justin: Kiss.

I moved my lips to his and he held my body against his. He smiled halfway through the kiss. When I pulled my lips away he held my body close to his still.

Fredo:Ah, young love.

Justin: It may be young, but it will be forever.

I smiled and he rubbed his nose against mine.

There was a banging on the door and we all looked at the door. I held on to Justin's waist tighter. Unfortunately, I knew he was going to be the person to open the door.

Becca: Please don't Justin...

He un-wrapped my arms from him and he stood up.

Becca: Justin,don't.

He looked at me and kissed me one last time. I saw him walk over to the door. He opened the door. My heart stopped, I didn't know what was coming next.


He slammed the door shut and ran to the bedroom and pulled me in. We sat on the floor and he took my hand in his.

Becca: whats going on?

Justin: You'll be safe, just relax.

Becca: Justin, whats happening?

Justin: Jesse, he's freaking.

I froze. Justin and Alfredo were risking their lives for me. They could possibly die for me. I was risking my fiance's life, just because some guy wanted me. I was risking the love of my life's life. I wasnt going to do that.

Becca: Justin..

Alfredo walked into the bedroom, the bus driver followed him in.

Justin: What's the matter?

Becca: You guys are risking your lives, for me, becuase an idiot is stalking me... I'm not letting you guys do that.

I stood up and Justin stood up next to me.

Justin: and I'm not letting you walk away, you're not allowed to leave me.

Becca: I can't let you get hurt because of me.

Justin: I don't care if I die, I would rather die with you, than live without you.

Becca: It's not up to you.

Justin: You're my fiance, we make decisions together, and I don't think you should go out there.

Becca: Well, I think I should, and since it's MY life, i'm going out there, I can't loose you Justin.

I put my hand on his cheek and he locked eyes with me.

Justin: It may be your life, but it's also my life, because Becca, you are my life, and My life would suck without you. As I said before, i'd rather die, than have you out of my life.

I looked at him and kissed his cheek. I let my hand slip out of his and I opened the bedroom door and Justin stood there in shock. I heard more punding occur I felt arms on my waist. I looked back and Justin was holding me.

Becca: Justin-

Justin: You're not doing this.

Becca: I'm not letting you get hurt! I'm going out there.

Justin: No your not!

Becca: Justin, dont make me.

Justin: Make you what?

Becca: I'll break off the wedding, if it's the only way to make you safe then i'll do it!

Justin: Becca..

He looked me in the eyes.

Justin: Fine, break off the wedding, I don't care if you hate me forever, you aren't going out there.

Becca: Justin, just let me talk to him, please?

Justin: No. He'll steal you from me. I can't loose you.

Becca: Nobody could steal me from you. I'm yours forever.

Justin intertwined his fingers with mine.

Justin: Forever?

Becca: I promise, Just let me calm him down.

Justin: If you're not back in five minutes, then i'm coming out.

I nodded and more banging occured.

Becca: Go back in the bedroom, it's the only room without windows.

Justin: I don't care, i'm waiting out here, until you get back, no arguing.

I nodded again and moved my lip to his. He deepened the kiss and held my lower back.

Becca: Forever and Always.

Justin: Always and Forever.

I let me hand slip out of his and I walked to the door. I looked back and Justin's face was in his hands. When I stepped out the door the pounding stopped.

Jesse: There she is, my beauty queen.

Becca: Jesse. give up, I'm with Justin, not you.

Jesse: You will be mine though. You'll have my kids, and you'll have to stay with me.

Becca: No I won't. I'm going to have Justin's kids.

Jesse walked over to me and pinned me against the bus.

Jesse: Not if I have sex with you first...

He started kissing my neck and moaning into my next.

Jesse: Loosen up babe.

Becca: Get,off!

Jesse continued kissing me.

Becca(mumbling): Justin, where are you..

I started crying, because I knew that if I would scream, Jesse would kill me, or Justin. Jesse lifted my left hand and took my ring off of my finger and threw it.

I heard the bus door open and I started crying even harder. Within a few seconds Jesse was off of me and on the ground. I closed my eyes and couldnt bring myself to open them.

Justin: Fucking stay off of her, and If I was you i'd leave before I call the cops.

I stayed still for a few seconds before I felt arms around me. I was deathly afraid, that it was the man that I feared the most.

Justin: Open your eyes, it's okay it's me.

I opened them and grabbed on to Justin as soon as I could. I buried my head in his chest and he held me there and kept kissing my hair.

Becca: H-he threw, m-my ring.. i-im sorry..

He lifted my chin and kissed my lips gently.

Justin: Do you think I care? Cause I don't, it only matters that you're okay.

Becca: No, you spent your money on that for me.

Justin: We can get another one, It's okay.

Becca: It's not the same! You proposed to me with that ring, you picked that one out special...

Justin: We'll find it, I promise.

I nodded and buried my head in his chest. He lifted me up and walked inside. He walked part Alfredo and the bus driver who were sitting on the couch. He set me on the bed and kissed my forehead.

Becca: Please Stay.

Justin: Last time you said that, was the night we kissed, and I asked you to be my girlfriend.

I smiled at him and he sat on the edge of the bed.

Justin: But, of coarse, i'll stay.

I pulled his face to mine and he moved on top of me. He started grrinding on me and his tongue slipped in my mouth. He moved his hands up and down my body until he found the end of my shirt. He started lifting it when there was a knock at the door. He looked at me and did his pouty face.

Justin: Whaaat?

Alfredo: Scooter is herreeee!

Pattie: Justin, honey, why did I find Becca's ring on the ground out there?

My face lit up. Justin smiled.

Justin: Jesse dropped by, tried to rape her, denied the fact that we were getting married, and took it off of her.

Justin got up and opened the bedroom door. We walked out and I ran over to Pattie and gave her a Hug. She smiled at me and moved her mouth to my ears.

Pattie(Whispering):He's keeping a close eye on you.

I looked back and Justin was staring at me. I waved him over and he walked over.

Pattie: Here's your ring hun.

She handed it to Justin and he got down on one knee and slid it on to my finger and kissed my hand. I smiled and put my hands on his head and lifted his face to mine. He pressed his lips against mine perfectly.

Pattie: Justin, we're getting you on the otehr bus and somebody is coming to fix this one, let's go before the fans freak.

Justin: Eh hem, they are beliebers.

Pattie: Well, some of the beliebers were following us, so lets hurry before they find us.

As I walked off the bus Justin indertwined his fingers with mine and kissed my cheek.

Justin: Future Mrs.Bieber COMING THROUGH!

He said it dramatically as we walked on to the other bus which held Cody, Carly, Scooter, Kenny, and Pattie.

Becca: And little Mr. Dramatic Bieber coming through too.

They all laughed and we sat next to Cody.

Cody: Beautiful ring.

I smiled.

Becca: I know, thank you.

Justin: Mum? Can me and Becca go to the bedroom, we're a little worn out.

Pattie: Of coarse, Just move the stuff off the bed.

Justin picked me up and carried me to the bed.

Becca: I guess this means i'm going, BYE GUYS!

Justin closed the door behind us.

Justin: You should let me pick up, where I left off.

I giggled and he smiled. I ran my finger across his abs. I lifted up his shirt and grinned at him. He grinned back. I kissed his stomach and traced his pantline with my finger. He slipped his shorts off and lifted my top over my head. He also slipped my pants off me. I smiled and kissed his chest down to his pant line and he smiled. I pulled his boxers down a little then stopped and kissed his cheek. He looked at me like I was crazy an dI laughed.

Justin: You can't just stop!

Becca: Yes I can, I just did.

Justin: Beccccc! Look what you caused.

I laughed and looked at his boxers.

Becca: Oops..

Justin: I'm going to get you back...

I smiled and kissed him gently. He pulled my body on top of his so I was laying on top of him. I snuggled my head into his neck. I could feel his bulge growing smaller as he drifted to sleep.

Ha, look, My very own Angel.




*AN SORRY ITS LATE. I've been so busy, and I got sun burnt yesterday and I've been sick today... took me long to write but yanoe... i'm going to sleep now, so enjoy! Sorry if it's bad butttttt... there Again, i'm sorry, I MIGHT update tonight.. no promises :)*

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