Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


33. Mistakes

*AN Sorry, Just warning you.. SAD CHAPTER, don't hate me. No hate either.. I warned you at the beginning soo...yea.. enjoys*




Justin: That's great!

Becca: Amazing..

Corey: You're coming Becca.

Becca: I can't leave this house.. Corey.. this is..my home...

Justin: baby, my house is in California..

Corey: We're keeping the house.. but I don't want you being alone... Justin agrees.

Becca: Justin knew?

I looked at him.

Corey: Uhh... yea...

Becca: So you tell your friend before you tell your sister who lives here!

Corey: Becca, we only wany the best for you..

Becca: Whatever.

I got out of Jusitn's arms and walked up the stairs.

Justin: Rebecca, come here.

I locked my bedroom and sat on the bed and crossed my legs. Why did Corey tell Justin first! I live here! I'm not moving. This is where I gre up. Where mom and dad raised me. I'm not leaving.

Justin: Rebecca open the door now.

I ignore him and started biting my nails. What am I supposed to do?

Justin: Boo? Are you okay?

Becca: I'mfine.

Justin: Can I come in?

Becca: No. I want to be alone for awhile..

Justin: how long?

Becca: A couple hours..

Justin: Baby, I don't want to leave you alone.

Becca: That sucks doesn't it?

I got up and walked over to my balcony. The view was amazing. The best. I heard the door to the back patiio open. I stood still and listened to who it was.

Pattie: Justin, you've got to give her space.

Justin: I don't want to! I want her all to myself, I don't want her to be alone. She gets depressed when she's alone, you said it yourself. I can't have my wife depressed!

Pattie: Justin,she just doesn't want to change! You  guys are pushing her to though!

Justin: Why? Does she not want to live with me?

Pattie: Justin mayb-

Justin: No you know what, maybe Scooter was right, maybe this was a mistake.

I took a step back. I covered my mouth with my hands. Justin just said this was a mistake. Getting married. Well if he doesn't want to be married fine, we don't have to be married.


I couldn't even move. I managed to make myself walk inside and lay down. I thought about it. I just started crying. Those words kept running through my head 'Maybe Scooter was right'. I didn't feel to well.. i'm pretty sure it wasn't the baby that made me want to puke. I got up and ran to the bathroom connected to my room.

Dakota: Are you okay?

I didn't answer, I couldn't I was throwing up.

Dakota: I'm getting Justin.

Becca: NO.

Dakota: Becca, open the door, for me, please?

I wiped my mouth and walked over to the bedroom door and Dakoa was standing there. She walked over to me and gave me a hug. The bedroom door was wide open. I saw Justin at the top of the stairs. We made eye contact and I broke down. He started running toaward my door but i closed it and locked it before he could get to me. Then I went and sat on the bed and Dakota followed me.


Great way to make me feel better Justin. I heard something hit the door and then some cussing.

Justin: Baby...

Becca: Just go away...

Justin: Rebecca! Open this door!


I heard Justin mummble some words like 'fuck' and what not. Then I heard footsteps walk away.

Dakota: Now Becca, what the hell is the matter?

Becca: Well, I came up here because I was mad Corey told Justin first and not me, and then I came up here and wanted to be alone, but Justin didn't want me to. And when I went out on the balcony to get air Justin and Pattie were talking..

Tears started streaming down my face. Dakota gave me and hug and rubbeed my back.

Dakota: Then what happened?

Becca: He said maybe Scooter was right... maybe this was a mistake...

Dakoota's body froze. The her body started to warm up.

Dakota: Little fucker, messing with your feelings like that! I'm going to fucking tell him exactly how I feel.

She stood up but I grabbed her arm. I just shook my head no. I started crying even harder.

Dakota: You love him too much to lelt me hurt him...

I nodded and she hugged me again.

Dakota: How about you and I get away from the guys for a week or so..

I nodded and she pulled me into another hug. The door flew open and I became scared. Justin's eyes met mine.

Justin: Becca-

Dakota: Stop, what the hell did I tell you.. If she wants to talk she will.

Justin: She's my fucking wife, back off.

Dakota: She's my fucking best friend, she wants me right now, not you. And just so you know, we're going on vacation for a week, and that destination is not for you to know.

Justin: Over my dead body you are.

Justin looked over at me and I looked down.

Jusitn: Why aren't you looking at me? What did I do?

I ignored him and tears slipped.

Justin: Baby.. what did I do? Cause I'll do anything to make you smile.

I just shook my head no. Justin looked like he was ready to just try to run and give me a hug, but when he tried to step closer Dakota pushed him away. I could see the anger on his face, mixed with his concern for me.

Dakota: GET OUT!

Corey ran in.

Corey: Woah, what's going on?

Dakota: Get him out. Me and Becca are talking.

Corey: Justin, come on.


Corey: Justin calm down, you can talk later.

Justin: No! I need her now.

I stood up and Justin had a little bit of hope in his eyes, but I turned the other way and walked to the bathrrom and locked that door. I stood next to the door and slid my back down the door until I was touching the ground. I just started crying.

Dakota: You're an ass you know that?


Dakota: You know exactly what you did... and Justin this time she just might not forgive you.

Corey: Guys, holy shit calm down! Dakota what happened?

Dakota: My fucking best friend knows that her husband said it was a mistake, getting married!

Justin: I never fucking said that!

Corey: Justin...

Justin: You know what! I hope that girl knows I love her to death. Because I just might not come back. It seems like everybody in the fucking world hates me. And whawt hurt the most is theat my wife is one of those people!

It was kind of sad that Justin would lie like that.... I heard him myself. Justin  wouldn't hurt himself. He knows i'm carryin his child and even if he hated me right now, he wouldn't do anything to effect the child.

Corey: Justin!

I guess Justin stormed off cause Corey's voice was gone. There was a knock on the door and when I opened it Dakota was standing there. Crying.

Becca: What happened?

Dakota: He fucking lied to my face about what he said. And he hurt you.

Becca: I'm sorry, I shouldn't have gotten you involved...

Dakota: Pack your bags Becca.

Becca: Why?

Dakota: I'm getting us a flight to Ireland, now. Girls weekend..

Becca: That'd wonderful... help me pack?

Honestly... this wasn't helping me feel better that Justin said I was a mistake... It's amazing what a smile can hide. Corey ran in as I finished packing a bag.

Corey: What the fuck Dakota? Now Justin's gone and nowhere to be found!

Dakota: Fine, defend your friend instead of your sister. We're leaving for a girls weekend, bye.

Corey: Where?

Dakota: I can't tell you.

Corey: Dakota!

I picked up my bag and Dakota basically pulled me out. We got in her car since the paps didn't know what her car looked like.

Corey: You can't just up and leave!

Dakota: Watch us!

She sped away until we got to the airport. I put my hand on my stomach thinking about what's the next step for me and Justin. I only wanted the best for him and if I wasn't then, well, that sucked for me.

Dakota: Becca! Come on! We leave for Atlanta then we head to Ireland.

I got out of the car and my luggage followed me. We went through security. Nobody noticed me. I had on sweat pants and a hoodie.. well.. Justin's hoodie. It was so warm I had to keep it. I looked around and for it being late at night it was filled. People pushed past me and when me and Dakota finally got to our gate we had about 15 minutes til we boarded. So twitter is what I decided to go on. I looked and Justin tweeted a few times since the 'incident'


I can't even think straight.. I didn't say that boo.


Just got a call from Corey where the hell are you?




Where are you?


I love you no matter what.

Lies. Lies. Lies. He didn't care for me! He just felt sorry for me. I logged off twitter and on instagram.


She's my world.

There was a picture of me sleeping.

I logged off because the lady said 'section6 boarding'


I turned my head and there he was. Sweaty and panting.

Justin ran over to me and I tried to ignore him.

Justin: Becca, please look at me. Please.

After about saying that five times I looked up at him with hurt eyes.

Becca: What?

Justin: What did I do? Please, I'll do anything to change it. I love you and that baby more than anything.

Becca: No, you love that baby more than anything.

Justin: And you! You're my world! I would have nothing without you!

Becca: No, I was a mistake.

Justin: baby, what are you even saying!

Becac: Justin I heard you. I heard you talking to your mom! You said Scooter was right, about getting married to early and how you fall too easily.

Justin No-

Becca: Don't lie... Here's the deal Justin, We get a divorce... i'll tell everybody it was for the label, they wanted us to be in love. So we acted. We faked everything. And this baby... I'll move away until he or she is born. Then you can visit him or her. You won't ever have to have me in your life. You don't even have to have the baby in your life. We'll be out for good. We'll leave you alone. So you'll have time to actually fall in love. I'll be out of your life for good.... I'll call a lawyer.. send oyu the divorce papers... i'm sorry i'm a mistake.

Tears were now basically covering my face. Justin's face was tear covered too.

Justin: NO-

I pushed away from him and walked away from him and on to the plane. As I was going through teh tunnel to get on the plane I looked back and Justin was trying to get through. I could hear him screaming.


I could see money flying in the air.

Flight worker lady: I'm sorry this flights full.

Justin: You don't understand.. I can't lose that girl..

I lost sight and sound of him. I went and got my seat in first class. Dakota brough me a pillow. I laid my head against the window and I could see inside the airport windows. Justin was freaking out and pasing back and forth and was on his phone. I closed my eyes and put my hand on my stomach.

Becca(mumbling): Just you and me baby, just you and me...













*AN I WARNED YOU IT WAS SAD! ;( JUSTIN  YOU DUMB FUCK! asdfghjkl;  Soo... what next? Who's going to get hurt.. who's going to be happy.... and who just might die from the loss... find out soon...Until then....*

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