Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


46. Justin's Tweet

Justin: Baaabbbyyyy! I need a kiss!

Becca: Why, where are you going?

Justin: Scooter wants to record some stuff.

Becca: Oh, just abandon me.


Becca: Justin, i'm kidding, go ahead.

Justin: Baby... Are you sure?

Becca: Justin go...

I smiled at him and pushed him out the door.

It's been about three months since me and Justin got back together. I am five months pregnant. I'm going to the doctors today. Justin doesn't know though. As soon as he was gone I got in my car and snuck off to the doctors.


I was in the process of getting the baby chacked on and my phone started buzzing. I  looked over and Justin was calling.

Becca: One Second.

Doctor: Okay, can I continue?

Becca: Of coarse.

He continued and I answered my phone.

Justin: I went home cause I forgot something and I forgot a kiss and you're not there, are you okay?

Becca: Uh, yea..

Doctor: Okay Mrs. Bieber, follow me.

Justin: Who's with you and why is it a guy?

Becca: Justin-

Justin: Are you cheating on me.

Becca: No, absolutely not.

Justin: Then where are you?

I bit my lower lip and started following the doctor.

Justin: Becca?

Becca: I'm at the doctors...

Justin: What? Why?

Becca: To check on the baby.

Justin: Why didn't you tell me! Becca! This is something I need to do with you.

BeccA: You were busy.. and I just didn't think you had time.

Justin: I ALWAYS have time for my wife and our child. I could have recorded later, you're at the doctors right now.

Becca: I'm sorry Justin...

Justin: I'll be there in two minutes.

Becca: Bab-

He hung up.

Doctor: Who was that?

Becca: My husband..

Doctor: Well-

Justin walked through the door and smiled at me.

Justin: Your workers are extrodinary here.

Doctor: I hope so.

Justin smiled and kissed my cheek.

Doctor: Okay, first, the baby looks healthy.

Justin squeezed my hand and Kissed my hair.

Doctor: And.. the baby is a little baby boy.

Justin and I both looked at eachother and smiled. I pulled him into a kiss and he pulled me close as possible. I could actually feel tears from happiness coming.

Justin: Aw, baby don't cry.

I smiled at him and looked back at the doctor.

Doctor: You should think about getting everything ready for him.

Justin: That will be done...

Justin kept his arm around me. I smiled at him.

Justin: Thank you, so much.

Doctor: Only doing my job sir.

They talked some more and I just sat there on Justin's phone messing with his twitter.

Justin took back his phone.

Justin: What did you do Becca?

Becca: nothing baby.

We walked out of the doctors office and Justins fingers were locked with mine.

Becca: I gotta drive home, i'll meet you.

Justin: I'll follow, I don't want you to get in a crash or anything.

I rolled my eyes and gave him a kiss. He was right behind me the whole time. When we got home he looked at his phone for a minute then looked at me. I knew he saw what I did. I started running away.

Justin: Rebecca Elizabeth Bieber!

I laughed and locked my door.

Justin: Rebecca!

Becca: Yes dear?

Justin: Open this door!

I started laughing and fell to the floor.

Justin: Are you okay?

Becca: We're fine, just laughing.

Justin: I can't  believe you 'Hi i'm Justin Bieber and I love stealing cherries and mayo'

That's what I tweeted from his account.

Becca: Can't *laugh* Breathe.. too.. funny..

My phone started ringing.

Becca: Hello *continues laughing*

Malou: Are you crying? Do I need to blow some bitches up?

Becca: No, just laughing extremely hard..

Malou: Why?

Becca: Check.. Justin's... twitter..

I heard clicks then she busted into laughter.

Malou: I can't believe you.

Becca: Me either.

The door clicked and Justin ran in and pinend me to the bed. I was still laughing.

Justin: Hey Malou...

Malou: Hey *laughs* How are those cherries that you stole?

We all started laughing.

Justin: I only stole one, and thats all I plan on stealing....

Me and Malou were cracking up. I was dying.

Justin: I'll squish you.

Becca: My belly is too big for you to squish.

Yes, my stomach was BIG now.

Justin: Then I'll kiss you to death.

Malou: No! I don't need to hear you while yous have sex.

Justin: Uh, we can't have sex, shes pregnant Duhh...

Malou: Oh Justin...

Justin laughed and picked up the phone.

Justin: We haven't seen you in awhile, when are you coming back down?

Malou: I was just there with Becca...

Justin: Why didn't I see you?

Malou: Because it was when you were freaking out on your mom about Becca in the cafe and we were sitting right next to you but didn't wanna say anything to you...

Justin: You guys were there?

Justin looked at me and I smiled.

Justin: We'll call you back, my wife needs attention.

He hung up then crawled over me.

Justin: So you watched me suffer?

He raised his eye brow.

Becca: Uh, we were there first, and what was I supposed to do, run away, you would chase me..

Justin: Blah blah blah, now you owe me kisses since you were mean.

Becca: Of coarse.

I pressed my lips against his and he relaxed.

This was what Justin would do... If we would get in a fight or I would like playfully hit him, he would tell me I owe him kisses... I actually found it adorable.

Justin: Baby?

Becca: Yes?

Justin: Am I going to be a good daddy?

Becca: Why would you even doubt yourself? Look at how you act with Jax and Jaz, you are like their dad. All you've always wanted to be was a dad.

Justin: All I've ever wanted to be was yours. And being yours includes being the father of your children.

Becca: So all you've ever wanted to be was my husband? Not a father.

Justin: If you didn't want children, I would still chose you over that.

Becca: I love you Justin, WE love you Justin.

I moved his hand to my stomach.

Justin: I love you guys more.

He kissed my stomach then my forehead.

Justin: Just think, four months, we'll be parents.

~ ~ ~

He was wrong, the baby came three months earlier than expected.

I was in the emergency room when the doctor ran over to me.

Doctor: Either you have the baby now, or both of you will die.

I nodded.

Becca: Call Justin.








*AN DUN DUN DUHHHH!!! OH MEH GOD! BABY BIEBER EARLIER THAN EXPECTED! Next chapter will be up tomorrow... ITS A BOYY! Im still taking name :) In the next chapter they will be parents :) The baby WILL be born, and their future with that kid will start... ARE YOU READDYYYY!??????????*

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