Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


10. Jelena.... Or Jecca?

Pattie: Justin, Selena is here.

She looked over at us. Selena stepped in.

Pattie: She's going to Ireland too... and her plane broke down... I'm sorry..

Selena looked at Justin and looked like she was going to start crying.

Selena: Where's the bathroom?

Becca: At the end..

I didn't trust Selena, she tried to steal Justin from me, and tried to seperate me and Justin from each other. I watched her walk by. She looked at Justin as he buried his face farther into my stomach. Then I saw her glance at my left hand as I ran my hands through his hair.

Pattie: I'm sorry, I know it's not the best idea, but I don't want Selena to get mobbed and have to cancel her show...

Becca: Oh, it's fine, Justin might freak though....

Pattie didn't know about the incident in Mexico. And quite frankly, she didn't need to. I knew that Justin was going to spaz though. He was going to be all rotective because he's going to think im going to leave him, which i'm not. When Selena came out she started talking to Pattie. I didn't pay attention. Justin rolled over so I could see his face. I just focused on Justin. His eyes were perfect, his nose was so cute, his lips were perfectly shaped. They were plump and adorable. His lips were seperated just a little so I could see his teeth just a little bit. I smiled down at him.

Pattie: Bec?

Becca: Hm?

Pattie: You and Justin can go back to where the bed is so he can sleep.

Becca: or I can just put him back there.

Pattie: Do you honestly think that he'll let you go?

Becca: I can try..

Pattie laughed and turned back to Selena and talked to her.

Becca: Justin?

Justin groaned.

Becca: Come on, lets go back to the bed and we can cuddle.

His eyes slowly opened and I ran my hand across his face. He sat up and brought his lips to mine. When he pulled away he laid his head on my shoulder and closed his eyes.

Becca: Bed  Justin, c'mon.

He stood up and took my hand. I looked over and Selena was starring at Justin. Justin pulled me into the bedroom and pulled off his clothes so he was in his boxers. Then he pulled me under the covers with him.

Becca: Justin, i'm going to tell Pattie i'm staying with you.

Justin: No, cause then you wont come back.

Becca: I promise I will.

Justin: If you dont come back in 2 minutes, i'm coming to get you.

I kissed his cheek and got up. I walked out to where Pattie and Selena were.

Becca: Hey, Justin's keeping me prisoner, just telling you.

Pattie: I figured. I'll talk to you when he lets you go.

I looked at Selena and she was laying down on the couch. I walked back in and Justin was passed out. I giggle and he opened his eyes.

Justin: What you laughing at?

Becca: You.

Justin: Well, since i make you laugh, you should come cuddle with me.

I laughed and walked over to him and he put his hands on my hims and pulled me up against him.

Justin: You are going to be my wifey.

Becca: You're going to be my husby.

He smiled and kissed me. Then he laid his head in the middle  of my breasts.

Becca: Justin what are you doing?

Justin: Going to sleep, it's like a pillow here.

Becca: Then why is your face in the 'pillow'

I used my hands like quotation marks.

Justin: Because I like it...

I laughed and let him leave his head there.I could feel his breathing calm as he fell asleep. I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep with him.


When I woke up Justin was laying next to me staring at me.

Becca: So you didnt like me chest?

Justin: Oh no, I love it, I knew that you'd find it creepy if I was still there and I was awake..

Becca: I wouldn't find it creepy, I would find it funny.

Justin: And my mom made me move my face......

I laughed and he smiled at me.

Becca: It all makes sense now...

Justin: Yea... I know, I would have kept my face there... I mean... they're mine... like... I own them... cause You're mine... and they're part of you.... so... mine...

I smiled and kissed him.

Becca: You can have anything you want.

Justin: What if I want you?

Becca: I'm yours.

He grinned at me and kissed me.

Justin: Want to go get something to drink? Like water?

Becca: Mhmm... Don't you want to put some pants on?

Justin: No, just you and mommy. Nothing you haven't seen... You've probably seen more....and she dont care..

I smiled.

Becca: Yes I have seen more..

Justin: Come get a water with me...

I got up and he took my hand. As soon as we stepped out the door it hit me. Selena. Oops... too late...

Justin froze and looked at me and I fake smiled at him.

Selena: Hi Justin...

Justin: Hi. Just a minute.

He pulled be back to the bed part.

Justin: Becca....

Becca: Your mom did.. not me...

Justin: Grreat... now you're going to try to jump out of the plane because Selena's going to try to break us up.

Becca: Justin, i'm not going, okay?

Justin: Thats what you said before....

I grabbed his face and pressed my lips against his harder than usual and he held me closer by my back.

BeccA: I'm not going anywhere Justin.

He hugged me and held my close so my chest was smashed against his. He took my hand and we walked out and went over to Pattie.

Justin gave her the death stare and she nodded.

Justin: Mommy, whe're the water?

Pattie: Mini Fridge.

We walked over and he pulled out a water bottle and grabbed an Ice cube.

Becca: Ice?

Justin: Yea.

He dropped the ice cube down the front of my shirt.

Becca: JUSTIN!

He started laughing and Selena looked over.


Justin: Need it out?

Becca: Yes!

Without warning he stuck his hand down my shirt to get it out.

Becca: JUSTIN!

Justin: Hey... you wanted it out...

I pushed him away and he pulledme back towards him. Selena was watching us and she focused abck on her phone.

Justin: That was funny.

Becca: I hate you....

Justin: Aww... I love you too Boo!

I smiled at him and he hugged me from behind.

Pattie: Justin, we're landing in half an hour, might wanna get dressed.

Justin: FINEEE! Boo, will you wear your matching shirt?

BeccA: Mhmm..

We walked into the bedroom part and we changed into our matching shirts.


When we landed Selena got off first. I could see she was eying up Justin. I held on to his arm and he kissed my cheek. Paparazzi was everywhere. Like EVERYWHERE. I turned my head and tried to hide from the lights but they were everywhere. As we were walking through the airport, there were TV's everywhere.

And on the news, was a picture of Justin and Selena both stepping off of the plane, but I was cropped out.

Great, now apperently Jelena is back.








*AN Okayyy.... I updated anyways even though you didnt get my middle name, its Elizabeth Btw lmao... But yeaaaaa :D SO there you go JELENA DRAMMAAA! You'll see what happens next chapter. Hope you liked it. I've really sucked at writing lately... so sorry.. .and thats why im so hesitate on updating... sorry... its not my best... But you guys Insist... so yea... Oh any fan names yet? No.. no... okay... LMAO MY FRIEND'S MAKING A JECCA CUP IN ART CLASS... SHES LIKE OBSESSED... Hahahahahaha okay... im annoying... bye...*

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