Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


42. I'mSorry

*AN hah, you believed I would end it <3*

I was on the plane. I looked out the window hopelessly. We had already stopped in Atlanta, now I'm going home. As soon as the plane landed I got off. I actually ran. I just needed out of there. I got my lugage and went to the pick-up area. I called a taxi. Corey and Dakota were on vacation for their two year anniversary or something like that. I paid the taxi driver and got out and unlocked the door. I automatically ran up to my room with my bags. I looked at my dresser. They were all pictures of Justin and I. I turned all the frames down so you couldn't see them. I looked at my walls and more pictures of Justin and I. I broke down and cried into my pillow. ~When I finally got myself together I turned the pictures on the walls around so I couldn't see them. I only kept one facing me. It was the picture that Pattie took right after Justin proposed, He was holding my up and I was cupping his fac with my hands. Under it the words 'Forever & Always' were written. Sleep... that's what I need.

~ ~ ~

Puking. I absolutely hate it. I think the baby could tell I was upset..

~ ~ ~

3 am. I couldn't sleep knowing Justin didn't care. He didn't care about me. That's what I kept telling myself.. I cried myself to sleep.

~ ~ ~

That morning, all the frames were back to normal. I was alone though. I stood up and dragged myself downstairs. When I got into the kitchen I started crying. I realised how much I really loved Justin, how much I needed him. Then it hit me how much he DIDNT love me, how much he DIDNT need me. It made it worse. I fell to the floor and just cried. I felt arms around me and soon I was being picked up. I didn't know who it was. I just wrapped my arms around their neck and cried into their shirt. The person carried me to my room and laid me on my bed. They laid down with me, so therefore I didn't get a chance to see their face. They just held me and comforted me. This person is exactly what I needed right now. I curled up into their arms and they held me close. For some reason, this person was making it finally possible to get sleep.

~ ~ ~

My eyes fluttered open. His beautiful face was next to me. His eyes were closed, his mouth slightly opened, his cheeks tear stained. He was perfect. Then I remebered everthing that had happened. My stomach twisted. I ran to the bathroom and threw up. I heard footsteps follow and Justin was behind me holding my hair. I didn't want to be anywhere near him. But, at this moment, what was I going to do? When I finished I relaxed and leaned against the wall. Justin sat next to me. He wrapped his arm around me but I pushed him away.

Justin:Im sor-

Becca: Just tell me one thing, if it's acceptable, I won't get a divorce.... Why?

Justin's eyes were filling with tears. He opened his mouth but no words came out.

Becca: That's what I thought.

I stood up and tears started flowing. I brushed my teeth and walked away. Justin followed me. I started putting stuff in a bag and Justin stopped me.

Justin: What are you doing?

Becca: I'm leaving until this baby is born. I don't want anybody to find me.

Justin: You can't leave.

Becca: Watch me.

I picked up the bag and walked downstairs. Justin stopped me.

Becca: Justin, stop. I gave you your chance to redeem yourself.. you blew it.

Justin: I'm in love with you.

Becca: I'm in love with you too-

His face lit up.

Becca: But, you obviously don't love me enough to not cheat.

Justin: No, Becca, I swear-

Becca: Move justin, I have a flight to catch..

Justin: And I have my wife to get back.

Tears were falling from both of our eyes... He pulled me into a hug and I cried into his shirt. He wrapped his arms around me and I held on to him.

Justin: We can work this out...

I pulled away.

Becca: No we can't! Justin, I've given you so many chances! I've done everything to keep you with me, i've tried my best to make you happy so you won't cheat! It just doesn't work! It never will! I'm not good enough for you!

Justin: No, you're too good for me.

He put his hand on my cheek but I pulled away.

Becca: I've got to go.

Justin started panicing.

Justin: No, i'll do anything, lease just don't go.

Becca: Bye Justin.

I slipped away and got in my car and drove to the airport. I parked the car and carried my lugage to the check-in line. I then walked to security. I could hear people scream. Mostly teenage girls. I looked back and girls were screaming and running in a certain direction.. I'm sorry Justin. I walked to my gate and waited for them to call me. When they finally did I didn't look back.

Justin: WAIT.

I looked back. What was he doing?

Justin: I was stupid... thats why. I know i'm hopelessly in love with somebody who is way above my league, I'm in love with you, I needed to know it was real, I needed to know that you cared. I was a fucking idiot, who you shouldn't even be seen with.. I can't blame you for absolutely hating me, and wanting nothing to do with me, I just really want you to love me though.

Becca: I did love you! I do love you! I do care! It was real! I didn't leave you because I don't love you. I'm leaving you because you cheated on me, and Justin I just can't take it anymore, i'm going to break down and do something to hurt me and this baby if I get hurt again, and I can't do that.

Justin: I was stupid, I hate myself for it. I will regret what I did everyday for the rest of my life. I won't give up on us though. I won't stop fighting until the day I die though.

AirlineWorker: Last call for flight 428 to Florida.

Becca: I love you. I can't do this though. Goodbye.

I turned around, leaving Justin to fall to the ground crying. Believe me, I wanted to turn around and just hold him, I really did. I couldn't though. I took my seat on the plane and looked out the window. I started crying silently.

 I pulled my carry on onto my lap and pulled out the picture. The one labeled 'Forever & Always' I stared at it and ran my finger across his face.

All things must come to an end.












*AN THIS IS NOT THE LAST CHAPTER!! I was just screwing with you guys... I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND IF YOU WANT TO KILL ME! Maybe Becca will have to hire a hit woman named Malou... We'll see ;)  ILoveJustinBieber I hope you still love the story boo :* ~ OH and Whoever the hell the person with the username 'Harry Styles' is back the fuck off of my readers. They aren't babies, obviously you have no life if you creep on my movella and look for people to make fun of, then you call me a bitch. You're just a jealous bitch, oh and dont mess with my readers.~ Sorry about that, that person just pisses me off... Momma bear came out there. I am protective over you, so dem bitches who mess with you better watch their back... Lol You guys can hate me now, I understand how much of a Jerk I am..*

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