Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


8. I need you....

Scooter: C'mon Just, she'll wake up soon.

Justin: Well, if she wakes up, please tell me, i want to see her when she wakes up.

Scooter: Why?

Justin: Because I want to give her a kiss and hold her.

I fluttered my eyes open and my vision focused in on Justin.We were in the arena and the room was big. I put my arms up and he ran over to me and laid on top of me.

Becca: Hi baby.

Justin: Hi. I missed you.

I smiled at him and he kissed me slowly.

Scooter: Justin, you're killing to poor girl.

Justin: Fine! Swap?

I knew what he meant so i flipped on top of him and he was underneath me now. He wrapped his arms around my back and I held my head against his chest and listened to his heart beat.

Scooter: Fine, Justin, be on stage in 10 minutes. I'm giving you time to bond with Becca....

Justin smiled and kissed my head. Scooter walked out of the room and I nuzzed my head into his chest.

Justin: Can I take my shirt off? It's hot.

Becca: I don't know can you?

I smiled at him and sat up a little bit so he could pull his shirt off. When He did he pulled me back down do I was laying on top of him. I could hear hi heart beat.

Justin: What are you thinking about?

Becca: Nothing, listening to your heart beat..

Justin: Can I listen to yours sometime?

Becca: No. What do you think? Of coarse.

Justin: Well okay Mrs.Smarty Pants..

Becca: Justy?

Justin: Yes Boo?

Becca: Do you think that i'll be able to stay on tour with you if I do get pregnant?

Justin: Of coarse, I wouldn't want you to leave me. There is no way, I would leave you during the pregnancy. Either you come on tour with me, or it gets cancelled.

Becca: Than I wouldn't tell you i was pregnant, I wouldn't want you to cancel the tour.

He positioned me so I was looking him in the eyes.

Justin: If you were pregnant with my child, you better tell me, I don't care if there is a tour going on, i'll be with my pregnant wife. I have a family too.

Becca: but the beliebers are your family...

Justin: But they aren't my childeren, or wife.

It was silent for a minute or two.

Justin: When my kid gets older, I dont want them to look back and be like, 'how come daddy isnt in any of the pictures when I was in mommy's tummy'

I looked at Justin and he looked back at me, he looked very serious.

Becca: but, I don't want the beeliebers to look back and be like 'Why didnt Justin show? Is it because he doesn't love us anymore'

Justin: They'd understand if my wife was pregnant.

BeccA: I wouldn't let you cancel it.

Justin: That's not your choice.

Becca: Yes it is.

I stood up and he stood up too.

Justin: My tour, my choice.

Becca: No, Justin, then I wouldnt tell you.

Justin: I think i'd notice your stomach getting bigger.

BeccA: Not if I hide it!

Justin: You can't hide a pregnancy! I WOULD BE ABLE TO TELL!

This was probably the first time, like ever, Justin raised his voice at me. The first time he was mad at me. It felt horrible.


Scooter opened the door.

Scooter: Practice time Justin.

Justin didn't move and looked at me hurt. So instead I walked out. I didn't know where I was going, so I walked to the bathroom. I sat in there for at least half an hour. Then I finally decided I would go and talk to Pattie. I was careful on which route I took to her room. When I got there I walked in and she smiled at me.

Pattie: Is everything okay?

Becca: Me and Justin got in a fight...

Pattie put her arms out and I walked over to her and gave her a hug.

Pattie: Everything will be okay, I promise, you two will get over it.

I nodded slowly and I felt tears start to form in the corner of my eyes.

Pattie: What was it about?

Becca: Children...

I told her our whole fight about our children.

Pattie: Hun, he just want to make sure you're okay. Justin has always wanted kids, and he is dying for you to be their mother.

I nodded and she wied my tears. Talking to Pattie always made me feel better. Scooter came bursting through the door.

Scooter: Pattie, that was his worst practice ever, do you know if everything's okay? He was barely singing, or dancing, he was just depressed.

He looked over and noticed me.

Scooter: Oh, Becca, Hi.

Pattie: I have a feeling I know why he's sad....

I looked down at my hands and started messing with my fingers.

Becca: I, um, gotta use the restroom.

I got up and walked to the bathroom with my eyes glue to the floor. When I got in there I locked the door and looked in the mirror. I started crying and I started remembering our fight... what Scooter said. I got inturrupted by my phone buzzing and I looked down and It was Justin. I declined the call and set the phone back in my pocket. It started vibrating again. This time Justin had tweeted 'Answer your phone' He knew I got an update everytime he tweeted, and I was pretty sure it was meant for me. I leaned my head against the wall and slid down the wall. I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep, tear stained cheeks, hard, cold, bathroom floor.


I woke up and my ass hurt from sitting on the floor all that time. I heard footsteps outside and I looked at my phone. Justin's show was starting in half an hour. I stood up, fixed my hair and walked out of the bathroom like a normal belieber. I could over hear some of the crew, they kept saying Justin didnt want to perform tonight, and that he needed to talk to me first. I just ignored it and kept walking. I caught sight of those brown eyes. He was talking to Scooter. I could hear their conversation, so I acted like a fan and went on my phone and messed around.

Justin: I need to find her. I miss my baby. I made her mad, and I don't want her to stop it. I'm not going until I talk to her.

Scooter: You can't let them down.

Justin: Please, just tell me where she;s sitting.

Scooter: I have no clue, she switches seats all the time.

Justin: Scooter, I need her...

Thats all I heard before I heard screaming girls run toward where Justin was standing. It's not that I was mad at Justin. I just felt mad at myself for upsetting him.. So I felt like it would be better if I just left him alone. Justin ran backstage, out of reach from the girls. Justin was a fast runner.. I can tell you that much..

I walked over to the snack cart and got a box of skittles and walked out to my seat. I decided to sit in the back of the floor section. As I sat down, Justin came on to stage with his wings. He didn't have the spunk he usually had though... it was kind of disappointing. I sat in the back, didnt act normal. I didnt sing along or jump up and down.

When it came time for 'One Less Lonely Girl' he didnt take anybody on stage. As his final song ended I stood up to go back to the bus, and a few girls noticed me.

Girl1: What's the matter with you? Justin's only 19, and you guys are getting married... you're ruining his life.
Girl2: You should just leave him.. He is using you as a rebound.

Girl1: Yea, Selena was better..

As if my night wasnt already horrible. I turned on my heels and ran to the bus. I ran to the bathroom on the bus and cried. I was hurting, not only Justin, but his beliebers too. Justin told me that everything was going to be alright, but honestly, without him, nothing was going right, and quite frankly, I don't think he even misses me. I think right now in his life, maybe the belibers are right, maybe i'm just an object to keep him busy. I didnt want to move, or make a noise. I just wanted to see Justin, run into his arms, and hold him forever.

That's when I heard his weak voice call my name...

Justin: Becca? Come out. I need you.








*AN There you gooo! Arggg I have so much HW! Sorry I didnt update sooner, I was at my grams, I haven't seen her in like 7 months. She's a snowbird so she just got back from Florida... OMB SOOO I want to make a collage of you guys.. so if you could like send me pictures through twitter. I'm sorry, i sound creepy but... yea... OMB GOOD NEWS! I am collaberating with KendallBieber<3 yes,I know she was the one who copied my story, BUTTTT she apologized and didn't realize it waws illegal, and she asked for my help, So, i'm going to help her! IF you want me to co-author one of your stories, just ask and I will :D OMB i love talking to you guys on twitter and stuff, you guys are so cute ;D Well, imma go read 3 chapters of this stupid book for school, I'm bored though... sooo... i Can talk if you guys wanna lmao... BYE BOOS :* MWAH*

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