Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


53. Forever & Always

I woke up and Justin's arms were wrapped around me and my head was against his chest. Last night all I remember was Justin, and I. I was crying. Justin had moved Drew to Jaxon's room where his old crib was.

I sat up and Justin started mumbling.

Justin: No. You stay with me baby.

Becca: I gotta get Drew-

Justin: My dad said he'll take care of him today.

Becca: But-

Justin: No, you're staying, you need some time with me.

I gave up and returned to my original laying position. He opened his eyes and brushed my hair away from my face.

Justin: Ignore them. Our child is absolutely beautiful. And us, we, are just, perfect. I've known you forever. I know you don't use me. I also know that we are perfect for each other.

I nodded and pulled myself closer to Justin and he kissed my forehead.

Justin: My dad said that you and I need a break from Drew, so he's going to take care of him while I spend my day with my absolutely gorgeous wife.

I smiled at him and he returned a smile. I pressed my lips against his. He squeezed my butt and I smiled in the kiss.

Justin: Mmm, your ass never changed.

Becca: Neither have you.

I smiled again and gave him another kiss. Just as he was about to stick his tongue in my mouth I pulled away.

Justin: You tease.

Becca: That's my job baby.

Justin: And it's my job to get you.

Becca: Oh really?

I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled my body closer that before.

He managed to slip his tongue in my mouth. I stopped to take a breath. Justin continued kissing down my neck. I let out quiet moans and I felt his smile against my neck. I brought his face up to mine and continued the kiss. I pulled on the hair on the back of his neck and he let out a  moan. I smiled and Justin flipped us so he was hovering over me. He never broke the kiss.


I woke up curled up in the sheets, with Justin. I heard the door squeak open and I heard the little voices of Jazzy and Jaxon.


Jazmyn: Becca!! Wake up! Out of bed!

I sat up but her the sheets against my chest.

Becca: Yes sweetie?

Justin sat up and realized the situation.

Jazmyn: Drew won't stop crying and screaming so I came and got you.

Justin: We'll be out in a minute Jaz, okay?

She nodded and scurried out of the room.

I looked at Justin and he smiled at me. I returned a smile and laid back.

Justin: Why do we always have to hurry out of bed?

Becca: I don't know... i wish we could just cuddle though...

He laid back with me and gave me a kiss.

Justin: Just throw on a robe so we can come back and cuddle.

Becca: I am.

I stood up and Justin's eyes were glued to me.

Becca: It's nothing you haven't seen in the last 24 hours.

I winked at him and pulled out a robe. I wrapped it around me and Justin hopped out of bed into a pair of boxers. We walked out the bedroom door and downstairs and into the play room. Jeremy was sitting on the floor holding Drew who was screaming and crying. Jaxon and Jazmyn were trying to calm him down by giving him his toys.

We walked over and Jeremy stood up.

Jeremy: Jaz, I told you not to wake them up. Sorry.

I smiled at Jeremy.

Becca: It's okay.

Drew saw me and reached for me. When he got into my arms he reached for my face. He ran his fingers under my eyes.

Justin wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and rested his head on my shoulder.

Justin: He was crying last night when he saw you were crying...

Becca: Really?

Justin: Mhmm, and I guess he caught on on how to wipe away the tears.

I smiled at Drew and he closed his eyes. He gripped on to my finger like he usually did and fell to sleep.

Jeremy: Wow, the power of a mom.

I smiled at Jeremy.

Jeremy: Do you want me to take him so you two can spend the day.

I looked at Drew then looked at Justin. I nodded and handed Drew over to Jeremy. Drew opened his eyes and closed them again.

Becca: See, he likes you, he probably just wanted to know i was okay.

Justin: Comeeee onnnn!

Justin picked me up from behind and started carrying me upstairs.

Becca: Thats my que, bye Jeremy.

He laughed and said goodbye.

When we got to the room he laid me on the bed and wrapped his arms around me.

Justin: you're my ciddle buddy.

Becca: All yours.

I smiled and ran my hands through his hair. He pulled me closer and rubbed my back.

Justin: Hey baby?

Becca: Yea?

Justin: Are we going to have another child?

Becca: Eventually, yes, I would like to if that's okay with you....

Justin: I was thinking the same thing.

He gave me a kiss and I closed my eyes with my head pressed against his chest.

~ ~ ~
We were driving to Justin's grandparent's house. Justin was really excited because he hadn't seen them in awhile.

Justin was playing with Drew while they were in the back and Scooter and I were in the front seat.

Becca: How are my boys back there?

Justin: Being boys.

Drew giggled and I looked back and Justin was making faces at him. I shook my head and smiled. justin looked up at me and I blew him a kiss. He acted like he caught it then handed it to Drew.

Justin: It's a kiss from mommy, but now we need a kiss for daddy.

I smiled and blew them another kiss. Justin caught it and smiled.

Justin: Catch.

He blew me a kiss and I smiled and acted like I caught it and put it in my heart.

Justin: Drew, blow mommy a kiss.

Justin took Drew's left hand and put it to Drew's lips then pulled it away and pointed it my way. I acted like i caught it again and put it in my pocket.

Scooter: Hey Drew, where's my kiss?

Scooter looked back for a second and Drew smiled at him.

Becca: You don't get one

I stuck my tongue out at Scooter.

Scooter and I were closer now, he also was very close with Drew.

Scooter: We're hereee!

I unbuckled my seatbelt and hopped out of the car. Justin got out and brought Drew with him. We knocked on the door and Bruce opened it.

Bruce: There he is!

He smiled at Justin and Justin returned the smile.

Scooter: Let's get in before the beliebers attack.

We walked in and Justin and Bruce talked. Scooter and I walked into the kitchen and both got a drink.

Scooter: How's Justin been? Acting crazy?

Becca: You got that right, but he's a wonderful father.

Scooter: I would bet on it. That's all he's ever wanted to be, a father.

Becca: He keeps doubting himself though... I think it hurts him when Drew wants me when he's in Justin's arms.

Scooter: But, you're his mom, you were like the first person he saw..

Becca: Yea exactly...

Scooter: Well, he loves you very much, and I'm sorry for doubting you guys as parents before.

Becca: I understand your reasons, we're young, most kids aren't responsible...

Scooter: yea th-

Justin: There's mommy!

I looked over and Justin and Bruce were in the doorway with Drew. Drew reached for me and I took him and held him on my hip. Drew grabbed on to me and rested his head on my 'chest'.

Justin: So what you two talking about.

Becca: You.

Justin: Whatever he said was a lie.

Scooter: I was telling her good stuff about you so I must be lying...

I laughed and Justin wrapped his arms around me from the side.

Justin: Nevermind, he doesn't lie.

Becca: Mhmm..

Bruce: He is adorable, Becca.

Becca: Thank you. Couldn't have done it without Justin here.

I smiled at Justin and he kissed my head.

Justin: She's my baby, other than Drew.

Bruce: I can see, you don't let her alone.

Justin: Shh, she doesn't notice most of the time.

Becca: I notice, I just like when you're around.

Justin: Good,cause i'm not leaving..

Scooter: Blah... we get enough of this already.

Justin: If you were me you'd know why i feel like this.

Scooter: Well, i'm sure you wouldn't let anybody close to her like you.

Justin: No, she wouldn't. She doesn't tell anybody half of the stuff I know.

Scooter: Why, Becca?

Becca: Cause he's my Justin, he's been there for me forever, and I don't trust lots of people.

I looked at Justin and smiled. He leaned over and placed his lips over mine. We got inturrupted by Drew tapping Justin's shoulder.

Justin: What's the matter buddy?

Drew reached out for justin. Justin took him and Drew tried to wrap his arms around Justin's neck. Drew fell asleep and Scooter took a picture of Justin and Drew. I smiled when I saw the picture. It was the most adorable thing ever.

Becca: can you send that to me Scooter?

Scooter: Yes.

I smiled and Justin smiled at me.

Becca: Justin! Stop looking at me like that.

Scooter: Like what?

Becca: He stares at me and just smiles, it's like  he's seeing everything wrong with me.

Justin: You see princess, it's the complete opposite, all I see is perfection, you're beauty.

Scooter: He's always looked at you like that, even when you guys weren't dating, just pure love for you.

Justin: Exactly.

I looked back at Justin and walked over and gave him a kiss.

Justin: I want you Forever and Always, the good, the bad, and the ugly, we will grow old together.

Becca: I'm yours. Forever and Always.







*AN So, i've decided... that I'm continuing... I don't care if one person reads this story, i'll continue just to make that one person happy. I don't care if you stop reading, but I will continue writing until the story is over. Just as they say, Forever & Always.............. OH OH OH AND look on my twitter and you'll see a picture of Justin, Rebecca, and Drew.... OH OH OH and go read 'True Love' by charneets... Pwease*

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