Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


27. Festival


I heard the phone fall and I rolled over and landed on Justin.

Becca: What's the matter?

Justin: Nothing baby, go back to sleep.

Becca: No, you aren't happy, so im not either.

I opened my eyes and looked at him.

Justin: Scooter expects me to end our honeymoon early so we can add more tour dates, but you're my wife, and you can't go on tour, and I don't want you to be depressed without me at home.

Becca: I'm not depressed.

Shit. Justin could tell when I was lying... and he knows me better than anybody else.

Justin: Don't lie to me. I know you were, I could tell by your voice, your actions, you just weren't you. And I'm not risking you going into a depression, and trying to hide it from me, because then you'll commit suicide and I wouldn't have been able to do anything about it because Scooter barely lets me talk to you and I have to go on tour. Becca I can't loose you.

I was quiet for a minute then told him exactly what I was thinking the minute Justin asked me to be his girlfriend.

Becca: Follow your heart.

He looked at me suprised.

Becca: I don't want you to go if you don't want to, but I don't want to hold you back if you want to go. I listened to my heart when you asked me to be your girlfriend, and when you asked me to go on tour with you. Just follow your heart Justin.

Justin: Then i'm only going when you can. 'Cause my heart is wherever you are.

I looked up at him and gave him a kiss.

Justin: You always make me feel better.

Becca: Good, you deserve to be happy.

He smiled and kissed my nose.

Justin: WHat do you want to do today?

Becca: Options?

Justin: Hike? Swim? Festivel? Movies?

Becca: Where's a festival?

Justin: We have a boat here, and if we drive it to the small island next to us, they're having a festival.

Becca: That sounds fun.

Justin: But that means we have an hour to get ready.

Becca: That means getting a bathing suit on. that's not hard.

Justin: Cuddle?

I nodded and held on to Justin. He started taking ictures of us.

Becca: I look horribleeee! Stooopppppppp!

Justin: You're beautiful!

I lifted my head from his chest. Then I stood up.

Justin: babe, come on, you're gorgeous.

Becca: Admit that you're lying, or no kissing.

Justin: Then No kisses. I'm not admitting it.

He pointed the camera at me and I covered my face and Justin laughed.

Justin: baby?

Becca: What?

Justin: move your hands.

Becca: Put the camera down.

Justin: I did.

Becca: Put it by my feet.

I looked down and the camera was there. I removed my hands and Justin had his phone out!

Becca: Justinn!

Justin: Say hi to the kids.

I looked at him confused and then I realized he was going to show this to our kids when they grew up.

Becca: Hellooo!  Justin, now turn it off.

I crossed my arms and put more of my weight on my left leg.

Justin pointed the camera at his face.

Justin: That's your mom being insecure and yelling at me. She thinks she isnt beautiful. Isn't she amazing?

He turned the camera abck to me.

Justin: They said yes.

I couldn't help but laugh at him and then I uncrossed my arms and walked over to Justin and gave him a kiss.

Justin: See, she loves me.

Becca: Blah blah.

He kissed me and stopped the recording.

Becca: Can I see your phone?

Justin: No miss delete-the-video pants.

Becca: Give me it!

He held it above his head and I had a plan. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my lips against his. He loosened up and wrapped his arms around me. I didn't break the kiss cause he was still being cautious. I slowly pulled out and he was off guard. He looked me in the eyes and kissed me again. As he did this I managed to get the phone out of his hands and i ran.

Justin: BECCA!

Becca: Yes baby?

Justin: Give me the camera.

Becca: No!

He started running after me and I startde running and ran behind the couch and he was on the other side.

Justin: We both know I'm faster than you.

Becca: We both know i don't care.

I started giggling and he smirked.

Justin: One of us is going to have to lose, that's you.

Becca: You think?

Justin: I know baby.

I laughed and he jumped over the couch and started to run for me. I squealed and ran the other way. I started running backwards and I tripped and landed on my back and Justin landed on top of me. The camera was on its left side so its camera was facing us. He looked me in the eyes and I looked at him too. He bent over and kissed me soft and passionate.

He stood up and helped me up too and held the small of may back and then bent over and picked up his phone.

Justin: Babe?

Becca: Yea?

Justin: You've been recording the whole time.

We both busted into laughter and I nearly peed my pants from laughter.

Becca: Oh god.. that ideo is a keeper.

He snapped a picture of me laughing and I ran over to him and jumped into his arms and pecked his lips.

Justin: That was priceless.

He smiled at me and carried me into the bedroom.

Becca: Can we leave early for the festival?

Justin: If you want to, then we can take our time.

I nodded and we got changed into our swimsuiits.

Justin: Baby, look here.

I looked over and as I wasdancing to the most stupid song a beep went off.

BeccA: Justin!

I turned away from the camera and walked outside and went over to the hammock on the side of the house. I closed my eyes. WHy did Justin have to do stupid shit like this?

Justin: Baby!

I opened my eyes and he was frantically searching for me. I closed my eyes again and I felt a presence.

Justin: baby?

I ignored him.

Justin: Babbbbyyyy,come onnnn!

Justin: Are you mad at me?

I nodded. He ddecided it would be funny to lay next to me. Honestly I loved being held in his arms.

Justin: WHy are you mad at me?

I flipped on my side and he leaned over me.

Justin: Babbyyyyy!...

Then he mumbled something.

Justin(mumbling): You're sexy when you're mad at me.

Becca: Excuse me?

Justin: I said you're sexy when you're mad at me..

I looked over at him and he smiled. Before I could turn my face he grabbed it and kissed me.

Justin: Now smile baby.

I smiled at him and pulled his face back to mine.

Justin: You ready baby?

I nodded.

Becca: Lemme get shorts.

I ran in and slid shorts on over my bathing suit. I ran back out and Justin was waiting for me. He took me to where the boat was and we rode to the other island. When we got there it was packed. A few guys looked at me and Justin kept hold of me.

Becca: It's okay i'm all yours baby.

I kissed him to reassure him.

Justin: I don't like when they look at you like that. I can tell they are thinking about doing things only I can do.

Becca: Only you, nobody else can have me, come on just ignore them.

Justin: They better not even lo-

I gave him a kiss and didn't pull away for a few seconds. I felt him relax. I made sure the guys were looking when I did it.

Becca: Im only yours. I promise Just.

We walked away and walked over to where a volleyball game was going on. I smiled as Justin sat in the sat and pulled me down and made me sit on his lap.

Justin: Far, far, away from those perverts.

I laughed and gave him a kiss. I looked at the volleyball pplayers and they were making their way over to us. She had black medium length hair. I started gettiing jealous she might try to take Justin away. I know stupid right? We just got married.. but still things happen and people change. I started recognizing the girl. Nonono.

Selena: Hey Justin.

She sat next to us and was a little too close to Justin for me. Also a little to naked. Just a bathing suit. I thought I was the only one Justin was allowed to see like that...

Justin: Um.. hi Selena.

Selena: So.. you got married?

Justin: Yea..

Selena: I mean I know you guys love each other... but Becca, i'm pretty sure you did this so you wouldn't be able to lose him.

Becca: Excuse me?

Selena: Yea.. i mean i hope you know he can still cheat even if you are married... Just warning you, i mean.. like I could kiss him right now, and Justin would love it.. doesn't mean he would admit it... but it wouldnt make a difference becuase you two are married like, it's not like a force field would go around him.

I stood up and just walked the other way.

Justin: Selena you're a bitch.

Selena: Justin, you know she did this because she thought it meant you wouldn't cheat...

Justin: No, I asked her to marry me because I'm in love with her.

I couldn't listen to anymore so I started to run.  I heard somebody chase after me. I just wanted to disappear. Justin would never find me. So he could be with Selena, so she could stop ruining people's lives.

Justin: Becca!

I turned around and he was standing there. He pulled me into a hug and held me tight. I had to say whwat I wanted to. I had to do it in private though. I told him I wanted to go home so we returned home. When we got there I turned to him and he ran his hands through his hair.

Becca: Justin...

Justin: I'm sorry, I should have never even taken you away from here, this is obviosuly the only place she can't find us.

I felt my stomach drop. I can't believe I was going to hurt me husband like this.

Becca: Justin..

Justin: What's the matter baby?

He put his hands on my hips and pulled my body closer and tried to kiss me but I turned my face.

Becca: I think this was a mistake.. maybe we should get a divorce...






*AN There you go :) Woahh... Drammaaaa! if you guys look at my comment, you should probably read it.. just saying.. i probably won't be able to update because my cousin is having a going away party tomorrow so.. yea... MAYBE though... im not positive.. Comment and tell me what you think about the chapter and my comment...

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