Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


3. Dress Shopping

I hopped out of bed and Justin sat up and looked at me.

Justin: What's happening? Why are you jumping up and down?

Becca: I get to pick my dress today!

I ran back over to Justin and gave him a kiss.

Justin: You know, you should let me come...

Becca: No! You can't see me in it.

Justin: I will adventually, so you should just let me see it now.

Becca: How about, No.

Justin: Pleaseee?

Becca: Nooooo.

He flipped me and pinned me to the bed.

Justin: Please.

Becca: No, now get off of me.

Justin: Not until you say yes.

Becca: Yes.

Justin: Really?

Becca: I just said yes, I never said to what.

I grinned at him and pulled his arms apart so his body caved in. I flipped him so he was underneath me now.

Becca: I win.

I straddled Justin and he put his hands on my stomach.

Becca: Don't you dare!

He started tickling me and I started laughing. I didnt move my legs though.

Justin: You won't move!

Becca: I, refuse, to...

I started laughing again.

*knock knock*

I got up off of him and ran to the door and opened it. Justin ran up behind me and picked me up.

Justin: Can't get away that easily!

He carried me back to the bed and started tickling me. I looked over at the door and Dakota, Karlee, and Melissa were laughing at us.

Melissa: Hi Justin, nice to see you too...

Justin looked over and Kissed me again. He ran over to all of them and gave them a hug. I got up and walked over.

Becca: Sorry, Justin was being difficult.

Justin: Was not!

Karlee: Probably wasn't..

Becca: He wants to be able to pick out the dress with us!

Melissa: No way!

Dakota: Girls only.

Justin: Blahhh you guys.

Becca: You can go plan your bachelor party then.

Justin: Speaking of.. will you do it?

Melissa: Do what?

Becca: He wants me to be the stripper for his bachelor party.

Melissa: NO! We want to have a bachelorette party..

Justin: I don't think i'll like having some random guy all over my love, possibly to hook up with her.

Becca: I'm not hooking up with anybody.

Justin: Mhmm, you say that now.

I laughed at him and wrapped my arms around his neck.

Becca: I promise.

I kissed his nose.

Melissa: Can we go now!?!?

Becca: Calm down, I'll be ready in 10, meet you in the lobby. Pattie should be there.

Dakota: FINE! Hurry.

They walked out and closed the door behind them.

Justin: I'm going to miss you.

Becca: You can get a day away from me, i'll be okay.

Justin: Can I pick you up?

Becca: If it makes you happy.

I kissed him and he smiled at me. As I was getting up and getting dressed, I remembers Pattie. She was going to serve as my mom today. I never told you the story about my parents have I? Well, here it goes. Summer '09 I was fourteen. My parents wanted to go out for one night before my dad had to leave for work. He traveled, we barely got to see him. Anyways, I got a call that night. There had been an accident, and the people that got thrown out of the car, were my parents. I closed my eyes and swallowed hard. Just remembering it made me want to die. But I would never do that to Justin.

Justin: Baby? Are you okay?

I felt his arms wrap around my body. I lost it and fell to the floor and cried. Justin's body followed mine and he held on to me.

Justin: Baby, you dont have to do this. I understand.

I shook my head no. I wished for nothing more than to be with Justin forever.

Justin: Everything's okay.

I calmed myself down, with a lotof help from Justin, and looked up at him.

Justin: What happened baby?

Becca: My mom...

Justin looked at me now, like he was going to cry. Justin and my mom were close, she was like her other son.

Justin: She'd be so proud of you.

Becca: And you.

I hugged Justin and he helped me stand up and picked out my clothes for me.

Justin: Are you sure I cant come?

I smiled at him.

Becca: I'm sure.

I stepped out of my pajamas, put on my clothes, and fixed my hair, and did my makeup.

Justin: I'm driving you there, No if, ands, or buts.

I looked at him and he grabbed the phone and called for a car. We ran down to the lobby and Dakota, Melissa, Karlee, and Pattie were waiting.

Pattie: No boys.

I held on to his arm.

Becca: Just for the ride.

Melissa: He's got you wrapped around his finger

Pattie: She's got him wrapped around her finger.

Becca: My ring finger.

Justin smiled at me and kissed my forehead.

Justin: Forever.

Pattie: Uhm, sweetie, the car's waiting, lets hurry before beliebers find us.

We all walked out to the car and got in. Justin held my hand the whole ride there and sand along like an idiot with me and the girls.

Becca&Justin: I knew you were trouble when you walked IINN so shame on me NOOWW.


I bursted out laughing when he screamed that part. He touched our noses together then he kissed me. When we got there, Justin didnt want to let go of me but I broke free of his grip.

Justin: Call me?

Becca: I promise.

The door closed and Justin's face disappered.

Pattie: Here we go girls!

We walked into the dress shop and somebody assisted us.

Pattie: We need it within a month, She's marrying Justin Bieber.

Woman: Well, honey, it's time to find your dream dress.

We stood up and looked at all the dresses. The first one I tried on was a mermaid one, with beading all around the dress.

The second dress was a strapless flowing dress. The next one had lace on the sleeves and was shorter.

Pattie: They're all so beutiful!

Melissa: But, none of them are 'The one'

Becca: Not yet.

I went back into the changing room and looked at the dress that was waiting for me. It was strapless, creame colored, and laced at the top and the bottom. There was a ribbon on the waist. I slipped it on, and I felt perfect. I looked at it again in the mirror and dropped my jaw in awe. I decided it was time to show Pattie, Dakota, Melissa, and Karlee, my dress. I walked out and Pattie's jaw dropped. Melissa's, Dakota's and Karlee's did the same.

Pattie: Becca, it's... beautiful.

I looked at them and they were still starring.

(24th one down http://www.bellethemagazine.com/2012/12/bridal-fashion-best-of-2012.html   ITS SOO BEAUTIFUL<3)

^^^Some people might not like it though, Sorry if you dont^^^

Becca: Iwith this...

Pattie: It's perfect.

Becca: Do you think it's.... the one?

Pattie: Absolutely.

The Woman came out and put a veil on me, a clip in my hair, and a necklace.

The girls and Pattie walked up to me.

Pattie: We'll take it..

I smiled and gave them all a hug.

Becca: Thank you guys, for being here, for everything.

We all hugged and shed a few tears together.

Pattie: You should get a second one.. so you can move around and dance in it.

We looked around and Pattie picked one out.

(PARTY  http://weddingdressonlineshopuk.blogspot.com/2012/04/beach-wedding-dresses-style-ideas.html )

Pattie: Ooo Justin's gunna like that...

I laughed and covered my face with my hands. When we ordered the dresses I called Justin and told him we were going to go get a coffee at Panera.

Justin: Okay babe, I'll be there soon, then we'll go to Panera.

Becca: No, just meet me there.

Justin: Okay, be safe.

When I hung up the phone we walked to Panera across the street. We sat down and me and Pattie were talking about the dress when I saw Jesse, across the room from me. I ignored him, but I could feel him looking at me. I felt hands around me and a kiss on my cheek.

Justin: So it went well?

Becca: Amazing.

I stood up and gave him a hug. instead of finding his own seat, we decided to share a seat. I saw Jesse get up and walk out of the shop so I relaxed more.

Justin: Will I like it?

Melissa: No, you'll hate it... OF COARSE you'll love it.

Pattie: It's beautiful.

We all decided it would be best if we went back to the hotel to relax instead of staying out.

As we got to the hotel it started pouring rain.

Pattie: Guys, me, Kota, Karlee, And Melissa are going to go watch movies, wanna come?

I shook my head no and laidd my head back on Justin's chest.

As they walked out, I saw flashing lights and screams.

The Paparazzi, and Beliebers found us. And to knock it off, the power went out too.







*AN Sorry it sucks, i might delete the chapter :? I'm sorry, I'm a bad writer ;| Haha, Comment? I love reading them <3*

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