Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


14. Don't You Dare

Justin: Fine, don't let be see her face though.

Scooter: We'll do our best.

Great. More sarcasm.

Justin: Okay, Bye, I want to be alone with Becca.

Scooter rolled his eyes and walked out.

Becca: Why does he hate me?

Justin: He just hates the fact that you're my number one priority. Not music right now.

He kissed my head.

Justin: Let's go lay on the couch instead of thiis floor.

I nodded and stood up. He stood up and walked me over to the couch. He laid down and I laid on top of him.

Justin: I don't want to perform... cause with my luck, Selena'sgoing to come on stage and kiss me and everybody's going to think we're dating, then you're going to walk out and you're going to run away, and I'm never going to see you again, and you're not going to forgive me.. and my world is going to crash...

Becca: Well if that little bitch keeps her lips off of my boyfr- Fiance everything will be okay.

Justin: Boo?

Becca: Yes Juju?

Justin: You're really sexy when you're mad.

I laughed and gave him a kiss.

Becca: Ohh, Justin, I love you soo much.

Justin: I love youu too boob.

Becca: it's boo dumb ass.

Justin: I know.. I meant to say boob..

I laughed and pecked his cheek. He looked at me seriously and pulled my lips back to his. His tongue slipped in my mouth and he smiled. His kisses trailed down my neck. His left hand trailed up my back and pulled on my hair causeing me to extend my neck for him. He now had full access to my neck. I let out quiet moans as he sucked on my neck.

*Knock Knock*

Justin didn't move. He continued kissing my neck. He was now laying on top of me.

*knockk Knock*

Selena: Just, we gotta practice.

Justin started sucking harder on my neck. I guess he was taking his anger and pressing it into love for me.

Selena: Justin?

Becca: He's asleep fuck off.

Selena: Excuse me?

Becca: You... Heard... Me..

It was hard for me to speak considering he was sucking on my neck and I had to fight the urge to moan.

Justin: Moan my name... it's all I wanna hear...

Becca:.. Justin.. Just-

Selena: Justin, I can hear you, this is buisness, we need to word.


It wasn't like Justin to curse at people, but you could tell he was mad. The door flew open and Selena stood there watching Justin kiss my neck. Her jaw dropped. Justin stopped and looked at her. He looked ashamed that he had made her see us make out.. but meanwhile, he's the one who basically told her that he was about to fuck me.

Justin: Sel..

Selena: So much for working it out...

She walked away with tears in her eyes.

Becca: Work things out?

Justin: No, not like that.

I slid out from underneath him.

Becca: You were going to try to work things out with her? My god. I should have kept running when I had the chance.

Justin: Becca, NOT like that.

I turned my back to him and walked to the door. I didn't care if I was being over dramatic. My boyfriend was going to 'work things out' with his ex. That wasn't right.

Becca: Justin, please, this time, just don't look for me... don't search... don't look at me if you do happen to find me.

Justin: Bec-

Becca: Oh, and if you're going to work things out with her.. you might need this.

I was hesitate, but I took the sparkling ring off my left hand and set it on a table by the door.

Becca: Oh, and enjoy the money that come's along with dating Selena.


I couldn't look at him... I knew i'd forgive him in a heeartbeat. I turned on my heels and walked out the door. But before I did, I looked back and saw Justin on his knees and tears were falling from his face. As I was exiting the room, I heard him whisper something though.

Justin: I won't stop until you're mine.

I kept walking until I got to the airport. I kept my eye out for any sign of Justin chasing me. I saw nothing that showed he was around. When I got to the airport, I got a flight back to Florida.

~ ~ ~

It's been about 24 hours since I left Justin. He's called just about every minute. He's texted me every second. I've been keeping my eye out for the news about 'Jelena' nothing popped up. I finally got home and I collapsed on my bed. Memories flooded back.

Last time I was here was when I was away from Justin for a week... And he surprised me by coming back early... Thinking about it made me want to die. Thinking about this situation made me want to die. I checked my phone, and my most recent text was from Justin.

From: Justin<|3

To: Becca

I don't care how much you  hate me. I don't care how much you don't want to be with me. You said forever and always, so i'll do anything to hear you say that one more time. I love you Boo. More than anything and everything. Remember that night, when we kissed. I'd kill to feel your lips on mine again. I'd kill to have you back in my arms where you belong. I don't love Selena. All I want is you. I want us. I don't care if the whole world sees me cry, I just want my baby back. I won't stop crying until you're back in my arms. Nobody can heal me. I would never hurt you. I would never cheat on you. I would never do anything to cause you're beautiful heart to feel pain. I won't stop until I have you back. Forever and Always Boo. I love you. Xoxo Just.


I started crying. I loved him. But he wanted to 'work things out' with Sel.

To: Justin <|3

From: Becca

I don't hate you. I'm disappointed. You're baby is Selena, and i'm sure she'd love to be in your arms. And Just, I love you.


From: Justin<|3

To: Becca

She isn't my baby. My baby is you. I'm not going to smile, or stop crying until you're in my arms. Boo, I want this damn ring back on your finger.

He sent me a picture of the ring along with the text. You could see his ring on his hand in the picture. Which im 99.99% positive wan't coincidence.


I didn't know what to think. I was depressed. Corey was goine for the week with Dakota for a movie filming in Hawaii. House to myself. I walked into my bathroom to get a shower. I opened my cupboard to brush my teeth and my medication fell out. I looked at it carefully. ' Do not take more than 2 a day, can result in death' What the hell? Not like it matters to anybody.  Before I dumped about 7 in my hand I thought about everything in my life. My parents death. Justin and myself's break ups, our make ups,and our first time, and our last time.

Before i knew what was happening.....



*AN There you go babes :* Love youuuuu*






































 arms were around me.

Justin: Don't you dare.









*haha, only two more lines to the chapter... I tricked you... Hehe, I hope you guys liked it? Urr... sorry if it succkkksss! hah, i know it does. But you insist..  INTENSE HAPPENINGS lmao.... Only I know what happens next ;) Until next chapter babes...*

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