Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


38. Cuddling.

Corey sat there shocked for a bit.

I bit my lip and looked at Justin.

Becca: Umm... i'm going to go get changed into pajamas...

I stood up and everybody looked at me.

They all were probably ashamed of me. I was eighteen and pregnant... but I was happy. It was my child, my life. I was happy and that's what mattered to me.

After changing I walked back down and Justin and Corey were smiling and talking while Pattie and Dakota were cleaning. I walked over to Pattie and Dakota.

Becca: Well, things seem to be going well...

Dakota: Well at first he acted mad, then he was so excited...

Becca: Good.

I started to rinse off a dish but Pattie stopped me.

Pattie: Go sit with your husband, you're pregnant, don't need to over-work it.

Becca: Honestly, ill be fin-

Pattie: Nope! Go relax sweetie...

I nodded and walked over to the couch and plopped on to Justin's lap. He instantly wrapped his arms around me.

Justin: There's my baby.

I smiled and gave him a kiss.

Justin: I really missed you baby. You have no clue how excited I was to see you.

Corey: Why didn't you tell me before?

He smiled at me.

Becca: I was scared about how you would react..

Corey: Well, I'm really excited. I'm going to be an uncle!

I smiled and I could feel eyes on me.

Becca: Justin!

Justin: What?

Becca: Stop staring at me.

Justin: But you're absolutely stunning. How can I not stare?

Becca: Just dont...

I looked at the Tv and I could still feel him staring at me. I laid down and put my head on his lap. He ran his hands through my hair.

Justin: You're my baby.

Becca: No, this is your baby.

I took his hand and moved it to my stomach.

Justin: Fine, you are both my babies.

Corey got up and walked over to Dakota and wrapped his arms around her waist  from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder.

I looked back at Justin and he was smiling at me. I placed my hands on his face and he smiled again. I squished his face and he crossed his eyes. I laughed and he lowered his face to mine. His lips pressed against mine and I smiled in the kiss.

Justin: Now the difficult part baby...

Becca: What?

Justin: Telling the beliebers...

I looked at him and closed my eyes.

Becca: I'm dead.

Justin: No, you're all safe with me.

Becca: They're going to kill me since I had sex with you...

Justin: Well that sucks for them then.

I smiled and Justin kissed me again.

Justin: I promise, they'll understand.

Becca: Whatever... I'm going to bed, i'm like exhausted.

Justin: Wait, get a picture with me.

I rested my head on his shoulder and he handed his phone to Pattie. She stood back so you could see me and Justin completely. When she handed the phone back to him I saw the picture and just smiled. My hand was on my stomach and Justin's was next to mine. My head was rested on his shoulder. He was looking down at me and I was smiling.

Justin: Perfect.

Becca: I'm going to bed now baby, I love you more than anything.

Justin: I'll be up in a minute. I promise you. I love you guys too.

I smiled and stood up. I walked upstairs and my phone buzzed. I looked over and saw Justin tweeted.

I opened it and it was the picture. Caption was 'We've got a suprise, can you handle it?'

I smiled and plugged my phone back in. I curled up in bed and my phone started spazzing. I stood up and looked at the tweets. Everybody was spazzing. I chuckled and logged off and curled up in bed. I heard footsteps and jingling of a belt. I knew it was Justin. He jumped on the bed and wrapped his arms around me.

Becca: I'm still awake.

Justin: And I'm putting on the television..

I giggled and rolled on my stomach. I know what you're thinking 'oh my it's going to hurt the baby' well it won't he isn't that big yet. Justin pulled me so I was laying on top of him. As soon as we switched on the tele 'E! News' was on.

R1: Justin Bieber tweeted a picture of him and his new wife curled up on the couch cuddling, Becca's hand is placed on her stomach and his hand was directly next to hers and the ring clearly displayed, does this mean something? Will there be baby Biebers running around soon? Only time will tell...

R2: Well, that's pretty interesting. Believers will probably love that.

Justin(mumbling): Beliebers... dumb fuck...

I laughed and he looked at me.

Justin: What?

Becca: You're so cute... dumb fuck...

He smiled at me and kissed my forehead.

~ ~ ~

I smelt bacon. Yay. Justin was asleep and I slid out of his arms and tiptoed downstairs.

Becca: Pattie this smells wonderful.

Pattie: Thank you! How are you and the little one doing?

Becca: I think we're doing fine. Daddy is still asleep.

Pattie: That won't last long, he always wakes up after you leave him... Would you like a coffee.

Becca: Just orange juice..

Pattie got it out and filled me a glass of orange juice.

Pattie: Do you have a dress for tomorrow?

Becca: Yea... don't tell Justin though, cause i'm not sure if i'm going.

Pattie: Oh, honey, he's going to flip.

Becca: Well...

I heard footsteps and A door open. I looked over at the stairs and Justin walked down. He was half asleep. He wrapped his arms around me from behind.

Justin: Babbyyy! I can't sleep without you, and i'm really tired, so therefore you have to come back to bed.

He pulled at me.

Becca: Pattie-

Pattie: I understand, it's Justin, I've raised him, and he won't give up.

Becca: I'm really sorry.

Pattie: It's okay, I'll save some breakfast for you.

Justin: Beccaaaa! Comeee onnn.

He tugged on my arm. He was just like a little kid. I followed him and he kissed my nose as we were walking upstairs. I laid down and he followed me and rested his head on my chest. I ran my hands through his hair and kissed his forehead.

Becca: I love you.

He nodded and kept his arms around me.

~ ~ ~

Running to the toliet isn't my favorite way to wake up, but unfortunately thats how I woke up.

Justin: It's okay, shh, everything's okay.

He put me in a pony tail. It was a horrible pony tail, but better than nothing. He sat on the floor with his legs wrapped around me, rubbing my back, and trying to calm me down.

Once I finished I leaned back against his chest and he wrapped his arms around my and swayed back and forth.

Justin: All better?

I nodded and closed my eyes. After a minute or two I stood up and brushed my teeth.

Justin: I feel so bad.

Becca: What?

Justin: You have to be sick.

Becca: Yea, but after that I get to have the most wonderful thing ever.

Justin: Babe, i'm right here.

I smiled and gave him a hug.

Justin: Let's get you something to eat.

Becca: I was eating before you made me come back up and cuddle.

Justin smirked and I stuck my tongue out at him.

Justin: Hey, I need you.

Becca: And I need you too.

I smiled at him and he leaned down to kiss me. I backed away and ran to the kitchen where Pattie Dakota and COrey were all talking. Justin followed right behind me.

Justin: NOT FAIR.

Becca: Life ain't fair babe.

Dakota: What now?

Justin: I went to give her a kiss and she convinced me she was going to give me one, then she ran away.

Pattie chuckled as she put her dish in the sink.

Justin: IT'S NOT FAIR.

Corey: Becca's right, life ain't fair.

Justin ran my way and i ran away.

Justin: All I want is a kiss!

Becca: fine.

I walked over to him and he smiled at me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned closer to give him a kiss. Once we were centimeters apart I pulled away and ran the other way.

Justin: SEE! AGAIN!

Pattie: This is actually hilarious.

Justin: No its nooooootttttt! I want a kiss.

Becca: Fine. For real this time.

I walked back over and place my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist. I leaned up and gave him a kiss. He pressed his lips back and as we pulled away we both smiled.

Justin: That's all I need to survive.

Becca: You get a life time supply.

Justin: Yay.

I smiled and looked at Pattie.

She was recording us.

Becca: Are you recording this?

Pattie: Yes I am.

I laughed and leaned my forehead against Justin's chest.

Pattie: Say hi to the belibers.

Becca: Hi beliebers.

I released my grip from Justin and walked closer and blew the camera a kiss.

Justin: Woah, I want a real one.

I smiled and turned around.

Justin: Kiss?

I leaned closer to him and our lips connected.

Pattie: and that, is Justin being needy.

I laughed and my lips seerated from Justin's.

Justin: Hey, I wasn't done.

I put his hand on my chin and brought my lips back to his.

I heard a click and the camera went off.

Justin: I can't wait for billboards.

Becca: Why?

Justin: Cause you're coming with me.

Becca: Uhm...

I looked away from Justin.

Justin: What?

Becca: I might not go...

His jaw dropped.

Justin: But-




*AN there you go <3 I have a dinner to go to ... and hw to finish BLAH :(  I can't wait for break.... I love you guys... OOO JUSTIN'LL BE SAD OR MAD.... OR BOTH....*

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