Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


29. Confessions

Justin: Was it good?

Becca: Absolutely.

Justin: Want to tell me how it went?

Becca: No, i'm good.

Justin: Boooooooo

Becca: Whaaaaaaat?

Justin: Tell meee!

Becca: No, cause then it wont happen!
Justin: Fineee....

I laid my head back on his chest.

Justin: Can I get a kiss baby?

I looked up and him and puckered my lips. I heard Justin chuckle and I felt his lips cover mine. I opened my eyes and he was smiling at me.

Justin: I know what we should do...

He grinned at me and flipped me on to my back.

Becca: And what would that be cheeky boy.

I grinned back at him and ran my hand across his cheek.

Justin: I think, actions speak louder than words.

I giggled and before I could say anything else, his lips were on mine and he was pressing his body against mine.

Oh Justin, you can't hold back can you.  He basically ripped my clothes off and I grinned at him.

Becca: Want something?

Justin: You.

He unclipped my bra, and pulled my underwear off of me. Jesus Justin, calm down. He pulled down his boxers and proceeded to do his usual. I didn't hold back on clawing his back, because he told me not to.

~ ~ ~

Becca; God, that was amazing.

Justin: So are you.

I smiled and burried my head farther into his neck.

Justin: Baby, i'm never leaving you.

Becca: I'd probably commit suicide if you did...

Justin: Baby, if something cam in between us, which im 99% isn't going to happen, promise me that you won't commit suicide.

Becca: I can't promise you that.

Justin squeezed me tightly.

Justin: Then i'm going to do anything to keep us together, because even if I hated you, I wouldn't be able to let you kill yourself because I broke your heart... I would go crazy thinking that I was the reason  you died...

I looked in his eyes and he looked like he was going to cry.

Becca: What's the matter?

Justin: Just the thought of youu dying... it's killing me..

Becca: Don't think about that then... i'm right here..

I squeezed my body closer to his and he placed his arms around me. It was quiet for a few minutes and Justin started laughing.

Becca: What?

Justin: I just realized I just made love to you on a couch... and now we're just laying here... butt naked on the couch.

Becca: You saying you want to move it to the bed?

Justin: It may be more comfortable, and then we can watch movies in there.

I nodded and before I could say anything Justin was carrying my to the bedroom. I started laughing 'cause we were both still naked. He laid me on the bed and I cupped his face and brought his lips to mine.

Justin: Don't get me all excited or you'll be screaming again.

I giggled and he laid next to me and pulled a blanket over us, it wasn't a heavy blanket, but  just light enough not to make us hot. I laid my head in his cheast and he wrapped his arm around my side protectively. He turned on the TV and 'Ted' was on.

Justin: Can we be thunder buddies?

I laughed.

Becca: Fuck you thunder. And, yes, we can be thunder buddies forever.

After that movie ended, the proposal came on. When the part with the male stripper came on the TV, Justin jumped up and mimicked what he did, except, Justin was naked.

Becca: Oh my gossshhh. You'd make an adorable stripper, except you have to wear clothes for them..

Justin: Instead of me becoming a stripper, i'll stay a singer, but i'll be your personal stripper...

Becca: Mm, I like that idea.

He laid back down and I laid my head back on his chest. I closed my eyes.

~ ~ ~

Justin: She's sleeping. Yea mom, I know. I'll tell her, okay. love you too. bye.

Why is it that I always wake up to him on the phone? Ah oh well.

Becca: Justtttttttttttttttt!

He walked over to me and kissed my lips.

Justin: Yes baby?

Becca: What time is it?

Justin: Eleven.

Becca: Why aren't  you in bed?

Justin: Mother called, oh and she want you to know that she loves you, and she also said good luck dealing with me for two weeks without help... but I don't understand why... like i'm not hard to deal with.

Becca: Yes you are. Now come lay down! I want to snuggle.

Justin: Can't say no to snuggling.

He came over and laid back down with me as the movie on the Tv came on.

Justin: She also told you to make sure I was using protection....

I busted out laughing. Justin smiled at me and giggled.

Becca: Oh god your mom is the best.


I looked at the screen and 'Justin Bieber Never Say Never' was on.

BeccA: YES!

Justin: oh god... you're going into fangirl mode aren't you?

Becca: YES!

Justin: Just don't freak out cause you're laying next to ' JUSTIN BIEBER' naked. Okay? Cause most fangirls would do that...


Justin laughed and I rolled over and gave him a kiss.

Justin: You're too cute.

I smiled and kissed him.

Justin: Remeber I came to visit you when we were recording it and we like.. kissed... and I like freaked on the camera team because they weren't supposed to be there then, and I made them promise they wouldn't put it in..

Becca: When you freaked it was hilarious..

Justin: Yea, I know...

Becca: Right before you dated Selena...

Justin: That's actually why I dated her.. because I thought you didn't enjoy the kiss so I needed to forget about you... and then when me and Selena broke up and I came and visited you... When I saw you I fell in love with you again... and when you almost left because eof Corey and Dakota, I paniced and had to get you to stay, so I found a way to get you to stay. Then you didn't want to dance, but I forced you to,and you almost fell out of the tree like five hundred thousand times, but I would fall out before i let you fall out, and then you kissed back when I kissed you so.. I felt like things changed.. then you cuddled up with me on the couch and kissed me again.. and as I carried you upstairs I didn't want to let you go.. but I knew I had to because you had to sleep.. but then when you asked me to stay... it was probably the best chance I had of getting you to be mine.... And then Corey wanted to murder me because I was dating you... He actually woke me up and talked to me about you... but I wasn't allowed to tell you about that... he like threatened that if I hurt you then he would break my bones, and he told me to break up with you because he 'knew' I was going to break my heart, but I told him that I wasn't going to break up with you because I had loved you more than anything.. but he just got more pissed...

Becca: When I saw you... I realized how much I missed you, and that morning I was running around because I could not wait to see you... and when I did.. it was like a dream.. then the tree house and the kiss made my dream even more of a dream.. but then when you asked me out... all I wanted to do was say Yes and be in your arms already... and then I thought you weren't going to come back and it worried me... but you did... and then when Corey was being a jerk to you about it I wanted to just kill him... but what really hurt was when I found out you extended tour and I realized you were going to be away for a long time.. but then you asked me to go on tour, and i had to say yes, because i was in love with you and I couldnt stand to be without you.... and then your proposal... Justin, it was just.. absolutely perfect, you tricked me at first though, cause you made me watch them dance...and then.. you changed my whole world... you made everthing feel better...and then the wedding.. perfect.. this honeymoon.. perfect... Oh and your bachelor party... That was so fun.

Justin: Woah woah woah, back it up... MY bachelor party?

I stood up and put a robe on.

Becca: Oh look the ocean.

I walked over to the door. But I felt arms around me and they tightened around me.

Justin: What do you mean, my bachelor party? What made it so pleasing for you?

Becca: did you know, that I love you.

Justin: Becca...

I smiled at him and he stared at me.

Becca: Well... umm funny story... long story too...

Justin: I've got time.

Becca: Well.. urm..your stripper?

Justin: Black hair, brown eyes...

Becca: Wig and contacts... Me...

Justin looked at me and grinned.

Justin:So, little miss good girl isn't so good after all...

He pressed me against a wall and grinned again.

Becca: Not like you noticed.. but you didn't let me have sex with you..

Justin: WAIT! So you're saying.. that we could have went all the way, but you didn't tell me?

Becca: Exactly..

Justin: But you're happy I didn't cause I didn't know it was you...

Becca: Exactly baby.

He pressed his lips roughly against mine. Oh here we go again... more sex... NOT COMPLAINING...










*AN hehe, I made this chapter just for you guys... cause I know you guys like when I update.. sorry it kinds sucks... It's a little more short.. but It means a lot becaues Becca nd Justin show how they felt up to this point.. DEEP... lmao OMB YOU GUYSS! Go search up 'GirlyBieber' and read her Movella 'One Less Lonely Girl' ITS AMAZINGGGG!!!!!!!!! OMb you guys are so freaking amazing, I had two people on kik tell me they wish Jecca was real... ahh... you can only dream... but the thing that would suck is that everybody would absolutely hate me... LOL BUT ANYWAYS! Maybe i'll update tomorrow, oh Happy Memorial Day for tomorrow.. My prayers are with you if you lost anybody who served for our country... My brother did but thats not why he died, but we still look at him like our marine <3 I'll try to update though, I love you guyssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :* MWAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH*

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