Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


18. Company, Shopping, and Attacking

Justin: Who the hell would that be?

Becca: I know as much as you.

Justin: Well, somebody else can get it, not you. Or me, i'm staying with you.

Becca: I'll get it.

Justin: Noooo.

Chaz: Fine, we can all wallk down god.

Justin: What if I want her to myself..

Ryan: Dude, no morning sex..

Justin: Awwww....

Becca: Why are you so happy?

Justin: Because my baby is eighteen! which means.. you're legal... and we're getting married soon!


Justin: I said the wedding too...

She rolled her eyes at him.

Becca: Just?

Justin: Yea?

I wiped my face with my hands and wiped my hands on his face.

Becca: You have something on your face...

Justin: Well, Can I get your lips on my face?

I leaned in to kiss him and he closed his eyes so I ran. I ran down the stairs and right behind me was Justin pulled me closer from behind and kissing my cheek.

Becca: Justinn!

He spun me around so I was facing him and pressed his lips to mine. I heard the rest of everybody walking down the stairs.

Pattie: Justin?

Justin took one hand off of my waist and gave her the 'one minute' sign. I started smiling in the kiss and he squeezed my butt.

Justin: Yes?

Pattie: Look at the door.

We looked over and Cody, Usher, and Lil Twist were standing there.

Usher: Gunna open up?

Justin looked at me and hugged me. Then he pulled me over to the door so I was in his arms still. He unlocked it and they walked in.

Justin: Bros!

Usher: Dude, you got something on your face.

I giggled and looked at my feet.

Cody: And You! Happy Birthday!!

Cody came over and lifted me off my feet and spun me around and kissed my cheek.

Justin: Bro, back it up. See this?

He motioned to me.

Justin (cont): MINE.

I laughed and gave him a kiss.

Pattie: Usher! Dont mama get a hello?

Usher: Hello Mama!

Twist: Don't you think you might want that off your face...?

Justin: Yea... I do...

He looked at me and grinned.

Becca: Are you for real Justin?

Twist started smiling too. I looked at Justin and he only had some icing on his cheeks and forehead.. and nose... but it was thin.. so..

Becca: Are you seriously going to make me do this?

Justin: Not making you.. I would like it though...

I couldn't believe I was about to do this.. I pulled my hair back and licked the icing off of his face.

Twist: Oh.. man... she's... soo... sexy when she does that.

Justin: She does other stuff too.

He winked at me and I started blushing.

Twist: Ooo dayum I understand.

Pattie: Justin, why are you embarrassing her.

Justin: Not mommy.

Pattie: Justin.

The group walked over to me, Justin, and Twist.

Pattie: Becca, let's go get you changed, we can go shopping then.

Justin: Mine..

Chaz: Mine..

Ryan: Mine...

Twist: Minee...

The guys all started giving me a hug.

Justin: Woah, woah woah. Back up.

Pattie: Yea, back up boys so I can take her shopping.

I ran out of their grip and ran to my bedroom and locked the door.

Justin: C'mon let your fiance in.

Becca: Nope, gotta change.

I shanged into high-waisted shorts, and a crop top, and some stilletos. When I walked out Justin stared at me.

Becca: Not like you haven't seen this before.

I did a little spin and he smiled.

Justin: You are amazing.

Becca: Only because of my amazing boyf-fiance... Ooops forgot.

Justin: Soon you can just say husband.

Becca: Can;t wait.

He pulled me closer by my hips and I cupped his face and pressed my lips against his.

Pattie: Bec? You coming.

Becca: Yeaaa! Bye boo.

Justin: Boo

Becca: What?

Justin: I meant boo as in 'sad' boo.

Becca: Oh, i'm sorry

Justin: Can we have a party?

Becca: Yea, invite whoever ou want, get whatever you want for it.

Justin: What if I want you.

Becca: Well i'll be there...

Justin: Good.. and since you're legal now.. I won't be afraid to hold back...

Becca: You were holding back? You always told me you werent...

Justin: I didn't want to hurt you.. so I held back... but since it's your birthday.. i'll give you my all.

Becca: Well I want you all.

He took a step closer to me and I could feell his breath on my lips.

Justin: Then thats what you'll get.

I smiled and gave him a kiss. He pulled on my lip as I seperated my lips from his.

Pattie: I'll be in the car, come down when you're ready.

Becca: Just one more minute.

Justin: Look what you're leaving me with, and there's nothing anybody can do about it except for you.

I looked at his pants and all you saw was a bulge.

Becca: You can fix it yourself... If you want to..

Justin: I don't need to mastubate when I got you.

I laughed and as I walked away I made sure to brush my hand across his pants.

Becca: Oops..

I walked away and I felt his arm pull me back.

Justin: You, my little fiance.. tease me.

Becca: Mhmm, and?

Twist: Woo, man why so big?

Justin: Pointed to me.

I looked at twist and he was looking at me from head to toe.

Justin: Mine. Don't forget it...

Becca: I gotta go Bieber, i'll text you Love, I love you.

Justin: Love you too.

He pecked my lips and I walked away and ran to the car.

Becca: Sorry, your son was keeping my captive.

Pattie: understandable.

We drove to the mall and talked the whole ride there when we pulled up we put on sun glasses. Didnt want to be noticed. As we walked in the mall tons of beliebers were looking for people. Probably us, nobody noticed though. We walked into Victoria Secrets and I knew exactly why Pattie brought me here.

Pattie: You like to tease Justin, right?

I nodded and grinned.

Pattie: Well... this story has the stuff to make him go wild.

Becca: Oh mum, you think just like me.

We looked around and bought some lingere. We happily bought the items that would drive him wild and we walked out of the store. Even more beliebers were out here now..

I looked over and saw a group of guys looking for someone.

Becca: pattie, your son followed us here, and is now looking for us.

Pattie: Where?

I pointed to them and pulled a hood over my head.

Pattie: I got an idea...

We walked a little closer to Twist, Cody, And Justin. I guess Corey and Usher were the smart ones of the group.


Justin looked up at me and I sqreamed and pointed at him. All the beliebers stopped and started running towards Justin.

becca: Is he going to be.. okay?

Pattie: Yea.. he'll be able to get away, then security will come.. So we can shop for a while in eace, no lines.

We walked to the escalator.. I was a little scred for Justin but, he got this all the time. We went to AE Hollister, and a bunch of other stores. We were having so much fun we almost forgot Justin.

I could hear screams still but they were sobbing screams.


I looked down to the first floor and Justin was getting led out my body guards. I started laughing.

Pattie: Maybe we should go home...

Becca: yea, so I can laugh at Justin.

~ ~ ~

Traffic was HORRIBLE it took about an hour to get home. When we did though Justin was passed out on the couch. I walked by him with my bags and his eyes flew open.

Justin: Somebody thought they were funny today.

Becca: Somebody shouldn't follow me around.

Justin: Fine, what's in the bags?

I moved them away from his reach.

Becca: Nothing for you.

Justin: I see that Victoria's Secret bag, that's for me.

Becca: I got perfume.

Justin: Then lemme smell it.

Becca: No!

Justin: C'mon just a peek.

Becca: No!

I ran away from him and ran up to the bedroom and hid the Victoria's Secret bag. He game busting through the door.

Justin: Where is it?

Becca: Is what baby?

Justin: The bag!

He was whining now. He was going to have a tantrum like a five year old.

Becca: Justin, it's not for you.

Justin: Will I get to see it?

Becca: Sooner or later.

Justin: I perfer sooner..

Becca: Fine.. Sooner it is.

Justin: Yess.. When are you going to let the party start?

Becca: Whenever you want.

Justin: A hour?

Becca: Sounds good.

Justin: I ordered a cake, invited A LOT of people...

Becca: As long as you're happy.

Justin: It's a party for you, so you need to be happy too.

Becca: I'm happy if you are.

Justin: Well i'm happy if you are.

I brought my face to his and he kissed me passionately.

Becca: Would you be mad if I napped until the party?

Justin: No, I would love to cuddle though.

I took off my shoes and pulled him to the bed. I laid down and he wrapped his arms around me. I drifted to sleep, in his strog, safe arms.

"There's nothing like us, nothing like you and me together"





*AN WHHAAAATTT? Two chapters in ONE NIGHT! And they're both long!! Wow... I must love you guys a lot.. WHICH I DO.... Anyways... next chapter is going to be fun.... CONGRATS BOO ON YOUR AWARD PROUD OF YOU JUSTY! <3 Comment maybe...?*







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