Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


52. Canada.

I did as Justin told me and got a bathing suit on. I walked down and Drew reached for me.

Justin: There's my baby.

I gave Justin a kiss and Drew whined.

Becca: And my baby boy...

I took Drew from Justin and he grabbed on to my shoulders.

He laid his head against my shoulders. Justin took my free hand and we walked out to the car. I carefully set Drew in his car seat in the back. Justin and I took the front seat and he distracted me so I couldn't see where we were going.

~ ~ ~

I looked out the window and I saw a beach. I squealed and hopped out of the car. I walked over to the sand and looked back at Justin holding Drew and some floaties.I smiled and ran back over to them and gave them both a hug and kiss. I walked back over to the sand and threw a towel down. Drew started squirming and Justin laid him on the towel. He laid on his back and stuffed his hands in his mouth.

Justin: Come here beautiful.

I walked over to him and gave him a kiss. He snaked his arms around my waist and pressed his lips to my neck. I missed this feeling with Justin. To think, before we were just friends. Drew started crying and Justin removed his lips from my neck and took my hand and walked me back to Drew.

I picked him up and kissed his forehead and held his head against my neck. He held on to me and started snoring.

Justin: He's so beautiful.

Becca: He looks like you.

I smiled at Justin and he just nodded.

Becca: Remeber when we were just friends?

Justin: Now look, we're married, and we have a baby.

Becca: It's just perfect.

Drew's grip tightened and he started squirming. He reached out for Justin and Justin took Drew from my hands and Drew wrapped his arms around his neck.

Justin: Wanna go swimming?

Drew looked at Justin liike he was crazy. Justin and I sat down and laid Drew on his back. Justin and I were sitting across from each other and Drew grabbed on to each of our legs. Justin picked up his floaties and blew them up.

Justin: 1...2...3...

He slipped them on to Drew's arms and Drew smiled.

Becca: That;s my cheeky boy.

I lifted him up and held him on my hip.

Justin: Lemme get a picture.

He pulled out his phone and took a picture of me and my baby. He posted it on instagram. I walked into the water and Drew splashed around at me, and reached for Justin. About ten minutes later Beliebers showed up.

~ ~ ~

Drew reached for me and I took him from Justin. Justin stepped closer to us so he was in a protective position. We got out of the water and they started coming at us even more. Drew ran his hands in my hair and pulled on some. As the beliebers came closer Drew started screaming and crying.

Becca: Shh, baby, you're okay.

I rubbed his back and he squeezed his arms around my neck. Everytime another girl added to the crowd he would scream louder.

Justin: Shh, babies.

I squeezed Drew closer to me and he nuzzled his head into my neck so he couldn't see them. Justin called somebody and within 3 minutes Kenny was there with some cops. The beliebers were screaming Drew's name but he would just cry more. When we got home Drew was asleep.

Justin: That flopped. I'm so sorry baby.

Becca: It's okay. As long as my boys are okay.

I laid Drew in his crib and he curled up to a teddy bear. Justin pulled me into a hug and we swayed side to side. He kissed my head and I closed my eyes.

Justin: You need a nap baby?

I nodded and looked up at Justin. He smiled at me then lifted me up. He walked into the bedroom and laid me down. He started to walk the other way but I grabbed on to his arm and pulled him next to me.  He smiled and wrapped his arms around me and I buried my head in his chest.

~ Next Day~

We were trying to get on the jet to Canada so Justin's family could meet Drew. But the beliebers had other plans for us.

Becca: Justin, we've been stuck in traffic for hours, you just go, they wanna see you, Drew and I'll meet you there.

Justin: No. I'm not leaving you two. My family will understand.

Drew reached for me from Justin's arms and cried.

Justin: Mommy, your baby wants you.

I reached across the seat and took Drew.

Becca: Mommy got you hun, calm down baby.

I rubbed his back and he calmed down and stared at me. I smiled at him and he giggled.

Justin: What are you two laughing at.

Justin scooted to the seat right beside me.

Becca: Nothing..

Drew giggled again and reached for my hair that was tucked behind my ear.

Justin: No, don't pull on mommy's hair.

Drew stopped and looked scared.

Justin didn't say it mean, he in fact, said it like he wasn't even saying no.

Drew burst into tears and squeezed my finger.

Becca: Drew, honey.

I patted his back and his focus was on me.

Becca: Daddy just doesn't want you to hurt mommy.

Drew looked at Justin's arm which was around me.

Justin: Daddy wouldn't let mommy get hurt. It's daddy's job to protect you two. Just like how daddy wouldn't let you get hurt.

Drew reached for Justin and once he got in his arms he closed his eyes in his arms and rested his head on Justin's chest.

Becca: He was tired.

Justin: I would be too if I cried like that.

I smiled at Justin and gave him a kiss.


We finally got to the jet, and then to Canada. Justin had a car waiting for us at the airport.

Justin: Ready to meet grandpa Drew?

Drew made some noises and smiled.

Becca: I think that's a yes.


We arrived at the house about 10 minutes later. As we got out I picked up Drew out of the car seat  we brought and held him on my hip. I pulled out his teddy bear, and He squeezed it.

Justin: Baby, come on.

I smiled at Justin and followed him to the front door.

Jeremy opened the door.

Jeremy: Becca! Justin!

Justin gave him a hug and I stepped inside with Drew. Drew was asleep and hiding his face in my chest.

Jeremy: Is this the little guy?

Becca: It sure is.

I smiled at him and repositioned Drew so you could see his face.

Jeremy: He looks exactly like you two.

Justin: Well I hope so...

I smiled at Justin.

Jeremy: can I hold him?

Becca: Of coarse.

I handed the sleeping Drew over to Jeremy and Jeremy rocked him back and forth. We walked farther into the house and sat on the couch. Justin and I were telling Jeremy about Drew and like tour and stuff.

Justin: Yea he's a mommas bo-

Drew opened his eyes and looked and saw Justin and I across from him and then noticed where he was. He started crying and screamed.

Jeremy: Did I do something?

Becca: No, he's just not used to you, once he gets used to you though, he won't leave.

I walked over and took Drew from his arms and Drew rubbed his face on my shirt and stared at me and grabbed my arm.

Becca: You're fine honey, thats grandpa.

He looked over at Jeremy and Jeremy waved at him. Drew hid his face in my shirt.

Justin: He's also very shy...

I smiled and handed Drew to Justin. Drew grabbed my pointer finger and wrapped his fingers around it.

I heard footsteps and Jazzy and Jaxon showed up in the doorway.

Jazmyn: Becca! Justin!

She ran over to us and gave me a hug. I lifted her on to my lap and she looked at Drew. Jaxon ran over and I also lifted him up on to my lap. Drew started wiggling.

Justin: What's the matter Drewbear?

Thats what our nickname for Drew was.

He reached for me.

Becca: Baby, I can't fit all three of you guys on my lap.

I looked over and Jeremy was laughing and shaking his head.

Becca: What?

Jeremy: He's jealous of them

Becca: What? Why?

Jeremy: Because you're HIS mom, and he doesn't want to share you.

Becca: Justin, switch me kids for a second.

Jeremy: Then he's gonna want Justin as soon as they sit on his lap.

We switched kids and Drew held on to me but reached for Justin. He wanted both of us to himself.

Jazmyn: Justin?

Justin: Yes princess?

Jazmyn: Is that Drew?

Justin: Yes, how did you know his name?

Jazmyn: Daddy told us about him.

Jaxon nodded and reached for Drew. Drew tightened his grip on my finger.

Justin: Not now Jax, wait awhile. He's too young.

We talked the whole night, eventually Drew fell asleep.

Becca: I'm going to bed, i'm taking drewbear with me.

Justin: I'll be in in a minute baby.

Becca: Okay.

I walked to the spare bedroom and crawled into bed with Drew in my arms.  I logged on to my instagram and added a picture of Drew sleeping. A few seconds later everybody was commenting and liking. I happened to look at one comment though.

'She probably had the baby so Justin wouldn't leave her. She's a slut just like Selena. Justin needs to find an real woman. And the only thing cute about the baby is it's stupid eyes because they look like Justin's. Everything else is terrifying'

I wanted to cry.

1.They thought my child was ugly, which pissed me off. A lot.

2. I would never use Justin.

Just what I hate. Hate.











*AN Im supercalifragilisticexpealidocious so so so so so so so sorry I haven;t updated... vacation... Oh, and btw, there's a new chapter, and hey, look at that, more than ten lines! And even if it was it's better than nothing.... anyways... I think i might just end this because so many people said they're going to stop reading so... but i really am sorry girls :( Last Chapter will be out soon*

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