Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


19. Birthday Party *SEXUAL*

Justin: One minute bro, she's waking up.

I heard a door close.

Justin: Hello sleepy head.

Becca: Hi.

He crawled over to me and he put knees on each side of me.

Becca: I just woke up, calm down.

Justin: I didn't mean that. I just wanted to give you a kiss.

Becca: Mhmm, sure...

I winked at him.

Justin: Unless you want it right now.

I pushed him off of me and grinned at him. I straddled him and he started growing.

Becca: Too bad you can't have me right now..

I got up and ran downstairs to the crowd of people. Justin ran down.

Justin: I'm going to get you!

He chased me and Chaz stopped me from running and held my hands behind my back. I saw Justin ran towards me and I started struggling.

Becca: Chaz!

Chaz: Orders.

Becca: Well I order you to let me go.

Chaz let me go and I ran. I could hear Justin screaming.


Chaz: She ordered me to!

Justin: She teased me though! And now its not going away!

Chaz: Sorry Bro, what are you planning on doing to her?

Justin: Kissing her until our lips hurt.

I looked back and Justin was gone now. I stopped running and I felt lips on mine. I couldn't help but press back.

Justin: See I knew you wanted a kiss.

I pulled his face back to mine and pressed my lips roughly against his. He moved his hands to my butt and squeezed it. I laughed a little and he grinned. He moved his lips back to mine. The house was filled, so it wasn't very noticeable that we were making out. His tongue slipped into my mouth and I could feel his bulge growing bigger.

Becca: it's just the begining of the night baby.

I smiled and gave him a kiss.

Justin: I gotta have you befroe 12, your first night legal, your first time legal.

Becca: The party isn't going to be over til like 4 in the morning.

Justin: But i gotta get you before that..

Becca: Sounds goot with me.

Justin: How soon til then?

Becca: WHen the sun sets.

Justin: It'll be setting within the next half an hour.

A smile grew on his face.

Becca: Then, i might want to go get ready for you.

Justin: That's a good Idea..

Becca: Then you need to let go of me...

Justin: Oh... right...

He released me from his grip and I bent my face closer to his and presesd my lips against his. He was getting harder and I could tell. I giggled and walked away. I looked back and Selena was walking in the door, but Justin's eyes were locked on me. There was nothing to worry about. Justin was all horny, which reassured me that he wouldn't do anything with her. I walked up to the bedroom and pulled out the bag. I put on the lingere Pattie helped me pick it out.

Justin: I've waited long enough.

Becca: It's been two minutes.

I put a robe on and he bursted through the door. He locked it behind him and he brought his lips to mine. He started grinding on me and I smiled. I could tell how bad he wanted me. I was going to make him wait a bit. He slid his arms inside the robe and wrapped them around my waist. He pulled me over to the bed and laid me down. He kept his lips on mine and lifted his shirt of then reattached his lips to mine. I could feel him through his jeans.

Becca: Off now..

I moved my hands to his pants. Justin slid them off and continued on top of me. He pulled at my robe.

Justin: Off.

I slid it off and he looked at me.

Justin: I want to do so many things to you right now..

He eyed me up and I smiled.

Becca: Then do them..

He looked at me, he knew I was serious and he took out his keys and cut the bra right down the middle.

Justin: I'll buy you a new one.. and another new one...

He connected out lips again.

Justin: Are you sure you can handle my hardest?

Becca: Won't know if you never try.

He grinned and continued kissing me. I ran my fingers above his boxer's edge.

Justin: Of coarse Princess.

He slid them off and then he pulled my underwear off of me. I could feel him sucking on my neck. I started letting little moans out. Back to the point..

He looked me in the eyes and I nodded. He slid himself in me and I realized how much I missed this feeling.

Justin: Keep your eyes on me the whole time baby.

His lips connected with mine as he pushed in and out of me. I started moaning and clawing his back. He was going faster, and harder than ever before. He was right, he was holding back the rest of the times. I kept eye contact with him which made it even more special. When we both hit our climax he collapsed on me. I ran my fingers through his hair and he brought his lips to mine.

Justin: i love you.

Becca:I love you too.

He flipped our bodies so I was laying on top of him. I closed my eyes, and fell to sleep.

~ ~ ~

Screaming. That's what I woke up to.


I sat up and realised I was naked. He was gone. I looked out onto my patio and he was standing there in his boxers. I got up, and put a robe on. I walked out and he wrapped his arms aroun me and kissed my head.

Justin: Happy Birthday Princess

I smiled up at him and he bent down and kissed me.

Justin: Want to go to the rest of the party.

Becca: Yea, How long did I sleep for?

Justin: About an hour.

Becca: Why didnt you wake me up?

Justin: I was with you..

Becca: oh...

We walked in and got dressed. We walked downstairs and everybody started singing Happy Birthday. I looked at Justin and he was smiling and singing

I gave him a hug and he held me close to him.  When we got to the bottom of the stairs there was a HUGE cake waiting for me. It had the words ' Hapy Birthday Princess" written on it. I blew out the eighteen candles and smiled at Justin.

Corey: Look at the camera and say cheese!

I laid my head on JUstin's shoulder and smiled.  After he took it I stepped down on the floor and we walked over to the kitchen.


Justin: Hit me.

He kept his arm around my waist. and took a shot.

Justin: Lime?

I put one in my mouth and smiled. He grinned and took it from my mouth with his mouth.

Justin: Another?

Corey: Hell yea, lets go!

Becca: Ima go find Kota, okay?

Justin: Okay beautiful.

I kissed his cheek and walked away.

Corey: Who wants a beer?

They were underaged drinkers that were going to get wasted, great. I walked over and found Dakota. I talked to her for about an hour until I heard screaming.

Justin:: PARTYYY!

I looked behind me and Justin was running into the pool.

Becca: Please excuse me, I have to go get my drunken boyfriend.

Dakota: Fiance.

Becca: Sorry, keep forgetting

I walked over to the pool and Justin smiled.

Justin: Hi beautiful.

Becca: Hi love, what are you doing?

Justin: Going for a splash? Join?

I slid into the pool with my clothes on and Justin smiled and held my body close to his. Everybody took pictures. I saw Selena walk by and stare us down. Let's take this opportunity to let her know He's MINE. I roughly kissedd him and he kissed back.

An hour or two  passed of Justin drinking and me and Dakota talking until I decided it was nap time. I went up to the guest bedroom and laid down. Sleep, finally.

~ ~ ~

I got up and walked to my bedroom to ger more comfortable. I walked in and saw Selena straddling Justin in MY bed. She was naked, so was he. I slammed the door shut and turned on my heels and ran the opposite way. A kiss didn't seem so bad anymore. I walked into my fiance, well ex-fiance having sex with his Ex. I ran down the stairs and I heard Justin screaming my name. I was not going to make a scene.

Justin: BECCA!

I ran out the front door and off of our property. I kept running until I couldn't anymore. I sat in the sand close to the water. The wawter touched my skin and I jumped a little bit. I looked at my hand and lifted the ring off of my finger. I buried it in the wet sand. I brought my knees to my face and cried.

Justin: BECCA!

I looked back at the drunk Justin stumbling toward me.


Becca: Justin, leave me alone, you disgust me.. Do me a favor and don't look at me, don't talk to me. Just don't even come near me. Next time you come over to see Corey, don't talk, don't make eye contact, you know what, do me a bigger favor and call ahead so I will have time to get away.

Justin: But Becca I love you.

Becca: Obviously not enough to not cheat... Just leave me alone.

Justin: No, you're hurt.


I stood up and he looked at my hand.

Justin: The...the ring..

Becca: It's buried right there, good luck with it. Take it back and get your money, cause Justin this time i'm not taking it back, no matter what you say. He dropped to his knees and got the ring. I started walking away and he stopped me.

Justin: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.

Becca: you're sorry you got caught, not because of what you did.

Justin: bec-

Becca: Goodbye. Have fun with Selena, sorry I innterrupted you guys.


Becca: I'm leaving you now Justin. You were a dumb ass. You don't love me. I was a rebound for the Jelena split.

Justin: No, she was a rebound for when I thought I had no chance with her.

Becca: You don't have sex with somebody you don't love, unless you're a man whore, and I know you're not a man whore Justin.

Justin started bawling.

Justin: But I love you... Please I'll kill myself.

Becca: Don't waster your life on me. It's obvious I was nothing to you in the first place. I should have listened to Selena when she told me that you said I was worthless, cuase Justin that's how I feel. It sucks. Especially since its by you. Justin i'm done.

Justin: Becca-

Becca: You promised you wouldn't hurt yourself so you can't

Justin: But I don't want to live without you!

Becca: Just pretend we never met, never dated, never talked, never were engaged. You did this yourself.

Justin: I'm sorry, I'll do anything to get you back.

Becca: There's nothing you could do. I dealt with the hate from you, meanwhile, you're the person who must hate me the most.

Justin: It's the opposite, I love you the most.

Becca: No, because you knew I loved you and you still chose to cheat. Justin I can't do this anymore.

Justin: I need you.

Becca: I need you too, but Justin, I'm not coming back this time

Justin: You have to. We were meant to be. This is our future we're talking about...

Becca: There is no more us. Bye Justin.

Justin stopped me and took my hand.

Justin: Fine, i'll go fuck Selena again, is that what you want me to say?

Becca: No, but you just did, and I bet you will go fuck her again. I hope you enjoy it Justin.

Justin: Becca, I didn't mean it.

I was crying even harder.

Becca: You don't say stuff you don't mean Justin....There is no more of Our Future.



















*AN Beautiful, Sad, Tragic... I got LOTS of hw to do... soo... Maybe an update tonight? Maybe not. Love you guys, sorry this was so sad...*













OH, and one more thing, this kid from a school thats close to mine commited suicide. He was being bullied and had family issues. If you have any suicidal thoughts or you self harm or anything, if you need to talk i'm here to listen, your life is too precious to loose. If you want to talk/text/skype/facetime My skype is rebecca.lamb57 and if you need my number i'll give it to you. Please, don't hurt yourself. DOn't call yourself ugly, you are beautiful, you are original, and you are only you. People can Judge you, but just ignore them. Just contact me if you have issues, I'll always be here for you guys, you know that. I love you. Please, Stay Strong <3

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