Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


23. Bachelorette/Bachelor Party ;)

 sat there awkwardly on my bed and watched the girls rummage through my clothes. Then Dakota walked out. She grinned at me and held up the shortest, and most tight dress that I had.

Dakota: This...

Becca: Are you serious?

Dakota: Hell yea.

Becca: Justin wouldn't like that I would be wearing theis in front of somebody else.

Dakota: He's probably wearing shorts and no shirt...

What? Justin wouldn't do that? Would he? I knew he could be crazy a lot... but thats usually with me...

Dakota: Put it on!

Becca: Fine....

I got up and put on the dress. It was black, short, strapless, and VERY tight.

Becca: Dakota..

Ellie: YES.

Dakota: Perfect. Now, tomorrow is your wedding, on the beach.. our hotel room where your 'party' is going to be, We're having a hair stylist and makeup artist there at 8 am... your wedding's at noon, and your dress is already there.

Becca: You organized all of this, didn't you?

Dakota: Yes

I smiled at her and gave her a hug.

Milanah: Ready girls?

Taylor: Last night as a free woman..

Becca: Yea, yea, I'd rather spend it with Justin..

Dakota: Of god.. He it goes, she is going to be thinking about her stupid boy all night....

My phone started buzzing. I looked at it and the title 'Justin<3' Dakota looked at it the same moment I did.

Dakota: Becca...

I dove for it but she got it before me.

Becca: Koataaa!!!

Dakota clicked the 'answer' button.

Dakota: Dakota speaking.

I could her a lot of noises until I heard his voice.

Justin: WHAT? Where's Becca? I want to  talk to her..

Becca: JUSTIN!

I ran over to the phone and fought with Dakota for it.

Dakota: She isn't available right now.

Justin: Come on, I can hear her... I just want to talk with her, two minutes, please?

Dakota: Two minutes, then I'm stopping it..

Becca: Give me my phone!

Milanah: Don't do it Dakota...

Dakota: Fine Justin, two minutes...

She handed me my phone. I walked to the spare bedroom so nobody would be able to hear our coversation.. I guess Justin did the same cause it got quiet in his background too.

Becca: Hello?

Justin: I miss you baby... I don't like being without you.

Becca: I know.... Just, enjoy your time without me...

Jusitn: I don't enjoy time unless I don't have you...

Becca: Justin pretend I don't exist for the next couple of hours.

The line went quiet.

Justin: Where are you? I need you, I can't pretend that you don't exist, I need you right now. Becca, please, you're scaring me, I just need to hold you..

Becca: Justin, i'm not going to die tonight.

Justin: Please, I just need to hold you.

Becca: I'm at-


Becca: I'm at ho-

Dakota: Justin, tonight, you two are supposed to be apart.

Justin: I don't give a fuck, I want my baby.

Dakota: Jusitn.

Becca: Dakota, please can we go to him, just let me see him for a minute... that's all I want.

Dakota: I can;t believe i'm letting you do this. Justin, where are you?

Justin: At the 31st club.

Dakota: Fine, we'll be there in a few minutes, you get ONE minute with her. That's one minute more than you should be allowed.

Justin: Than-

You could hear people barge into wherever Justin was.

Justin: Thanks, bye.

Dakota hung up the phone.

Milanah: Dakota! That was a dumb ass move!

Dakota: She'll be whining all night if we don't take her! and our hotel is a few minutes away...

Karlee: Still a stupid move....

Becca: No, it's a brilliant idea.

I ran downstairs and grabbed my purse. All the girls ran after me.

Becca: Do I need anything?

Ddakota: No, you're good, everything will be ready for you.

Becca: Good.

I ran outside and impatiently waited for them. When they finally came out they were all smiling.

Becca: What?

Dakota: Want to mess with Justin?

Becca: Give me the plan first.

Dakota: Okay, it was Chaz's idea, but how about, you meet him at the club, ONLY A MINUTE.

Milanah: Then, we take you out and buy some lingere...

Makenzee: and you can be his stripper... without him knowing..

Dakota: Give him a lap dance, make him happy, just without him knowing..

Melissa: Then, we can return to our hotel room, and we got you a male stripper.

Becca: Is it Justin?

Dakota: No, we're not that stupid to trick both of you..

Becca: Fine.. I'll do it....

They all smiled and we got into Dakota's car. it was about 9 when we got to the club.

Dakota: God, you get ONE minute. That's it.

Becca: Deal.

I hopped out of the car and ran to the club entrance. The guy noticed who I was and I wandered through the crowd until I saw a group of guys talking to a group of girls. One of them however was searching the room. His eyes wandered around for one particular person. I walked over to him and his eyes lit up.

Justin: Becca..

Becca: yes?

He cupped my face and pressed his lips against mine.

Chaz: Woah, Justin, I know it's your last night at a free man, but dude, you don't need to swallow this girl, especially when you're getting married tomorrow.

Justin started to suck on my neck which caused me to moan.

Chaz: Seriously Justin, stop.

Justin: Dude, calm down.

He looked me in the eyes and kissed me again. I held on to him and when we seperated our lips, I buried my head in his chest.

Justin: I love you.


Chaz pulled me and Justin apart.

Becca: Chaz! Stop!

Chaz looked at me and Justin pulled me back to him.

Chaz: Woah.. this is not allowed Justin.

Justin: Just, 30 seconds.. please?

Chaz backed away and Justin looked at me and pecked my lips.

Justin: Tomorrow, we prove forever and always.

Becca: I love you.

He kissed my head and I felt arms pull me away.

Dakota: It's been like five minutes, come on.

I blew Justin a kiss and he smiled and mouth the words 'I love you too'

When we got back into the car we went to the hotel. Dakota texted Corey and then she announced that the boys would be ready for the stripper in 15 minutes, and apparently their room was a floor beneath ours and that I needed to get ready. I ran and got changed into my 'stripper' attire.

Dakota: Okay, Becca, there are A LOT of guys there, just don't be nervous and concentrate on you and Justin, and everthing will be fine.

Becca: Ew... Corey's going to watch me strip...

Dakota: They wont know it's you.

She handed me a black straight wig. She also handed me brown contacts. I put them on and then we walked down to their room. I could hear them laughing an dI could tell there were a lot of them and they were all drunk. I opened the door and they looked at me. I spotted JUstin and his eyes got wide.

Chaz: Let this party start...

I walked over to Justin and he put his hands on my hips and smiled at me.

I listened to what Dakota said. When I got into just my lingere he licked his lips. All the guys were saying stuff like 'oooo' ,'ahhh', get some', and 'tap that'. I smiled at the comments and I could tell Justin was interested.

Jusitn: God...

I gave him a lap dance and you could tell it turned him on. I sat on his lap and wrapped my legs around him. I kissed his neck. I trailed the kisses up to his lips then forcefully pushed my tongue into his mouth. His tongue battled with mine.

Wait... He didn't know that this was me... and he was kissing me... and he was turned on... It started to make me hurt.

Justin managed to mumble the words 'whats the matter' in between our kisses. I ignored him and kept fighting with his tongue.

Corey: Well, we should leave you two alone, with this bed..

I looked over and all the guys left the bedroom.

Justin stood up and brought me with him. He laid me down and removed his shirt. He unbittined his pants and looked at me again.

Justin: I can't... I love her.

Becca: Who?

Justin: My fiance.

Becca: Oh.. she must be amazing to have you..

Justin: She's too perfect for me.. she's my bestfriend though.. and she deserves somebody better than me... but I love her..I was actually suprised when she said she would marry me, she's the best thing that's ever happen to me, and I can't loose her.. i'm sorry, it's not that....

Becca: I understand.

Justin: Thanks..

The guys ran in and started laughing.

Becca: Bye boys...

I winked at them and walked out.


I laughed and ran back to my room and A guy was there. I walked in and took the wig off. He was talking to the girls. I was still just in my lingere. He turned around and led me to a chair. I looked at Dakota and she was grinning from ear to ear...

Let's just say that night, I got a male stripper, Taylor took him home and I ended up sleeping on the same bed as the rest on my friends, and it was cramped.





*AN there you goooooo :) NEXT CHAPTER IS THE WEDDINNNNNNG!!! YOU EXCITED!? I AM!? It WILL be up tonight, I have off today so I'm bored... Lmao I watched the notebook :') And the vow... I love them... ohh goshh... OSO Becca and Justin... Forever and Always? Maybe Not..*

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