Adopted BY Simon Cowell

Tegia(Tea -Ga) was left at the orphanage when she was a baby. she has been to many foster homes but they always bring her back.But when SImon Cowell -the producer of her favourite band One Direction- comes to the Orphanage she douts that she will get adopted.Tegia is in for a big adventure.


4. Chapter 3

Tegia's prov 

This house is huge.I decided to go see what dad was doing, but i ended up in a bathroom....oops. i finally found his office

"Hey dad"

"Hey sweetie whats up?"

"I was wondering if i could have a one direction phone case?" i asked 

"of course, i also have this for you." 

he handed me a bright green plastic card as well as the phone case/

"its your credit card , The pass-code is your birthday."

I was about to thank him but then five boys walked in,It was One Direction! They just looked at m.

"Erm Hello, Who are you ? Harry said

"Simon's daughter."

"I didn't know you had a daughter Simon?" 

"i don't, i adopted her yesterday."Dad said 

"you know i have a name right?? I said sarcastically 

"really?what is it ?"Louis asked. 

"it's Tegia."i snapped back.

"oh does somebody have more sass than Louis?! I thinks so..." Zayn said 

I ignored them and walk into the living room and took out my phone when i looked up, the guys were sitting around me. Holy Shit guys how in the hell did you get in here so fast and fast?" i asked

"Niall like a puma."he said 

"hey, so see you like the band " Liam said pointing to my phone case.


"you got any music on there yet." Harry asked 

"yeah, Jomall put some on,as well as three Numbers." I replied 

"well do you want five more?" Louis asked

I tossed Louis my phone and he added everyone's number.He tossed it back and i looked at the contacts 

Louis- Boo bear

Liam- Batman

Harry- Curly

Zayn- Bradford Bad Boi 

Niall- The Irish one 

"Thanks...So what do you wanna do "

"TRUTH OR DARE"Louis yelled

"Okay Louis calm down"


Hey My Lovely's I'm am sorry i haven't updated in a while I have been busy with school i will try and update when i can but i cant make any promises that it will be anytime soon..





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