Adopted BY Simon Cowell

Tegia(Tea -Ga) was left at the orphanage when she was a baby. she has been to many foster homes but they always bring her back.But when SImon Cowell -the producer of her favourite band One Direction- comes to the Orphanage she douts that she will get adopted.Tegia is in for a big adventure.


2. chapter 2


    Did I just hear that right, that i am getting adopted. I didnt waist any time i bolted up the stairs and packed my things.When i was finished I came back down stairs to say my goodbyes.Linda told me that Simon was waiting in the car. I went outside to the car that was parked and a man opened the door for me. I climbed in and sat across from Simon.

"So where are we going Mr.Cowell?" I asked

"Please call me Dad"

"Okay Dad" I said

"We are going to London"


"Yes, so I have plenty of time to get to know you" He said

"So Favourite Musicians?"Dad asked

"Ed Sheera, One Direction,MarianasTrench,Conor Maynard,Little Mix and Laura Power" I answered

"Laura Power??" He questioned

"Country singer from Ontario"I replied

"Okay favourite colour?"


"Favourite animal?"


"Favourite food?"

"Anything with bacon" I said

Dad just laughed. he kept asking questions like that until we got to London. we pulled up to a huge house.... Let me refrase that Mansion, The gates opened letting us in. My jaw dropped.we got out of the car there was a man waiting for us.

"This must be her..?"The man said

"Yes this is Tegia" Dad said 

He wrote something down on his clipboard.

"So i'm Jomall,Your dad's assistant."

He took something out of his bag and handed it to me.

"Here is your phone" he said

I turned the IPhone on, there was already all of my favourite music on here. Dad Must have told Jomal.Jomalls words broke my thoughts.

" Your Dad's, Mine And your maids Numbers are already in there." Jomall said

"Wait i have a maid ??" I asked

"Yep,All your's."

"Cool thanks dad."I said

"Linda gave us your sizes and a desigener will be here tommorrow to help you with your clothes."Jomall said

we went inside the house. My jaw Dropped in Amazment. Dad's office to the right,Living room to the left and the kitchen around the corner.Dad took me up to my MASSIVE  room.He left so that i could unpack my things.



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