~One Direction Imagines~

You tell me:
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Subject (or not)
And in (at least) 2 days your short imagine will be ready!


3. Liam Payne Imagine

Liam Imagine for Lalabear_Wilson



It was Saturday night. Liam and you were in the living room watching TV. You were about to tell Liam that you were pregrant. But you weren't sure for that..

Karlea's Point Of View

I'm so nervous. What if he say that he doesn't want to be with me anymore? What if he leaves me? Then, what am I going to do? Oh My God I so nervous!

"Karlea? Did you hear what I said?" he interrupted my thoughts.

"No, sorry. What did you say?" I tried to say without my voice breaking, but I didn't make it. He understood that I was nervous.

He moved a little closer to me. "I asked you if anything was wrong. And it seems like I've just got my answer. So.. what's wrong Karlea?"

"I want to talk to you, Liam." we didn't react, or say anything for a minute. "I want to you too."

"Start." I said with a cold voice. "Babe.. you know I love you right?" Uh oh. That's not good. At all.

"Yeah. Yeah sure.." "Ok.. Erm.." "Just say it. Say it." he looked at me, his face cold. My heart started beating 100 beats every second. Calm down Karlea.

Liam's Point Of View

"Just say it. Say it." I couldn't cry right now. She would understand that I'm breaking up with her because they told me to. But I couldn't just leave her.

"I'm breaking up with you." I said fast. I can't do this. Oh God.
"Wh- What? How..But..I..And..How could you do this?" I could hear the pain in her voice. And that was killing me. "It just doesn't work. No. Not anymore." Make it fast.
I got up and took my keys. I have to go now. I can't see her green eyes filled with tears.

"Goodbye Karlea.Be safe."
I closed the door and ran out straight to my car. I felt the first two teardrops on my cheeks. Oh my God. What did I do?

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...


Karlea's Point Of View



"Mummy! Mummy! Look!" "What is it honey?" "Look what this man gave me!" "Austin I told you not to talk to strang-" I took from his hands the little box. I opened it. That cannot be happening. "Mummy are you okey?"  The bracelete. My bracelet. "Who-" I wipped a tear away "Who gave it to you, Aust?" "Uhm.. I gave it to him." I turned around. It's him. It's really him. "Liam" I whispered. He run to me. "I can't believe it." "I missed you so much" he gave me a big hug. "I am so sorry. I shouldn't have done this." "I understood Liam."  he let me go. He looked at Austin. "So, you are Austin?" "Yeah" he said with a big smirk on his face. "Who are you?" "I am.. an old friend." "I like you!" Aust said. I laughed. Liam looked at me and gave me a little piece of paper. "Be there on time" he said, and left.
i opened the paper.


"The Old Park 8p.m.

Be there on time babe.

                            -Liam xx"

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