It's too late

Zayn Malik. That name reminds me of memories. Bad memories. Yeah, we dated. DATED. Past tense. That was back in highschool. We were the school's cutest couple. Until he cheated. With the school's slut. I left, I couldn't take it anymore. I moved to Ireland and met this boy Niall. We started dating after a while. He auditioned for X-Factor a while into our relationship. I heard he got into a band with other guys. He's coming back to Ireland soon with his bandmates. Anyway my name's Juliana. Juliana Anders, and this is my story.


19. Note The Sarcasm

****Niall's P.O.V.****
 I was really drunk! I had like 6 beers and 8 shots! I couldn't even walk or see right. I can't believe I almost forced Jules to do it with me. She probably hates me right now. I felt a tap on my shoulder and thought it was Jules. 
"Yes Niall baby, I'm so sorry for doing that to you, I'll have sex with you" Jules said
"Oh Jules, I love you" I said and started sucking her neck. 
  I got all the boys and we all took a cab home. They were really drunk too. 
  "Hey Jules, I thought you went home with Zayn?" Liam said. Liam was really drunk too.
 ", I decided to stay with Niall"
   We got to the house and I pulled Jules with me and ran up to the room. Then you know what happened. 

****Juliana's P.O.V.****
 I walked in Niall's room. Even worse, it was Nicole in bed with him. I slapped them both and it seemed to wake them both up. 
  "Jules what the fuck was that for?!" Niall said
"For sleeping with a slut" I said angrily
"What are you tal-" He cut himself off and saw Nicole in the bed with him.
"What the bloody hell Nicole! Do you have to sleep with all my boyfriends?! I knew you haven't changed!" I screamed and started to leave. I left with Niall still screaming my name saying he loves me as Nicole with a smirk on her face. I walked downstairs to the boys asking what happened.
 "Why don't you ask your bandmate" I said angrily and left. 
 I'm tired of all this shit and drama. I'm done with guys. I went home packed some stuff and left for the airport. Bradford, here I come.

****One Year Later****
 I came back to Bradford and I've been staying with Krista. She had a baby boy named Andrew. I'm his godmother! He was born 3 days after my birthday. My birthday's June 4 so he was born June 7. I'm 19 almost 20 tomorrow. It's almost Drew's birthday too! That's my nickname for him. 
  I haven't heard from the boys since then. I never want to. Anyway I should go to bed now. Big day tomorrow! 

****Next Day****
  I woke up to somebody jumping on me saying, 
 "Wake up! It's somebody's birthday! I have breakfast in bed for you!" It was Krista. I got up after hearing breakfast in bed. Yeah, I'm a fatass.
 "Aww thanks girly! I'm fuckin' starving!" 
"Haha that's Jules for ya" 
 I was eating my breakfast in bed when Drew crawled into my room. He doesn't really talk, he just mumbles. He doesn't even know how to say mummy or daddy yet. He crawled up to my bed and was trying to say something.
 "Ju-ju-jules" He said my name!
"He said my name! He said my name!" I kept screaming till Anthony and Krista came running in.
 "What happened?!" Krista said.
"He said my name!" 
"Really?! Andrew, say Aunt Jules name again!"
"Ju-jules" He said.
"Oh my god! My baby! But I always thought his first words were going to be mummy" Kris said sadly but was joking
"Haha that was the best birthday gift ever Drew!" 
"Okay, Jules. We are going to go shopping for you today! That is your birthday gift from me!" Kris said cheerfully.
"Okay let me get ready!" 
 I  kicked them out of my room (not really, they just walked out hehe) and got ready into a peach flowy skirt, white tank top, and and a jean jacket with my black ballet flats. I tied half my hair and let the other half down and put a clip-on peach bow. I love bows! Then I got my black Louis Vuitton bag got my phone and left with Krista. 

 We got to the mall and was about to walk into Top Shop when I saw five guys I never wanted to see again. I pulled Krista in fast and looked to see if they walked away. They were walking towards the food court, Niall, so they didn't see me.
 "What the hell was that?" Krista asked curiously. 
"I saw them" I told her. She knows about all the guys and what happened.
"What?! We have to shop without them seeing then!
"I know. This is so unfair! Why on my birthday!" 
"C'mon lets go do what we were born to do. Shop!" Krista said and started pulling out a bunch of clothes for me to see.
  After getting a bunch of clothes we went to the food court. I guess I forgot the guys were here because I heard somebody call me.
 Great. Just my luck. I turned around and saw the guys staring at me. 
 "Oh hey guys" I said and glared at them
"Me and Krista have to go somewhere now bye" I said and pulled Krista to the car in a hurry.
Isn't this the best birthday ever...note the sarcasm.

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