It's too late

Zayn Malik. That name reminds me of memories. Bad memories. Yeah, we dated. DATED. Past tense. That was back in highschool. We were the school's cutest couple. Until he cheated. With the school's slut. I left, I couldn't take it anymore. I moved to Ireland and met this boy Niall. We started dating after a while. He auditioned for X-Factor a while into our relationship. I heard he got into a band with other guys. He's coming back to Ireland soon with his bandmates. Anyway my name's Juliana. Juliana Anders, and this is my story.


16. Just Kill Me Now.


****Juliana's P.O.V.****

It's been a few days since I last saw Zayn. I stayed at my flat for a few days. Niall went back home and him and Zayn are good now. Niall came over my house today to tell me to make up with Zayn. I didn't want to at first but this hatred couldn't go on forever. I'm now on my way to Niall's flat to forgive Zayn. I don't know if the other boys know what happened yet. But I will eventually tell them.

 ****At Niall's flat**** 

 I walked into Niall's flat and saw them all sitting in the living room watching the telly. I guess they didn't hear me come in because they didn't turn around. 

 "Hey" I said to get their attention. They all turned around and said hi. Niall got up and kissed my cheek. I went to give the boys a hug. When I came to Zayn I looked at Niall. He gave me a look that said, 'Go talk to him'.  So I said hi and waited for him to say something. 

 "Hey Jules, I'm really sorry please forgive me," he said. I stared at him for a few second before replying,

"I don't forgive you yet, but we can still be friends."

"Okay," he said and smiled while giving me a hug. I hugged back awkwardly because it's weird hugging your ex boyfriend. The other boys were staring at us confused. I forgot they didn't know what happened. So I told them to sit down and told them the story. They all looked at Zayn with a disapproving look. But after they understood after Zayn told them it was to protect me. I still don't believe that he was really trying to protect me or not. After we finished talking we all decided to watch a movie to get our mind off things. 

"THE LION KING" "TOY STORY" Me and Liam screamed at the same time. I looked at him with a sassy look.

"'Toy Story' over 'The Lion King'? I don't think so Mr. I get what I want, when I want it. Got it?" I said while playfully glaring at him. He stared at me with wide eyes. 

"Did I say 'Toy Story'? I meant 'The Lion King'" He said. The boys stared at me with wide eyes. Niall looked like he was about burst out laughing. Niall knows I'm obsessed with Disney movies but knows 'The Lion King' is my favorite Disney movie. 

"Still didn't change. Still the same Jules," he said with a smirk on his face. 

"You know it," I said while winking at him. Then he put in the movie. 

  After the movie it was only 4:00 so we decided to do something fun. I suggested going to Nandos and they all agreed. We all drove to Nandos in my car. We walked in and saw the face I never wanted to see again. Just kill me now.


****Author's Note****

Sup. Okay bye.

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