It's too late

Zayn Malik. That name reminds me of memories. Bad memories. Yeah, we dated. DATED. Past tense. That was back in highschool. We were the school's cutest couple. Until he cheated. With the school's slut. I left, I couldn't take it anymore. I moved to Ireland and met this boy Niall. We started dating after a while. He auditioned for X-Factor a while into our relationship. I heard he got into a band with other guys. He's coming back to Ireland soon with his bandmates. Anyway my name's Juliana. Juliana Anders, and this is my story.


13. Jules?


  ****Juliana's P.O.V.****

  It's been one month since I came back home to Bradford. I never bumped into Zayn the whole time here. Good. I have been talking with Niall. He said he got in a band with four other guys. I haven't watched the X-Factor yet so I don't know who the other guys were. I never thought if asking him. After the X-Factor finishes, Niall and his band mates are going to stay at one of his bandmate's flat somewhere in England. They'll stay there for a week then he's bringing his bandmates to his flat in Ireland. I'm getting ready to go back to Ireland today. I said by to my family and Krista. She's due next month. I told her I would be there when she has the baby. I got on the plane and left for Ireland. 

****IN IRELAND****

  I just landed in Ireland. I went back to my flat and then went to say hi to Maura and Greg. Then went back to my flat to unpack. I fell asleep a few hours later thinking about Niall. He's coming in a week with his bandmates. 'I miss him so much', I thought as I was slowly falling into a deep sleep.


 Niall's coming home today! With his bandmates of course. I was going to go over to his flat to meet him and his bandmates. I hope they're nice. 

****Niall's P.O.V.****

  I'm going back to Ireland today! I can't wait to see my mom and Greg. Especially my baby Jules. I missed her so much while I was on X-Factor. I can't wait for her to meet my bandmates. They're really nice guys. Louis is the jokester of the group. Harry is the flirt. Liam is the smart and responsible one. And Zayn is the quiet one. We just got to my flat. Jules is coming soon!

****Juliana's P.O.V.**** 

  Niall texted me that he was at his flat now. I got in my car and drove to his flat. As I was driving, I was thinking about how his bandmates are like. Are they nice? Or are they like those stuck-up pop stars that think they're all that because they're famous? Well, I'll see when I get there. I texted Niall if there is food there. Yeah, Niall rubbed off on me. He told me there was none. Good. I stopped by Nandos and got a bunch of food. I also had my employee discount. After I got the food I started driving to Niall's. When I got there, I took the food and walked to his door. I didn't need to knock or ring the doorbell. I have a key. When I went inside I stepped inside his flat I heard people talking in the kitchen. I walked to the kitchen and heard Niall talking to his band mates. 

  "Oh guys! I can't for you to meet my girlfriend! She's the best!" Aww he's so sweet. I peeked in and saw only three guys. I guys the other one went to the loo or something. I tiptoed in the kitchen behind Niall and told the three guys not to say anything. I sneaked behind him and hugged him. 

 "What the fu- Jules!" 

"Hey Nialler" I said. Then we started snogging. I guess I forgot there were three other guys here because one of them said, 

"Umm there are people here" and another one said,

"PDA! PDA! PDA" Wow he's loud! We broke apart and Niall introduced me to them.

"This is Liam" he said and pointed to the boy with the Beiber cut. 

"This is Harry" And pointed to the guy with the really curly hair.

"And this is Louis" And pointed to the loud one. 

"Hi, I'm Juliana. But you can call me Julie or Jules."

"Well I guess you can meet Zayn when he gets out of the bathroom." Zayn. No, it can't be. I mean, there are other guys Niall's age named Zayn. Right?! Oh my fuckin' god I'm freakin out! Please don't be him! Please don't be him! Please don't be- My thoughts were interrupted by somebody's voice.

"Hey guys, I'm back sorry I took so long. I was talking to my mom." Uh-oh. That voice sounds familiar. He couldn't see me because I was turned around. 

"Oh great! Zayn meet my girlfriend. Juliana. Juliana Anders." Oh Niall. Why my full name?! Then I turned around. 

"Zayn" I said coldly.



****Author's Note**** 

Dun! Dun! Dun! Uh-oh! Zayn's back! I need to know! Team Zuliana or Team Jiall? Comment please! Thanks for reading! Peace cookies!



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