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Zayn Malik. That name reminds me of memories. Bad memories. Yeah, we dated. DATED. Past tense. That was back in highschool. We were the school's cutest couple. Until he cheated. With the school's slut. I left, I couldn't take it anymore. I moved to Ireland and met this boy Niall. We started dating after a while. He auditioned for X-Factor a while into our relationship. I heard he got into a band with other guys. He's coming back to Ireland soon with his bandmates. Anyway my name's Juliana. Juliana Anders, and this is my story.


22. In My Heart

****Zayn's P.O.V.****
  Me and the boys were now in Bradford for our concerts there. We stayed at my mum's house because what's the point of staying in a hotel. 
  It was June 4th yesterday and I remembered it was Jules birthday. How could I forget! Because it was also the day we got together...I really miss Jules. It really didn't want to cheat on her but I don't know what I would do if anyone hurt her beautiful face...
  Wait! Zayn stop thinking about her! You have a beautiful girlfriend! Yeah...I'm currently dating Perrie Edwards from Little Mix. Well management made me. The boys don't even know it's for publicity. They think I really 'love' her. Ugh she's so pushy! She wants everything and is a bitch to everybody! Out of all the celebrities why'd they pic her?! (Don't get me wrong, I love Perrie and Zerrie very much!! It's just for the story!)

****Juliana's P.O.V.*****
 I woke up the next day at 10:00. I realized I haven't hanged out with my sisters for a while. I called Casey and asked if they wanted to go to hang out and she said yeah. We decided we were going to get McDonalds for breakfast and then go to the park to play some football (soccer). After we were gonna go back to their house and watch movies. I got ready into my red football shorts, white tank top, and my red, black, white Air Jordan 11s, and put my black hair in a high pony tail. Yeah I can be a tom boy and sneaker head sometimes.

  I got in my new car! Yay! And drove to their house and picked them up. Kasey was wearing dark blue football shorts, sky blue shirt, black Nikes, and her light brown hair was in a pony tail. Ash was wearing the cutest pink outfit! It was light pink football shorts, light pink football jersey, white shoes and her beautiful, dark, brown hair was in pig tails! Then we were on our way to McDonalds for breakfast!
  After breakfast we drove to the park. I got the football and went to where the football nets were to see that it was being used already. Ugh why them! was the boys! Of course they were here! Shits about to go down! This is my football field! 

****Zayn's P.O.V.****
  Me and the boys woke up pretty early...10:00. We decided to go to the park I always went to when I played football with Jules. She was actually kinda better than me but I never admitted it. We were both captain of the football team but she was for the girls and I was for the boys. We got ready and drove to the park.
  We were playing for about half and hour until I heard my name being called.
 "Yo Malik!" I heard a girl scream. I turned around to see Jules with her sisters who look like they were going to play some ball. 
"What" I replied.
"Why are you on my field"
"Last time I checked it doesn't have your name on it" 
"Well ever since you left it has"
"Well if you think this is your field how about a little game, just me and you. Whoever wins gets the field" Oh shit. She had a smirk on her face the said, 
"...Deal" We shook hands and the boys and girls sat on the benches and watched us. We agreed whoever scored 10 points first wins. I made Louis my goalie and obviously Kasey had ti be hers. Game on Anders.

****Jules' P.O.V.**** don't know what you have gotten yourself into. You see I was captain of the football team in high school. Yeah you probably new that already but this is something nobody knows. When I first started football I was Ash. So that's how I became so good. When I tried out for the team, the coach said I was so good and that I was better than the whole boys team! Even the captain...Zayn...but that's when we were still dating. So a week before I found out about Zayn, coach got me a football scholarship for a very expensive school with the best football program! He even said he showed professionals my games and they said I was great! But then Zayn happened and I forgot about the scholarship and was too late. I got really angry so I always practiced in Mullingar. Niall knows because I would always disappear to a football field. So I was even better! Get ready to get crushed Malik!

****Niall's P.O.V.****
 Oh shit, does Zayn really want to do this?! Jules is really good..and I mean REALLY GOOD! When she was in Mullingar and she would always disappear some where. One day I followed her and she went to a football field. I watched her practice and she was AMAZING! I would definitely say she could beat all the boys together by herself! Oh well..might as well get ready to leave!

***Skip part of the game***
****Jules' P.O.V.****
  It was 8 to 1...obviously me winning! Zayn should just give up already! He just got that 1 point because Ash screamed and I almost fell. Anyway I just scored another goal so it was 9 to 1. I decided to let them think I was tiring out so I let Zayn get all the points until he got to 9. I know risky right! But he can never win versing me! I had the ball and was running towards the goal Zayn was trying to steal the ball but I faked a right and went around him. He's too easy! I quickly kicked it passed Lou and made the 10th goal! I won! 
 "HA! In your face Malik! You're too easy! Have fun playing on another field!"
"Whatever" He said walking away with the boys. I kinda felt bad and I couldn't really play with just Kasey and Ash so I don't know why I did what I did next.
"Wait!" I screamed. They all stopped and turned around. 
" can stay. I don't want to okay with just them you know" I said with a slight smile on my face. They all smiled and ran over. They all hugged me...yes even Niall.
"I missed you guys" I said with a smile.
"We missed you too" They all said.
"And I'm really sorry Jules" Niall said
"Like I said with Zayn, I don't forgive you but we can still be friends" 
"I'd like that" He said and hugged me again. I don't even really know if I ever loved Niall. I always had someone else in my heart...

****Author's Note****

 Hey whores!! Just to let you know that picture of the girl in the beginning is how Jules looks like. My phone was being stupid so I couldn't move it:p Any(whore)way read, like, favorite this and my other movellas thanks bitches<I typed 'bitches' with my eyes close! Fuck yeahh

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