You"re My Devotion (Zariana Fanfiction)

A surprise visit from her manager costs Ariana a two month tour with five boys shes never met before. Will she sink or swim?


3. Our secret Place


"I guess its just something i do" i giggled as Zayn asked me why i put my hand over my face. Little did he know it was to hide my cheeks flushing and my one dimple being exposed. I smiled at him while Bryon walked over. "Ariana,you are honestly great! Okay, now i will listen to the boys and you can head to your bus. You have six hours till you get back, good luck." he said looking at me , then his eyes swooping to each of the boys faces and back at me again. Bryon had this feeling that giving people stares will make them more secure for some reason. "okay boys take it away" bryon then said. I walked off stage watching each and every one of them engage within the song. They sang their hot single 'one thing'. My stomach turned upside down several times when Zayn looked at me. I couldnt help but scan him head to toe, his hair was in a perfect quiff and he was wearing a buttoned up shirt which fit his torso perfectly, it was matched with dark black jeans and a pair of high tops. Harry also kept staring at me leaving me to blush every second , but harry didnt have the same effect Zayn put on me. They ended their song and walked backstage. "Hey Ari wanna hang out somewhere calm, its too early to be stuck in a bus all day" louis grinned. "sure!" i said in a very pleasent tone. He looked at me for a second and walked to Bryon whispering something in his ear. "okay where alright to go!" louis then shouted walking towards us. Me being the bimbo i am asked what he was whispering in Bryons ear. "Ari hes our manager we have to ask before we go hellooooo?" Louis laughed as harry added in saying "Your the cutest" winking in my direction. "thanks harreeeh" i giggled as all the boys laughed. Zayn whacked harrys head looking a little tempered but it didnt really bother me knowing i was going to have a day out. "so where are we going" i said with a large smile glued to my face. Each of the boys glared at eachother almost as if they were speaking through their eyes. "its a surprise!" Niall said between the munching of food. "okay" i blabbered while thinking about how much food Niall eats. We walked out of the venue heading into a black van, i sat inside grinning to each of the boys excited in where were going like a little child who bought a barbie.

. . .

I felt my eyes drop for wherever we were going took a long time to get there. As i was drifting off to sleep the car stopped taking me out of my trance. I stood up kind of loosing my balance till someone helped me stand straight. "like i said, cute." "stop teasing me because im short!!" i shouted at harry while laughing. I walked out of the car and still couldnt realise where we were. "where are we?!" i questioned towards the one direction boys who were now standing infront of me. "this is our secret place, its far in Virginia." liam said in the most sensible tone. I took a glance at the waves which was evaportating within the air. I breathed in and felt the very fresh oxygen And almost tasted the salt. "its perfect." i smiled. "this is were we filmed what makes you beautiful, the first area" Niall exlaimed. "its pretty hot today, we should go for a swim!" Louis let out an idea. "thats a great idea" Zayn said slipping his clothes off. "hey what am i going to wear!" i said pouting. "Arianas right guys,maybe we should-" liam got cut off as he was dragged into the beach water. "just stay in your undies and bra" Harry winked. I blushed as i slipped of my skirt leaving me with my white bandeau and my black lace undies. I ran into the cold water feeling my body tense up as the water Sent shivers down my spine. "Ari!-" Louis was cut off as an arm pulled me underneath the water leaving me defencless exposing me to the cold water. I stood up jumping on the body that took over me, "How do you like that!" I laughed towards Zayn who attacked me a minute ago. He took his head out of the water holding me from my waist snatching my hands from his head. He shoved me under the water looking at me with pain in his eyes due to the salt. He was still looking at me until some one grabbed me pulling me away. "Harry!" i giggled. He put me over his shoulders as louis put niall over his. "FIGHT!" louis screeched. I laughed as i tried wrestling niall, i was falling of Harrys shoulders till Zayn caught me handing me over to Louis. I splashed him with water until he dropped me making a huge splash. "am i that fat?" i pouted as i pointed to the splash i caused. "your perfect" Zayn said, i blushed while looking down. "woooo" Harry said slapping Zayns stomach while also laughing. "whats the time?" i said worried after getting caught up with the amount of fun i was having. Liam said he would check after heading out of the water. We kept on shoving each other until Liams soft shout travelled through the water vibrating my ear drums. "WE HAVE TO GO, THERES 3 HOURS FOR THE SHOW!" we looked at eachother and ran out saying the last is a rotten egg like little kids. I was coming last so Zayn slowed down making sure i wasnt the one who was going to be sitting at the very back as thats what we debated on. I smiled at the thought of him thinking of me, why did that make me happy?

I wore my skirt while the extreme sunlight already dried my very little clothes leaving it damp. I sat at the front near Louis who was driving. "how do you even drive in Virginia?" i said raising an eyebrow. "this isnt our first time in virgina Ari." he smiled. "when did you start calling me Ari?" i said shocked. "i dont know it just sounds right" he said being proud of himself. The rest of the trip back to the tour bus was probably of me just sleeping. "Come on Ari wake up!" Harry yelled. I opened my eyes heading in the bus. "I BAGS THE SHOWER!" i shouted grabbing a towel and my temporary clothes until i got dressed at the venue. I washed all the salt residue of my hair making it shine with the red within my hair. I dressed myself with a simple skirt and top, wearing a pair of black wedges. I walked outside to the boys already dressed. "arnt you going to shower?" i said confused. "nope, no point." harry stated. By the time i was ready we where already at the venue and i ran inside to to the makeup artists and the people who dressed me with the best clothes. By the time they were done with my makeup and hair i looked amazing. My hair was opened and curled at the end. There was a ribbon holding up the front pieces of my long scarlet hair. As i walked over to see the dress they put out for me , it was a light creamy colour and was puffy at the end. At last i wore a pair of cream wedges. I was happy with the amount of work the staff put into my outfit. As i was checking my self in the mirror the boys came in. "wooooow, you look hot." Harry winked. "you look beautiful" Zayn corrected smiling in my direction. Oh no there it was, i blushed putting my hand over my face. "you look amazing" Louis repeated as Liam and Niall looked dumbfounded. I smiled and replied "you guys look really good".

I walked near the exit to the stage as i waited for my sign to sing.

. . .

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