You"re My Devotion (Zariana Fanfiction)

A surprise visit from her manager costs Ariana a two month tour with five boys shes never met before. Will she sink or swim?


1. New Faces



"ARIANA!!! YOU’RE SO AMAZING!" fans in the crowd screeched. "Thank you guys so much!" I smiled back at all the happy but exhausted faces. I couldn’t help but realise my muscles tense up from the 6 hour straight performing. I walked off stage flashing another smile; I heard my name being called from my manager Helen. "Ari, there you are!” she managed to find me. "Here I am!" I said while smirking. "I just got off the phone from Sony records; they want you to do a worldwide tour! I couldn’t hold back the tears from happiness. I was actually very proud of myself. I was drenched in sweat due to the excessive dancing. I sighed while heading home. "I'm home I shouted while my voice echoed dramatically through the large out of the ordinary house. I walked to my room grabbing my pyjamas. I took a warm shower rinsing my hair a various amount of times. As soon as I was finished I brushed my knots out and braided my hair. I lay in bed falling asleep so rapidly. "Ari?" a voice woke me up. "Frankie?" I smiled up to my big bro. "your home!" I grinned while pulling him into a bone crushing hug. Frankie was the best brother anyone can possibly ever have. We shared the strongest family bond, although he would usually be in New York producing Broadway shows he would try visiting Los Angeles as often as he could. I had been living here for about 2 years filming a nickelodeon TV series called victorious which was coming to an end. I was to continue my music career and keep going with the acting. "Yes I guess I am little Miss thinking cap" he laughed while hugging me back. I was so excited to finally see my family. It wasn't for too long

though, I would soon be leaving for the 'all around the world' tour. I kicked Frankie out for a change in clothes. Before anything, I took my hair out from its braid leaving it flow naturally; I wore my favourite pale pink skirt matching it with a white lace crop top. I then wore my creamy colour wedges also fixed my makeup and headed downstairs. "How long have I been getting ready?" I said to Frankie looking confused at the fact there was a massive breakfast ready for the both of us. "Hush up and eat child" Frankie said while fiddling with the apples on the counter.

. . .

*ding dong* went the doorbell. “I’ll get it!" I yelled to my brother. "Um Helen?" I stared as I saw the boys of one direction and Helen standing on my front porch. "Well aren’t you going to let us in?" the boy with the curly hair smirked.

I rolled my eyes; I guess he was the cheeky and mischievous one I giggled to myself. They were pretty appealing I thought to myself. I leaned to the side letting them in. I motioned over to my couches and we sat down in an awkward silence. "Remember the all-around the tour I was talking to you about?" Helen asked. "Um yeah..." I said trying to figure out where this conversation was going. "You’re touring with these boys! You’re going to be the opening act and you will be gone for 2 months. How does that sound?" she smiled up to me. "I don't even know them" I said trying not to sound too harsh. "That’s why you get to know us; we didn't know we were touring with you either. We aren’t so pumped about it either!" the blonde one said. He had an Irish accent which was the cutest thing ever. "Hmm... I guess that's okay." I smiled to them. "Well what are you waiting for? Introduce yourselves!" Helen laughed.

"Liam" the sensible looking one said, I shook his hand while giggling to myself. Niall the blonde Irish one said while hugging me. "You’re quite the hugger" I examined. "Harry" the cheeky one said while winking at me. "It’s Louis!" the boy with the strong British accent laughed while they all shook my hand. “I’m Ariana, but I guess if we are close enough you can call me Ari!" I said to four of the boys. Last but not least "I'm Zayn" the gorgeous one said while biting down on his tongue. I bit my lip and shook his hand. I couldn't help but feel my cheeks flush as he smiled at me intensely.

I went up to my room after a long day of discussing about the tour. Yesterday was... Interesting. Meeting with the boys you were going to live with the next 2 months gave me the chills. It's kind of awkward I muttered under my breath. I guess it would be okay after I get to know them, they seem like good lads. Plus most of them are taken except for Harry, Niall and Zayn.

. . .

Wow so today I'm going on tour with one direction. Exciting right? I packed my suitcase with plenty of clothing, it went from skirts, dresses, tops, bras, and off course my shoes. I decided I should wear something comfortable since I was going to go on an airplane ride to New York and then from there I will be living in a tour bus with 5 other boys. I sighed while I dressed myself with black casual tights, black Dr Martens, and a loose beige top accessorizing with bangles and cute earrings. I tied my hair up in a ponytail curling the tips leaving it to bounce. I looked in the mirror and liked what I wore. As I was struggling with the suitcases Harry walked in. "uh you need help with that" he said awkwardly. "Yes please..." I said while trailing off. "How did you get in here?" I asked curiously. "Your brother Frankie let us all in with Helen." he said proudly. "Cheeky fella you are" I giggled. He carried my suitcases down like a sweet gentlemen and we headed to our managements van. I sat down and put my head on the window. My eyes starting to get heavy and just as I was about fall asleep the boys called my name. "Uh Ariana wake up! Were uh here!" they shouted. I got up and we got ready to get in the plane. It wasn't going to be the longest flight do I didn’t really mind it. I hated airplanes; it was just scary how it flies without wings. I think I just named a song. I giggled to myself as the boys stared at me like I was a weirdo. "Stop staring" I laughed. We ended up getting along pretty well even though we hardly knew each other.

I was seated in-between Louis and Zayn and Helen was somewhere I didn't even know. "Soooo" I drifted trying to start a conversation since it was getting boring. "Soooo...” Zayn said. "So… Tell me about how you got famous" Zayn asked. "Hmm. Well see Zayn. I actually use to perform on Broadway with Liz Gillies before victorious, what about you?" I said. "Xfactor, it was a hard competition." he explained. "So you won?" I replied. "Nope, we actually came second. Thanks to Simon we are where we are." he smiled. "That’s so cool!" I repeated. "Ariana you’re a nice girl." Zayn then said. "Thanks Zayn, so are you" I smiled. "Hey I'm not a girl" he pouted. I laughed at his response slapping his arm playfully. We had various conversations the whole flight. He was good at keeping people company.

"Ouft, we're finally at new York. Another 6 hour drive yay." I protested. "Hold your horses!" Louis said. "Hush Louis... Hush." I laughed and so did he. "Anyone up for a feed?" Niall said. Everybody was hungry except for me and Louis. We say in the bus while they went inside the restaurant we stopped near. Things were getting awkward so he started a conversation. "So Ariana. What can you tell me about yourself? Like... Are you single? Why is your hair red? How did you become famous? Why do you only have one dimple? Why do you put your hand over your face when you laugh?" he said all in one breath giving me a slight smirk. "Wow you sure have a lot of questions" I laughed. "Hmm okay. Well, yes I'm single, I wanted to be different and I personally love red velvet cupcakes, I was on Broadway and I guess I just auditioned for victorious which got me known, I don’t know really it's quite embarrassing, because it's just something I do I guess I can't help myself when I'm laughing." I said looking at his reaction. "Wow I didn't think you would answer all that" he said laughing along with me. "Okay, so now you answer all of those questions." I said with a stern look in my eyes. "Okay... I'm currently dating Eleanor Calder, I don't have red hair, xfactor, I don't have dimples and I sure don't cover my face when I laugh" he said sarcastically. "You and Eleanor are the cutest couple by the way!" I said in a sweet tone. Louis was a good guy; he was sure going to be a good friend of mine. "Thanks Ariana!" he said just when the boys came back. "Where’s Helen?" I asked. "Oh she left, it's tour time now!" Niall giggled.


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