Sophie and Justin have never got along with each other. They absolutely detest one another, so when their moms decides to get them to spend the summer together, they do all they need in their power to make up excuses to avoid the other. But will this change when they start to grow feelings for the other part?


5. Chapter 5

"Goodmorning. Slept well?" Pattie asked me as I stepped into the kitchen.

"Yes. Very well. And you?" I sat down next to her to get some breakfast.

"Well, not that good. Have been awake all night."

"Why?" At this point I had started to eat my sandwich.

"Don't really know. But that doesn't matter. I thought we could do something fun today. What do you say about playing baseball? I've heard you like it." How did she get to know that? I hope mom didn't tell her. But it is true, I love baseball.

"Erm. Yeah seems fun." I gave her a smile.

"Okay. Better get going soon. Your mom went out to do some errands so I guess she's not going to come with us." 

"Where are we going?" I asked her. I thought we could just play in the backyard.

"To the baseball field. A little bit outside the LA. It's really not that far from here. Is that okay?" 

"Yeah. Sure." I gave her a smile. "Is it just going to be you and me then?" I asked her. It must be. At the same time I got to think of how she and Justin is relatives. Or he is her child. She is kind, he is evil. It doesn't fit. They are not the same. They can't be. Justin must be adopted or something..Taken from Satan.

"Yes. Just me and you. I need some exercise too." She said with a laugh. I laughed with her.


After breakfast I went to the room to get some stuff. We then headed for the baseball court. In the car I got into the passenger side as Pattie drove the car.

"Excited?" She asked as we were very close to the baseball area.

"Yes. Very. A long time ago I played." It was a very long time ago I played. I used to play as a child, but then I suddenly fell out of it. Baseball isn't for girls, and I didn't want to throw attention on me if I was going to continue to play.

"Then it's time that you start again." She said with a smile. We got to the court and got out of the car. We then changed into baseball- clothes and made our way to the court where we met some other people that were going to play too. I can say there were some hot guys.

It was pretty fun, we were teaming up in two teams to play a match. It went on really fat and we were soon done, ready to leave.


*Justin's POV* 

I was hanging out with my friends at one of their houses when we got so bored that we thought that we could might go and play some baseball. Not my idea, I really don't like baseball, it is so boriiiing, but still they like it so I thought why not. We now sat in the car not that far away from the court where they said they usually play. We got there really fast and I went to sit down somewhere because there were still people on the court. As I looked at the people there, I saw my mom and... Sophie. What on earth are they doing here? I continued to watch a little bit more and saw that they were having fun. They were laughing... Is she trying to steal my mom away from me? I needed to do something. The match ended and they actually won, along with the other members in the team. I saw my chance to go and see what's going on when Pattie left Sophie alone. I bumped into her as she was making her way out from there. Time for me to have a little fun.

"Oh sorry I didn't see-" She said as she turned around. "Never mind.. What are you doing here?!"

"What are YOU doing here? Stealing my mother like that? Who do you think you are?!" I yelled back at her.

"What are you talking about? I am not stealing your mother! I was having fun. Except from you I know what fun is!"

"Really?! I know what fun is! I live with fun! You can't have fun because you are just some fat girl that dresses like a psycho! Now I think I know why you don't have any boyfriend, because you're too damn ugly!" I yelled at her. I could see that it hurt her a little bit, but I don't care. I then heard some voice behind me. Please don't let it be mom.

"Man relax. You need your voice bro." Chaz said, clapping my shoulder. 

"Don't interfere in this." I said back. I then saw Sophie leaving with some tears in her eyes. Oh uh. Mom is gonna see this. I saw that she headed to the changing room and I didn't even bother to come after her to make everything alright. If she told Pattie, she is so going down and she knows it. 

"Wanna play buddy?" Ryan asked. When did he get here? And when did he started to call me buddy?

"Guess so." But seriously, baseball is for losers. 

As we were going to play, I saw my mom and Sophie heading to the car. Please mom, don't see me. But she did..

"Justin! What are you doing here? Why didn't you tell me you were going to be here? We could been playing together." She said. Oh moms, you know how they are right? 

"I didn't know I was coming here." It was true. It was like a last minute plan.

"Okay. Well, have fun, need to go now. See you when you get home later." She said and hugged me. 

"I don't think I'm coming home today. Gonna sleep over at Ryan's house."

"Okay. See you some time tomorrow then." Well, I don't plan to get home tomorrow either for that occasion but what's not said doesn't hurt. I just smiled at her. She then left back to the car where Sophie were standing, looking down at her feet. Oh boy she can be such a drama queen sometimes.


So what do you think about this chapter? Comment, I haven't had any comments and if you comment I will love you forever. Haha. Have a nice day and live it to the fullest.

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