Sophie and Justin have never got along with each other. They absolutely detest one another, so when their moms decides to get them to spend the summer together, they do all they need in their power to make up excuses to avoid the other. But will this change when they start to grow feelings for the other part?


3. Chapter 3


"Fasten your seatbelt. We're off to LA." Said a woman voice through the speaker. We were now sitting on the airplane and going to LA! I can't believe I'm finally going out to see the world. I have been stuck in Canada for so long.. After some time that they have been driving around on the course we lifted from the earth and I really liked it. The drive-off was so funny to experience. Another thing I can check from my list '100 things I have to do before I die'. 

As we were up there in the air, I stared out from the window and I was pretty fascinated by how we really could be up here.

"How are you honey?" My mom asked. I broke my sight from the window to look at her.


"That's good."

"How come dad's not with us?" I said without really thinking of what I was saying. I directly regretted my question.

"Oh. As you know he's working with homeless people in Europe and couldn't come to stay with us." She said. I saw my mom getting sad and tried to change the subject.

"How long do we stay there?" 

"I don't know. She said we could stay for as long as we want to. We can stay the whole summer if you want to, or just stay some weeks. It's not planned." She explained. It seemed nice.

"Okay. Good to know that. Can't wait to get there!" My mom knew I was still excited about this. 

The flight went on well and I could finally hear the voice from the speakers again.

"We're going to start to land in LA in a few minutes. All people must be in their seats with their seatbelts on by then. We're thanking you to been flying with us, and welcome back again." With that, people were flooding back to their seats and the plane were going down. After another minutes we reached the earth and I could finally breathe again. When we got out of the airplane we grabbed our bags and was going to get out of the airport when my mother spoke.

"She will come and get us, so we don't need to get out."

"Okay where is she?" I questioned.

"She should be here." My mom said as she started to look around the airport. Then we heard someone calling her name.

"Kathy! Kathy! Kathy!" She yelled as she made her way to us.

"Pattie! So nice to see you again! It was a long time ago. How's things?" They started to have a chit-chat as I was left out of it. I remember that woman.. She is.. Oh.. She is HIS mom.. I really like her. She is the nicest woman ever and it's even better I'm going to spend my summer with her as long as her son doesn't some near me.

"Sophie. Oh look at you. You've gotten so big!" She said as she came over to me to give me a hug.

"Yeah, you know I grow." I said with a laugh and she started to laugh too. "How are you?" I continued, to sound polite.

"Only great haven't been better. And how about you? I heard you've graduated. Justin did it too this year..." She said. The sound of his voice made me shiver. He was the worst nightmare someone could ever have. "Well, at the thought of him, where is that boy? He was only going to get some food.." Oh no. He was here? This can't be good. Why didn't my mom tell me?!

"Well, yeah I graduated. And I have no idea of where he is." I said and smiled. It was maybe too late to answer her question, but I did it anyways.

"I'm going to see where he-"

"No need to do that mom." I heard the one and only Justin Bieber say.

"There you are sweetie. Where have you been?" Pattie turned to hug Justin. Well, mommas boy much?

"Justin, you remember Sophie don't you?" He turned to look at me and I could really see him tense up. 

"MOM? Why didn't you tell me she was coming too?!" Dear lord. Someone asked what I wanted to ask. Good, not going to be that makes it awkward.

"Erm. Well you wouldn't have come with me if I told you she was coming." Pattie answered.

"I am NOT spending the summer with her!" He yelled. Well me neither.

"Just try.." Our mom's said quietly. Like we haven't tried before... We started to walk to their car in absolutely silence. Me and Justin's moms leaving us behind again. We got into the car and me and Justin was sitting in the back of the car while our moms were sitting at the front. It was so awkward that there were no words for it. As we got to their house, I guess, Pattie oppened up the door.

"Justin, will you be kind and follow Sophie to her room?" 

"No! She can find it by her own!" HE yelled at his mom. Obviously still mad. We're definitely in the same boat.

"Justin calm down and follow Sophie to her room." Pattie did so not give up on this.

"No. Pattie, it's okay. I'm sure I can find it by myself." I abruptly spoke.

"No. Justin will follow you sweetie. Be kind to each other." Pattie and my mom then went somewhere in the house, leaving us behind as always. Did they really think we could get along? This is stupid. I got more inside the house and saw that it was really big. It was like my house times houndred.

"Will you move your fat ass and come with me?" The boy spoke.

"Will you move yours?" I spat back.

"Gosh. So annoying." He murmured as he walked up the stairs. Me following him behind.

"So this is your room! Don't come close to me this summer, or you have to leave!" He said as he slammed the door shut, leaving me in the room. The room had full sight out over LA and it was so beautiful. I want to live here all the time. I decided to clean myself to later go down and see what everyone was doing, trying to keep away from him.

After the half hour that it took to make myself ready, I got down the stairs to the living room where Pattie was sat on the couch. 

"Are you hungry sweetie?" His adorable mother asked me. 

"Yeah. A little." I nodded.

"Come here. You will get some food." She said and walked into the kitchen. She made me food, even though I had insisted.

"Thank you so much." I said as she gave me my nuddles. I really love nuddles. 

"You're welcome." She said.

"Mom! Chaz and Ryan is coming over in five!" He yelled.

"Okay honey." Pattie said in her soft voice back. I just want them to keep away from me. Hopefully they will.

I ate up my food and went to the living room where I could look out to the pool and see my mom reading a book. I made my way to sit on the couch to watch some TV when 3 guys came and took my place.

"Ayee. Gonna beat the shit out of you!" One boy yelled to another.

"Not if I beat you first!" The other one said.

"Okay. Not here. Will take him down tonight!" Justin said. The other two was obviously his friends Chaz and Ryan. Ugh. I just stared at them when they suddenly noticed I was in the room too.

"Man. You're hot. Justin why didn't you tell me you have a hot girl in here? Would maybe come a little earlier." One boy said.

"Stop it Chaz. She's my mother's friend's daughter for god's sake!" Justin said. The other boy raised himself from the couch to shake my hand.

"Hi. I'm Ryan." He said. And I knew this summer would be pure torture.



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