Sophie and Justin have never got along with each other. They absolutely detest one another, so when their moms decides to get them to spend the summer together, they do all they need in their power to make up excuses to avoid the other. But will this change when they start to grow feelings for the other part?


2. Chapter 2


"Honey! Get up! It's time for you to graduate!" My mom yelled and I immediately threw myself out of the bed. Graduation! I am so big now. The day I've been waiting for for years has finally arrived. I got up and made myself ready to graduate. I put some make-up on and called my mom's name so she would come up and do my hair. I can't do it alone so my mom got to do it instead.

"Are you excited?" My mom asked. Why would she ask that? Of course I am. barely didn't get any sleep last night.

"Of course! Too much."

"Good that someone is happy." She said as she did my hair. She curled my brown hair so it fell over my shoulders to my back. It was almost down to my hips but it wasn't too long. 

"There you go." My mom said with a smile.

"Thanks mom. It actually looks good." I said and smiled wide.

"Glad you like it. You better get dressed. Amy will be here soon." Amy my friend. She is always late. I can take my time.

"Okay." I nodded to my mom and got up from my chair and walked to my closet. I grabbed my white dress and put it on. I put the dress on, being careful with my hair so it didn't get ruined and took my graduation clothing and made my way downstairs. As if Amy read my mind, she arrived at the same time I got down on the stairs. My mom oppened the door and said hello to Amy as I put on my shoes.

"Hey Amy! You look beautiful!" I greeted and gave her a hug.

"You too." She said and we got out of the door.

"Bye mom. Will you be there later?" I said and gave her a hug.

"Of course. Would never miss your graduation." She said. 

"Okay. See you later then!" I said and ran to Amy's car. I put the graduation hat and 'dress' in the back of the car and sat myself in the passanger seat next to Amy who drove the car. Why don't I still have a license? Because I'm too lazy to get one... We came to the school and met all our friends. It was a fun time until the cermony began. The principal called up one by one and when it was my turn I saw my mom sitting there and cry. I wished my dad would be here, but he's barely home, having his job in Europe is maybe not so good when you live in Canada. I grabbed my diploma and got of the stage. It just happened. I have been graduated and was ready to be a woman! Next was Amy's turn and when it all was done we said our goodbyes to everyone. I made my way home with my mom and was ready to celebrate with my family.

"You've gotten so big!" My aunt said as we ate.

"You think?" I said smiling at her.

"Yes! I still remembered when you were borned. You were so little, and look at you now, so graduated and stuff." I couldn't help myself to laugh at what she said. I love my aunt, she's like my dad. And when dad is working, she is the closest I can get to him.

"That is a long time ago." I said to her. "People grow up, there's nothing wrong with that." I stated.

"I guess."

The dinner went by really fast, and I made my way to my room that I've been having ever since childhood and fell asleep. I can't really believe that I am graduated! Now comes a life with ful maturity and I can't back away from it. But I know that I'm ready.



"Why are you sleeping so much for?! Sophie get up, it's nearly afternoon!" I know who that is..

"Mom. It's summer! I am allowed to sleep how long I want to!" I yelled et her with my sleepy voice.

"I need to talk to you. I need you to be in the kitchen in five minutes. Okay?" She waited for me to answer.

"Fine." I said finally. 

"Good." And with that she got out of my room. I got up from my bed and got some sweatpants on as I made myself down to the kitchen. As I got there I heard my mom talk to someone on the phone.

"Yeah I will tell her now.."

"Hey mom." I said and interrupted her in he phone call.

"Okay, gotta go." She spoke into the phone as she saw me.

"So what do you want to talk to me about?" I said and grabbed something to have as brunch. I got what I wanted and sat down at the table. My mom was quiet until she was sure I would listen, I think.

"Okay. It's about what we're going to do this summer and I know that you don't want to stay in stratford all the summer, so what would you say about go to LA?" I was kinda shocked by that. I never went anywhere on the summers, except around Canada and stuff like that.

"Are you sure mom? You've never wanted to go out of Canada."

"Yes. I'm totally sure. In fact I have a friend down there that would want us to come down there. I think it would be good for us to come away."

"Okay. Sounds great!" I was so excited about this. I had never been in LA before, so this would be awsome.

"Good to know. We can leave already tomorrow."

"Oh my God, mom are you serious?!"

"Haha. Yes I am. You better go and pack. We're leaving early tomorrow."

"I'm on it!" I said and got up from my chai and ran to the closet to pack. I packed to the long into the night and called my friend Amy to know that I'm going to go to LA the next day. She was so excited for me and wished me to have a good time. Later that night I couldn't sleep until it was time for us to leave 2 am in the morning. But for how long would we really stay there? I hoped we could stay there all summer. But still it's my mom's friend and I don't want to feel like we're caber in her life. I guess I will take it as it comes.


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