Sophie and Justin have never got along with each other. They absolutely detest one another, so when their moms decides to get them to spend the summer together, they do all they need in their power to make up excuses to avoid the other. But will this change when they start to grow feelings for the other part?


17. Chapter 17

"Oh my god. Is that Miley Cyrus?!" I yelled at Justin's face as we had stepped out of the car.

"Yes. Calm down. Take it easy, okay?" He whispered in my ear.

"How am I supposed to take it is I mean that is the one and only Miley Cyrus oh my god I can't breathe." Justin just looked at me with an amused expression. He took my hand and led us to the red carpet as my eyes constantly were on Miley when she greeted her fans. I wanna be there, not here when I am going to step on a red carpet. I wanna meet Miley.

As we got further inside the red carpet, people started to notice that Justin were there. Screams were constantly being thrown. How can he go through this everyday? Just hearing it once makes me get tired of it. Justin backed off, releasing my hand as he went to see fans. I stood there awkwardly, intently watching how he acted with his fans. To say that it was cute is to underestimate. I don't think I ever have seen him so genuinely happy. Maybe once, but that's all. It took him a while to get rid if them, they were just so many. He should be astonished to have so many caring fans. Dedicated isn't just enough.

Once he had taken pictures with many of the teenage girls he came back to me, taking my hand in his and leading me further up on the red carpet. "Okay this can take a while." He whispered in my ear. There were so many reporters that wanted to talk to him, but he just negated them. A few of them asked if we were dating but Justin didn't seem to care at all. As we got to the photography wall, I don't know what to call that, Justin asked me to stand beside. Photographers took pictures of him in his black blazer. He looked extremely hot. Something he should wear more often.

He surprised me when he grabbed my waist so I was in the spotlight too. The papparizzs went nuts, asking if I was his girlfriend, how long we had been dating and who I am. Justin seemed pretty pissed off so he took my hand and walked away from there. We walked further on the red carpet, justin didn't seem to care at all. I think he just wanted to get away from there, as same goes for me. We passed them all and once we got inside I could finally breathe. Justin let go of my hand and told me that we should go and meet some people.

"Sorry about that craziness." He whispered in my ear. Is that a new thing for him? Whisper to me in the ear so I can't say anything back because he's a few inches taller than me?

"Justin!" A voice behind us called. I turned around to see a man that must be at least forty. He had a light beard. His outfit was just ordinary jeans and a t-shirt. It feels like I know him from somewhere.

"Scooter..." Justin spoke. The old man called scooter (what a funny name) came to stand in from of us.

"Hey Justin I got some very good news to tell you."

"Oh really?"

"Yes. Okay so Selena seems to be attending this award show as well and it would be good for publicity if you two were seen together." Scooter spoke those words as like I wasn't here. Haven't he seen me?

Justin seemed tense as he answered him. "Scoot. I know you're my manager and want the best from me, but I already have a date." He said and looked at me.

His manager turned his head to look at me in a disgust look. What the hell? "Is she famous? No. Do this for me please. We don't want your new album to be a failure." As he spoke failure he narrowed his eyes at me. What the hell does he want?

"Sorry to tell you this but I will never be seen with that woman in my entire life." Justin said. His manager seemed chocked.

"You have to do this Justin. You have no other choice. And whoever your 'date' is you have to let her go home. Selena will be here in a few minutes and she's ready to be seen with you so I suggest you get ready."

As I looked up at Justin in a confused face, his jaw tensed. "And if I don't want to?"

"Then you won't have a record label which means you have to go back to Canada." He said that with a smile on his face. What a bitch. How can Justin live like this. "I hope you make your right choice Justin." And with that he left.

My mouth was shaped as an 'o' and Justin seemed to have fun with his jaw clenching. What the hell was that?

"What are we going to do?" I asked.

How the hell am I supposed to know that?!" He screamed in my face, which made me step back. I looked at him and in his face I could see fear, anger and regret. Regret for what? For taking me here?

"Okay I'm sorry. This is what we're going to do. I'm going to ask the driver to drive you back home and I'm so sorry for this I didn't see this coming. Once home you say to pattie and your mom that you got sick. Go straight to your room and forget about this. Forget about me too, my career isn't good for us and that's not something I want you to experience. I'm sorry." When he was done I just looked at him. What did he just say? To forget that this ever happened? I was at a loss of words until Justin put his car keys in my hand.

A few moments later that girl called Selena came and took my place. He didn't even look back.

I walked out of the venue, repeating what just had happened in my head, even though I have no idea what just happened. He left me. He left me stranded in a city I don't know. I could get lost and in this moment I really want to. Who on earth does he think he is to leave his date stranded? The anger I have felt toward him in basically my entire life seemed to come back. No, now I know what I have to do. It's the only way out of this mess.

The driver came to pick me up and drove me back to the house. Once there I told my mom and pattie I was sick. I still had Justin's car keys even though I don't know why. Maybe he wants me to do this. Yes he totally wants me to do this. In my room I started to pack my suitcase. I took off this annoyingly ugly dress. Right now I want to forget about Justin, I want to get a new start. Once finished packing all my things I wrote a note. In that note I told Justin to fuck off. Is this what he has planned all the time? Ugh fuck him and his life and his stupid career. He didn't even care about me, I mean who would leave his date to care about their career? Okay maybe everyone. But I mean he could easily get another record label, he's the most wanted popstar in this world.

I opened the window. Okay how am I gonna do this? I am on the second floor I am never going to get down, plus I got a big suitcase.

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