Sophie and Justin have never got along with each other. They absolutely detest one another, so when their moms decides to get them to spend the summer together, they do all they need in their power to make up excuses to avoid the other. But will this change when they start to grow feelings for the other part?


16. Chapter 16


*Sophie's POV*

"I just wondered if your mom possibly told you about being nice to me..." I was currently standing in front of the mirror in this room in LA. I was preparing myself for having to confront Justin about what's bothering me so much. He has to know something, and I didn't really believe him when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Either he plays a game I'm unaware of or his mom, maybe my mom, told him to be nice to me. I'm not gonna fall into the trap, so I need to play along to get out as much as I can from him. I'm gonna go to the bottom with this mystery. Sure, I was still mad at my mom for doing this, but I can't be mad at her forever. Maybe she didn't mean any harm. I've started to think that I overreacted that day. 

My mom was out from the hospital by now and her and Pattie has started to go out, as usual. That meant that I was left alone in this giant mason. 

"Have you heard anything or not?" I was still figuring out how I should tell him. I need to tell him face to face to see his reaction. But he might get all angry and I can't handle his outbursts. As I stood there in front of the mirror I heard the doorbell ring. I got out of my room and got as quickly as I could downstairs. I opened the door to see Fredo there. I was a bit confused to see him there , I mean who wouldn't be?

"Fredo!" I walked forward and gave him hug. 

"Sophie!" He screamed while hugging me back. After a while he let go and I got to see what he was wearing. He wore a pair of black jeans and just a blue t-shirt. Simple, but he still looked hot.

"Can I come in?" He asked.

"Y-yeah, sure."

He made his way inside, following after me to the living room. We sat down on the couch while I kept wondering what he was doing here.

"What are you doing here?" I embraced my thoughts.

"Well. It's a pretty long story.."

"I got all the time in the world." I sated. We looked at each other for a few moments before he cleared his throat.

"Okay... So, I heard that Justin confessed his love to you." I stared at him wanting him to continue.

".. And you kissed." He looked at me with a smile, making me take a pillow that laid on the couch, throwing it at him. It only made him smile wider.

"We did not kiss!" I yelled at him.

"You're making it sooo believeable soph!" I ended up stradling him, taking hus arms in my hand as his head laid softly to the end of the couch.

"Maybe we did but it's not like it means something." I whispered in his ears.

"Then tell me why you let the same boy kiss you twice as much than any other."

I looked at him weirdly before he broke the silence.

"Soph, we do tell each other everything. Me and Justin are very close. Now you should tell me why you let him kiss you." I started at him for a while as he broke free from try grip. He sat in front of me as our legs were brushing each other.

"I'm waiting..."

"Yeah yeah. Sure I don't know. Okay? It just happened." I told him.

"Someone can't make up her mind..."

"I can! Just leave it." I looked away from him in disgust. I don't like to talk about love, especially not Justin's bestfriend.

"Talk to me. I won't say anything to Justin. Pinky promise." I looked down at my nails as he was begging for an answer.

"I like him a little."


"Yeah." I kept my sight out of the big window in the living room, watching the pool.

"I knew that, Soph."

"What do you mean?"

"I know that you like him, and I don't blame you he is a hottie.."

"You're gay?" My laugh making it hard for me to talk.

"What? Absolutley not. The point is that you should talk to him."

"I can't. He hates me."

"Why do you think that?"

"You should have seen his face yesterday..."

"Loose up a bit. Ask him out or you'll lose him." With that, Fredo got up from the couch. He made his way towards the hall and I followed him.

"Why did you come here?" I asked as he was about to leave.

"Only time will tell." He gave me a kiss on the cheek before he walked out the door. "Take care Sophmore."

"Don't use that nickname!" I saw him getting in his car and drive away. Now I was more confused than ever. What the heck am I supposed to do?


The voices of a rather fun movie, or my favorite chickflick, were interrupting my thoughts for a while. To say that it is summer is a statement but I would really love to get Valentine's day back. You heard me, I am watching Valentine's day. Don't judge me, I love Taylor Lautner. I was getting lost in the movie that I forgot that my phone was ringing.

After an hour of pathetic watching I heard the doorbell ring. I took one last popcorn before putting the bowl down and making my way to the door.

I opened the door, only to get something soft thrown at my face, freezing out my gaze. A low laugh was being heard and I knew exactly who the boy in front of me was. As I grabbed the soft cloth in my hand I was greeted by a pair of hazel eyes.

"Hello soph."

"Justin..." I said as I looked away from him. "What is this for?" I looked at the fabric in my hand, looking at it. It looked like a black dress.

"You know.. The teen choice awards is this week and I thought you would maybe want to go with me.." I looked at him as he scratched his neck.

"I would love that" I smiled huge as I looked back at him. He seemed pretty shocked as I said that, his mouth wide open. "Wha-at?" My laugh making it hard for me to speak.

"Y-you just said that you wanted to go with me?"

"Yeah. I would love to meet famous people. Is Dylan gonna be there?!"

"Yeah sure.." I wasn't quiet shure of what he was talking about but my smile just got wider.

"I have one requirement though..."

"What's that?" I asked.

"You have to wear that dress. I chose it myself and I think you will fit perfectly in it."

"Justin.." I went to hug him. We stood in the hall a few minutes, just hugging. My head was on his shoulder as hus hands were laying perfectly at my waist.

"I would really like to see the dress on you though."

"You will." I smiled. We broke apart as I saw him smiling widely.

"What?" I broke the silence.

"I'm just happy."


I had spent the whole day making myself ready for the big evening. This evening was going to be magical. I was making myself ready to see the biggest stars on the earth tonight and I so want Dylan O'Brien to be there. He's so cute I just wanna hug him.

I took on the dress Justin had given me a few days ago along with some make up. The dress was kinda short, shorter than what I use to wear, ending just above my knees.

As usual I heard the door ring so I made my way to the first floor. Pattie beat me, already opening the door. She looked at me with a smile as she walked away.

"Hello beauty queen." Justin said as he greeted me.

"Hi." Was all I said. He looked at me and he seemed happy that I had put on the dress he gave me. He reached out his hand and I was happy that took it. I stared at him. He looked so cute in a blazer that I couldn't take me eyes of him.

"Bye mom." Pattie smiled as he closed the door. As we got outside the black giant car was waiting for us.

"See this as a date if you want to." He whispered in my ear as he opened the door. "Ladies first."

"Thanks." He helped me in the car, almost putting me down. He was going to help me with my seatbelt but I beat him to it.

"I know how to put my seatbelt on." I laughed.

"I didn't know that." He shaped his mouth to an 'o' and it was super adorable. He closed the door as he made his way to the other side. He took his seatbelt on, nodding to the driver that he was ready. The engine started and we were of to having a night that none of us would ever forget.



Since I haven't written anything for a long time I thought that this would be something at least. I haven't really had the feeling to write and then it is this with school and everything. Sorry for taking so much time.

Love always,


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