Sophie and Justin have never got along with each other. They absolutely detest one another, so when their moms decides to get them to spend the summer together, they do all they need in their power to make up excuses to avoid the other. But will this change when they start to grow feelings for the other part?


12. Chapter 12

I felt the sand between my toes, warming my body up since I was so cold after going up form the water. I was currently at one of the beaches here in LA called "Long Beach". The sun were shining bright and I felt the sun making it's way through my skin, warming up my body. I had chosen to go here alone, so I had taken the bus here. I laid  myself down on my deckchair when I had dried myself with my towel, which I had taken from the bathroom. There were some children playing with the sand in the water, and their parents were constantly keeping a watch over them. There were also some teenagers, most girls. They had all too small bikinis and showed too much for my liking. I closed my eyes and put my earphones in my ears and starting to listen to music. It felt so good laying here, but most of all, for the first time this summer I had time for myself. I sat there and listened to the music, at the same time I worked on my tan. After some time I felt a shadow hit my face. I opened my eyes to see a guy that looked like the same age as me. I turned of my music to look at him, curious about why he was standing there. He had nothing but a swimming trunk on him, showing of his stomach, and his abs. He had been working out, I can tell that. He had brown hair, almost in a little cliff and he had a tattoo on his chest. It looked like a name. His eyes were a shape of blue and man, he looked good. 

"Ehm, who are you?" I asked. He could be a creep and maybe wanted to rape me, so I got to stand up to show my full length, to not feel so small by sitting down.

"I'm Mark. Who are you?" He said and took out his hand, which I didn't grab. 

"What do you want?" I asked, not answering his question.

"I just saw that you were sitting here alone and thought I could come over to see if you wanted company." He said.

"No thank you." I said. I was a little bit more scared now, and I think he saw it.

"I'm not a creep you know, my family is over there." He pointed to a place behind him and I stood back a bit to look at where he was pointing at. I saw a man and a woman, along with a little child that seemed to look like one year old. I thought that it could maybe be his parents, and brother or something.

"Oh." I said, not knowing what to say more.

"So can I have your name?" He asked.

"It's Sophie." I said.

"That's a lovely name. Do you mind if I sit down?" He asked.

"No, not at all." I felt a little bit safe now, knowing that his family were around. He sat down on the deckchair as I sat down beside him, not too close to him.

"Are you from around here?" He asked.

"No, are you?" 

"No, only vacation. I'm actually from Toronto in Canada." He said.

"I'm also from around there." I said.

"You're kidding me?" 

"No, I'm serious." I said.

"That's awesome. Do you mind if we change numbers with each other?" He asked.

"I just met you." I stated. 

"Yeah, I know, but you know if you would like to meet me again. How long are you staying?" He asked.

"I don't know. How long are you staying?" 

"Another week. We could maybe meet again, if you want to."


"So I can have your number?" 

"Sure." I grabbed my phone and gave it to him, so he could put his number in. He did the same and I put my real number in. I'm not that person that fakes my number when I'm supposed to give it to someone, only if it maybe is a creep. But Mark didn't seem like a creep, he seemed like someone that cares about people. When I was done taping my number in, I gave him his phone back, and I got mine in return.

"Thank you." He said.

"You're welcome. Thank you too." I said.

"I need to get back to my family, I think, but I will text you." He raised himself from the deckchair and raised his hand out. I was still sitting , so he had to raise his hand so low, that it wasn't really like raising it. I shook it and we both said goodbye. He maybe could be a really good friend, I've already started to like his personality.

After another hour in the sun, I felt like going back to the house. I packed my things in my little strand bag and made my way to the bus. I sat and waited for the bus a while before I saw it in the corner of my eye. I climbed in to the bus and sat down, looking out of the window. After a while, I got to the stop and started to walk to the house. Once I got to the house, I saw my mom and Pattie sitting in the living room and i went up to the room and threw myself on the bed. I felt my skin hurt and thought I might should go and check if I had got a nice tan. As I stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom, I saw that my skin were totally red, from head to toe. I gasped and started to touch my reddened skin, but it only hurt more so I chose to go and rake some 'after sun' instead. It hurt so much to take it, that I thought I would scream of the pain. Somehow I managed to put the lotion onto my skin and went straight back to bed. I held my phone in my hand and saw my screen lit up. I didn't care about it, I just put my phone on the night stand. It didn't take long until I had fallen asleep.


~The next day~


I woke up at the sound of my phone going of like crazy. I opened it to see that it had been my mom calling me like 15 times. There were also a text from Mark, form yesterday. Isn't mom just downstairs though ? Can't she just come up her if it's that important? I got downstairs to see that my mom was laying unconscious on the floor, near the door. She had her phone in her hand I got seriously scared. I got to take a look on her, and see if she was alright.

"Mom?" I asked. Why were she laying here? "Mom?!" I asked a little louder. I knew that this was serious, so I got the phone from her hand and called the ambulance. Where the heck is everybody? Pattie had been here yesterday. She needs to be here. As I called the ambulance I felt some tears form in the corner of my eye. 

"This is 911, how can I help you?" A woman voice said in the speaker.

"My mom is laying unconscious on the floor and I don't know what to do." I tried to shake her, but she just laid there, not doing anything.

"We're sending an ambulance immediately , what is your current location?" 

"E 37th St." I said, memorizing where we were. I was kinda good at that, I must say.

"Okay, they will be there in a second. I need to talk to you until they get there. Does she have a pulse?" She asked. I got to feel the pulse on my mom's wrist and felt nothing. I got mored scared than ever before. I don't want to lose my mom, in no way.

"No." I said. We kept on talking in the phone, and I tried what she asked me, but it didn't work. My heartbeat were faster than ever, but still, where is Pattie? The ambulance came and took her, as I got to come with her to the hospital. They were doing some research on her as I held her hand. when we got to the hospital, they got away with her and I was left alone in the waiting room. I had nothing but some sweatpants and a simple t- shirt on me. I was shaking and thought that I should get out of here and call Pattie. She answered after the second tone.

"Hi, it's Pattie." She answered.

"I'it's Soph." I said.

"Sophie, are you okay?" I felt like tearing up right there, but I held it in.

"My mom's at the hospital." I said, not answering her question.

"What? Why?" She questioned me.

"I found her this morning unconscious on the floor and you weren't there." I said, looking down at the grass. I had gone to sit on a bench outside of the hospital.

"Oh my, I'm so sorry, I met up with Justin and I didn't know, I'm coming over there right now." She said.

"Okay." We said goodbye and I got into the hospital again. I went o text with Mark, telling him what had happened and he said he was so sorry for what had happened. After a few minutes I saw pattie coming in to the waiting room. I ran up and hugged her. She hugged me back and we got to sit on the couch that were standing in the waiting room. I then saw Justin come through the door. Why is he here? I didn't care, I just looked down at my lap and tried not to cry, knowing that my mom were laying in a room, maybe dead. Justin got to sit on another couch before us. I d´hadn't been thinking about the environment before, but the room were no that big. It had only a few couches and a hallway that had some few doors, where the injured people or people that were unhealthy laid. It was a desk in the room too, where I guess they checked the people that were laid in the room. It had also a glass door and windows, that showed the hot breeze outside.

We sat there for a while before Pattie spoke up.

"How long has she been here?" She asked me. The led to that I had to look up at her. But in some way, I was too scared to look her in the eyes, the fear was that I maybe would start to cry. Instead I kept my head at my lap and answered her.

"Three quarters I think." 

"That long? Do they know what's wrong with her?" 

"I don't know." I sighed. As I thought about it, a nurse came out from a door and started to come towards us. She stopped at the couches we were sitting in and looked at us.

"Are you her nurse?" Pattie asked her.

"Yes." I shot my eyes up to look to her, wanting another answer.

"Is she okay?!" I yelled. I didn't mean to yell it, but in some way I did. It made everyone jump a little.

"Yes, she is okay. She just needs some rest." I let out a heavy sigh.

"What was wrong with her?" I asked.

"We think it was a heart attack." She said. "We're going to let her rest here for the night and we'll see what we're gonna do tomorrow, if she can come home.

"Okay, can I visit her?" I asked.

"Yes, but she is sleeping, so don't wake her." She said, before leaving. I got up from my couch and got to her room. I stepped in and saw my mom laying there, sleeping. I was going to close the door, as another person came and stopped the door. I looked up to see Justin. I didn't want to make a scene, so I let him in. i got to sit on a chair that was stood close to the hospital bed. 

"Sorry about this." Justin spoke.

"Why are you apologizing? This is not your fault." I said and raised an eyebrow.

"It is mu fault. Everything's my fault."

"It's not."

"It is! Okay?!" He yelled. I looked over to my mom to see if he woke her, but she was still sleeping peacefully.

"Don't yell." I said.

"Yeah, I forgot. I'm sorry." I rolled my eyes at that, but chose not to say anything. I wanted to be alone with my mom and I wanted him to get out from here. 

"Justin, can you please leave? I want to be alone with her for a while."

"Well, I don't know. I want to be here." He said and smirked.

"It's not like she's your mother."

"I know, but you stole my mom for a day so-"

"Justin! I thought you were over it! Okay?! Leave!" I yelled at him.

"Not until I get a kiss from you." He said. I raised myself from my seat and got over to him.

"Not gonna happen." I went past him and opened the door. Signaling with my hand that he should leave. He just stood there, smiling. "What do you want?" I sighed.

"Your lips." I started whining now, I wanted to be alone with my mom.

"Leave!" I yelled. At this time I saw that my mom's heartbeat were fading. Wasn't she alright? I got over to her and saw that she had lost her pulse. I got so scared and pushed the button, so a doctor came in. He went to take a look at her and forced Justin and I out. What the hell had just happened? I thought she was alright? Then I remembered what the nurse had said: Don't yell and wake her. Had we woken her up? This is not good. I felt my eyes watering again. As we got to the waiting room I saw Mark sitting there. 

"Mark?" I asked.

"Sophie." He said. We hugged for a really long time before we let go. I looked into his eyes before I felt like crying and broke the gaze of him. We sat down at the couch and I saw that Justin looked confused. Oh right, he doesn't know who Mark is. I sat next to Mark on one of the couches as Pattie and Justin sat on the other. I got closer to Mark and snuggled up to him, not caring if anyone looked. I needed comfort and Mark gave me it. I cried into his chest as he stroked my hair. I had never cried in public before, but at this moment I couldn't care less. I maybe just caused my mom's death. No, wait..Justin had. I sat there and cried for what felt like an eternity before it all stopped. I had nothing in me anymore. I had no tears. I just laid there with my feet up on the couch and my face in Mark's chest. I haven't known him for long, but it felt like he knew me the most. As I broke from MArk's chest I looked up to see a sad and confused Justin, and a teary Patricia. I sat myself as you usual sit, with my legs over the couch and my back at the backside of the couch. 

"I don't think we've ever met. I'm Justin." Justin said and reached out to grab Marks's hand, which was so far away from Justin's that they had to bend in a funny day. If I weren't this sad, I could have laughed. 

"Mark." Mark said and seated himself again. I didn't care about what they said to each other, but I guess it had something with how me and Mark had met each other. I only cared about my mother. I stared at the hallway, hoping something would happen, but it took a long time before it really happened something. We spent the day there, not doing anything. I didn't talk to anyone since I had met Mark, but Justin and Mark had been talking all day. I never listened what they talked about, I just kept telling myself that my mom would survive. She needs to survive. At the end of the day, around nine pm, the doctor came out of the room. I looked up to him, waiting for an answer.

"She's okay. She will make it. But we need her to stay here for a few days. You can't visit her, she's too weak for that." I felt relief washing over me as he said that, but I was sad that he said that I couldn't visit her. Maybe not for another days. How will I make it without my mom for a few days. She's the one I turn to when I'm sad. I will feel so lost without her.



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