Boy meets Girl

Katie Mcdonald is a 18 year old girl from Kent. Whilst on a trip to London with her friends Morven Johnson and Hannah Price, they never expected what happened.


1. London Calling

Katie's POV


"Katie, wake up!" Morven was shaking me, and telling me to wake up. I moaned and turned away. She pulled the duvet off my top bunk and grabbed my leg.

"I will pull you off." She warned. Last time she done the I ended up in hospital with a broken collar bone. I shot up and jumped off the bed.

"I'm up!" I said throwing my arms up.

"Aye, well we're going to London today." Morven was Scottish.

"Why you so Scottish? Why can't you and Hannah be British like me?" I asked. I hated being the only British person in what felt like all of Edinburgh.

"I'm sure we'll get a British accent when we're down in London. We don't know how long we'll be there!" Hannah said walking through fully dressed. We were moving to London today! The doorbell went, and Morven went to get it. I went to get changed. I put on my black zip up hoodie, black skinny jeans and white Dr Martans. I brushed my light brown hair and left it down.


So  you don't know anything about me? Well, heres some info:


Name: Katie McDonald

Age: 18

DOB: October 20th

Relationship status: Single

This is what I look like:


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