My Miricle Life

This is my first Fan-Fic, its a One Direction Fan-Fic!
Tasha has everything any girl could dream of! But she still wants more! But, does she take it to far when she's caught secretly going out with someone behind Niall's back?! Many thanks to Dani's Castle for giving me the idea to use a Castle in this!x


3. Oh Harry! Fraallaallalalalalalalaa off!

*20/12/2010* Niall was heart broken. He wouldn't forgive me. Two months and he still didn't want to know of my existance. I told him that me and Harry were through. He wouldn't belive me. Just to make matters worse, the band were thinking of splitting up!!! All because of me. I had to do something, and fast! It was nearly Christmas for christ sake! *next day* I had a great idea! Oh it was out there! I asked my Best Friend, Georgia Barrett, if she'd go out with Niall! Besides! She had a mega monster asdfghjkl crush on Niall! *next day aka 22/12/2010* Oh dear god. Niall and Georgia were together! Zayn and Louis were acting so weird. Great. Harry and I had been avoiding each other since my birthday but we needed to talk. *CHRISTMAS EVE* It was an awsome christmas eve! Although, we got drunk. Oh it's worse than you think! We were so drunk, me and Harry got in a massive fight! The only Two that WEREN'T drunk was Liam and Zayn. They thought it was a good idea to look us in the same room as each other. Not helped by the fact that he wrote a song called 'Rock Me' that was stuck in his head. After We had calmed down, we talked. "Tasha. I-""Save it for someone who cares!" I interrupted Harry "Please Tasha, hear me out! I'm sorry. I always loved you. From the day I first layed eyes on you. I can't imagine my life without you." we stared into each others eyes for awhile. Then we rush towards each other for a rough makeout session. Harry pushed me down onto the bed as I pulled his trousers down. He looked at me and scoffed "Are you sure?" I replied "I have never been more sure about anything in my whole life." he pulled my top of and unclipped my bra. I soon ripped his shirt off him. Once we were lying naked ontop of each other, Harry and I both looked at each other just before we f*cked. *next morning* I was woken by Harry's morning voice growning "Morning babe." I simply fluttered my eyes as I looked over to him "Woah. We totally got carried away last night! I guess this is what a Hangover feels like!" "Yeah, AND we're under the age limmit!" we got up and I banged on the door. Harry shouted "WE MADE UP!!!" Five minutes later, Liam unlocked the door as we walked out, clothed of course! Hazza shook his hair and ran his fingers through his morning curls. Louis walked up to Liam "Did they just?!" "Yeah. I think they did!"
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