My Miricle Life

This is my first Fan-Fic, its a One Direction Fan-Fic!
Tasha has everything any girl could dream of! But she still wants more! But, does she take it to far when she's caught secretly going out with someone behind Niall's back?! Many thanks to Dani's Castle for giving me the idea to use a Castle in this!x


2. happy birthday to me. :-\

*26/10/2010* Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Huuhh. Let me start from the top. My Birthday party was awsome! I sat next to my Boyfriend Niall and uuhh. I had to sit next to Harry. At 8:55pm, Harry gave me a note as he excused himself from the table. The note read "Tasha, They don't know 'bout us, meet me in your bedroom in 5 mins.x" you see they were staying in my Castle 'till new year. I went up there to find a Pink, White and Blue Bedroom, my fave colours. "Happy 17th Birthday Tasha!" Harry said in his Sexy 'MmmTake-Me-Now' kinda voice. He was in an unbuttoned blue, white and red shirt with skinny jeans on. I walked slowly over to him as he said "I've been waiting for this moment ever since I first layed eyes on you!" I layed down as he climed ontop of me. We had an amazing makeout session, he was so ruff and firm on my lips. I loved it, it was the best thing I'd ever felt on my lips. 20 minutes later Louis came up wondering why we had been gone for so long, we didn't realise how long we were gone for. "Hey! Birthday girl! You're gonna miss the ca-" he stopped. He was stunned by what he saw when he opened the door. We looked up in shock breathing heavily. "Oh my god." I said still breathing heavily. "LOU WAIT COME BACK!!!" Harry yelled as we ran towards the door "Please Lou! It's not what you thin-""THEN TELL ME TASHA!!! WHAT IS IT THEN? Cuz I think it's exactly what I think it is!!!" Louis inturrupted me. He stormed off "NIAAALLL!!!"
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