Oh no a lesbian

So this is about a girl Bella who is a lesbian and try's to get at girls all crazy!


1. Meeting her

So I Just woke up and I had to go to school and today I was gonna find a girl friend

Oh ya and I'm Bella I'm 18 and I'm lesbian

so yea I'm gonna go fund me a girl friend can't wait!

So I'm at school and head in to the bathroom where this one girl hangs out in there all the time I thought I should give it a shot!

so u get in there and she is in a stall so I slide in that stall that she is in and push her up against the wall and start kissing her she was enjoying it so was I then I stopped he asked me why I did that I said cause I'm lesbian!

she was shocked I got out the stall she said maybe we Gould me up tonight she said. I said okay she told me to come over her house cause her parents are away! Sounds good I said! So it was time for me to go over and I went to the lesbian store to get a toy for her to suck on it goes by my dick so ya no. I got here in this lace outfit with my boobs showing she looked hot to I walked inside and sat down she told me to come up stairs and I threw her on the bed and took off my clothes and got the toy she was sucking on it like crazy I was surprised we were humping each other and lick each others bobs sucking on the dick by its self no toy and we had fun then we slept together so I'm one of those sluts who like to have sex all the time but with a girl not a boy I was so happy I woke up in the morning on top of her that's how we fell asleep cause she was sucking in my boobs and so was I ! We woke up and I started to suck her dick Gaian she told me to stop cause it was her turn she was lesbian definitely gosh I love u I said quietly I got her naked and she walked to the bathroom and used it while she was in there I snuck in and got on top of her and humped her like crazy she  was making these sounds like she was loving it hen I stopped and kissed her and told her that tonight it's gonna be better I will have more girls over and we will have a lesbian party she said oh ya and stuck her finger in my bagina I was like yes yes yes and then she got up I did not let go I just layed on the floor and waited for her to get on top of me and she did and we just kept going


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