A Larry Stylinson fic I just thought up. Not really sure where it's going yet.


1. Chapter 1.

Like I said in the bio, I need a name for this fic. If any of you have an idea, comment down below. Enjoy!


Bryan groaned as David thrusted his manhood inside of him, reaching around and clutching at his ass. David moaned in response and started to thrust faster as Bryan continued to writhe under David's sweating body.


Louis looked up, startled, from the book he was reading to see Harry and Niall staring at him, an odd expression on both of their faces.

"What?" Louis retorted, staring right back at them, well, mostly back at Harry.

"Are you alright over there mate?" Niall asked.

"Yeah? ...why?"

Harry motioned to Louis' top three buttons that were undone, his lips that were red from being worn in between his teeth, and his hands that were shaking.

"Oh." He said, holding his book up higher, hiding his smirk and the blush that was taking over his face. "That."

Harry raised an eyebrow while Niall was busy checking twitter, replying to fans.


Louis blushed a deeper shade, though the boys couldn't see due to the book still being held in front of his face, "Well what?"

Harry sighed at his faked stupidity, and let it go, putting a headphone back in and pressing play, closing his eyes. Louis stared at his for a few moments before going back to his book. He got a good three sentences into the next paragraph before he felt the couch he was sitting on bounce as someone sat on the other end. He glanced over and saw it was Harry, and went back to his reading.

What he didn't notice was Harry slowly inching towards him, until he was leaning his head on Lou's left shoulder.

"Haz." No response. "HAZ." Still nothing. So he just went back to his reading, until he heard a sharp intake of breath close to his ear.

Louis snapped his book shut as Harry ripped his headphones out of his ears.


Niall flew out of his seat, almost chucking his phone across the room and screamed at the top of his lungs.

"WHAT?!" He screamed after his initial scream of terror.




Niall looked dejected, but did as Harry asked and left the room. As soon as the door clicked shut Harry started in of Louis.

"What. On. Earth. Is. That."

Louis pried his hands away from his face and attempted to look Harry in the eyes, though, he didn't say anything.

"Do I need to-"

"No, no. But I don't really have anything to say."

Louis got up and started to walk away, tears prickling at the back of his eyes. Not only had Harry just yelled at him but he'd yelled at his because it was about a gay relationship.

Louis blasted through the door, startling Zayn and Liam who were both sitting in the living area. He rushed past them towards the bedrooms, breaking out of the gentle embrace Zayn tried to engulf him in.


He heard the boys call after him, which only made him walk faster; he didn't need anyone seeing him like this. As soon as he was behind his door, he let the tears flow.

He walked into the attached bathroom and slid down to sit on the cool tile, trying to get a hold on the violent sobs that were wracking his body.

"It shouldn't bother me this much." Louis struggled to get out through his sobs, "I shouldn't like him. Plus he's with Taylor!"

At any other time he would've scoffed at the fact of Harry actually liking Taylor, but he was feeling too bad about himself to discount the fact that they were "dating". He reached up and opened the drawer on the right side of his cabinet, and grabbed his razor. He placed the sharp edge on his wrist and applied pressure, not too much, that would come later.

Just as he began, there was a rather loud series of knocks on the bathroom door, which he'd locked.


Louis tried to choke down the wailing sob that exploded from his body at the sadness in Harry's voice, but failed miserably. As soon as the sound emitted from his body, the knocking on the door got more intense and Harry's voice got louder.


Louis tried to push himself off the floor, but pushed with his bloody arm, causing it to crumple under his weight. Louis fell back to the floor, his head cracking on the tile, causing his vision to fade slowly to black. The last thing he heard before the darkness took over was Harry screaming his name.

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