The Aftermath of it All

This is a fanfiction for the show, "Sherlock" on BBC. Takes place after season 2, episode 3, aka the final released episode. Includes bits of my theory for Sherlock's death.

Rating may change later on.

Enjoy xx


4. Chapter II, part II

“I’m sorry I had to bring you here,” He began, taking in John’s rough appearance; dark circles under his eyes, obviously hasn’t slept right for days. Dirty, wrinkled clothing, at least three days old. Hair a greasy mess. Mycroft takes in a deep breath and lets it out slowly. “But... It’s the best evidence I can give you.” John gave a puzzled look. “Before I inform you of the actual reasoning to why you’re here, I want you to try and figure it out yourself.” John’s eyes widened in shock and confusement. He then started walking around the room, attentively but cautiously. He tried to focus on the logic and information behind the pictures, rather than the actual point of them: dead Sherlock. He finally understood what his late flatmate meant; become attached to the victim, and you’re focus is completely shifted. You can’t think clearly. Emotion and sentiment cloud and fog logic. Having a hard time, he turns to Mycroft.

“I can’t.” He insisted. Mycroft shook his head.

“Yes, you can, John. Focus.”

“But Mycro-”

Focus.” Sighing, John turned back around. He walked to his left, and shifted his attention to a group of photos hanging on a wall. On a couple duplicates, red marker circled certain areas. On one, Sherlock’s coat sleeve of his right arm. On another, his head. On yet another, part of the background was circled. Puzzled, John leaned closer to focus in on the area of attention. He saw a group of three in an alley, seemingly waiting for something. He turned around to Mycroft, and gave him a look. A look that said, I think I know. Mycroft smiled, and John followed suit, knowing he’d been correct.

“Yes John... Sherlock isn’t actually dead.”


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