Meet Again 14+

Macy Owens in College, finds herself forced to go to the One Direction concert her best friend, Rachel forced her to go. When they get called up on stage for the Behind Stage Pass, Macy finds herself dating one and Rachel does to?


1. Chapter 1

No Rachel! I said getting dressed. I put on my tan bra, then my underwear. I got a pink tank top on with some ripped skinny jeans. I jumped into my flip flops that were pink. Come on, it's One Direction, British like us! Said my best friend Rachel. Did I ever say I wanted to be British! I said throwing my brown hair up in a bun. Macy, it starts in 15 minutes now go! Said Rachel. Fine! I mumbled throwing on my pink jacket. I put my iPhone5 in my pocket. Yay! She screeched. I grabbed my headphones. Who's driving? I asked. Fine! Said Rachel. We moved quickly and finally we were by the stage. I put the headphones in my phone and listened to my favorite band instead of One Direction. After 10 minutes I put my phone away and my headphones because Rachel made me. Then someone invited Rachel and I on stage? I'm Harry, that's Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn. Said a curly head boy. I'm Rachel! Said Rachel very excited she was crying. I am Macy. I said. Girls, you are in for a treat, you get a backstage pass and our phone numbers! Said Harry handing me the passes and phone number. I got the number so did Rachel. So head on backstage! Said Liam. Rachel and I walked backstage. I think Harry likes you! She said smiling. Well I don't like anyone. I said. Grump. She mumbled. Forest Gump, I watched that movie! I said joking with her. After 1 hour finally the 5 idiots came backstage. So party animals! Said Liam. I have a name, besides I don't want to be back here, I hate the band and I rather be with my boyfriend, Josh. I said strongly. Temper. Said Harry. Seriously, I hate One Direction! I said. Then we might have to make you not! Said Harry. I got up. Harry got up grabbing his hands on my waist. He didn't let me go. I have a pocket knife! I said. Ssshhh. He said quietly. He's a pervert, I knew it! Said Niall. Harry's hands started inching closer to my butt. I will make sure you go to jail! I said strongly. I kicked him in the nuts and he literally fell down. Owww! He said moaning and groaning. I ran toward the EXIT. Then some grabbed my shoulder. No, stop! I said. He took off my jacket, his hand climbed up my shirt so close to my bra. Then he stopped. Someone was tugging at him. Harry stop, she don't like it, she might be a virgin! Said Louis? I am not a virgin, I just don't like Harry! I said putting my jacket on. Harry and Louis walked back. I was alone with only my thoughts. I walked to where Rachel and the guys were. Where's the bathroom? I asked. Right there! Said Louis pointing. I entered and locked the door. I took off my jacket and sat down. Maybe I am a virgin, because I haven't had sex have I. And I don't know what is a virgin, is it someone who has sex and it hurts? If I find out, I would have to have sex. Nah, not gonna.

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